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The amazing #Sollog has all three of you named in his newest prophecy


The last time Sollog named Stephen King in a prophecy  it was titled the 1111 Prophecy issued 11/11/2003.

13 days later Stephen King almost died he was in ICU in a hospital having part of his lung removed.

This prophecy was written by Sollog on a rare Blue Moon.

Sollog releases his prophecies on rare celestial events,  his Blood Moon prophecy released on Passover this year stated in 13 days thousands die in a historic earthquake,. 13 days after Orthodox Passover thousands died in the Great Nepal Quake.

Sollog pointed to 813 in his new Prophecy and explains it can be two dates 8/13 and 31/8.

Why haven’t you heard of Sollog? He’s been hitting exact dates for historic mass loss of life events for over 20 years now.

Well the fact is millions have read the infamous prophecies of Sollog over the years and there is a battle going on by big tech companies and governments and disinformation agents as to what you can easily find out about Sollog.

Inaccurate and often libelous information is found on major search engines such as Google where garbage sites are featured on searches for Sollog despite the fact that Sollog has authored over 100 books you wont see Google garbage results pushing you to sites about books that have earned Sollog many honorary doctorates for his theories in math and physics. Instead you see pure libel sites obviously sites that Google wants to steer you to so you get name calling and nothing of substance.

Sollog appeared around the world in 2001 after 911 in many major media outside the controlled US media. The reason was he was a viral story connected to 911, Sollog predicted it clearly.

In 2001 Yahoo was the top search engine not Google. Yahoo kept a weekly traffic report back then revealing the top 50 search terms. After 911 big media outside the USA was featuring stories about Sollog and his 911 hit such as Der Spiegel and the Guardian and many mecia in Asia and India. That is why Sollog was a major search term after 911 he hit the event squarely in a prophecy.

In 2001 social media was usenet and usenet fed search engine results often. Google bought the vast archives of Usenet maintained by Deja News and destroyed it basically, who uses Usenet today?

So instead of media articles on Sollog or his books what does Google want you to see if you search gor Sollog info? Garbage just look.

The question is why? Why does Google steer you to sites calling Sollog names instead of real sites with his books like Amazon or BN and 1 eBooks or news sites like 247 News or the Underground or even Der Spiegel.

You wont see any info on Sollog at Wiki, Sollog fans destroyed the Sollog page there years ago due to how Wiki mods kept putting up crap links to sites calling Sollog names.

All Sollog does is once in a while write Prophecies that major government agencies then investigate him for writing such as the FBI, NSA, CIA and similar agencies around the world  investigate the Sollog prophecies as well. The reason is they give details often of major acts of terrorism and events like earthquakes, Tsunami’s and plane crashes.

Now you can see how Sollog is being discussed in social media. The new Usenet is Twitter and you can find Sollog info, news, prophecies and books easier on Twitter than you can  on Google. Government agencies control Sollog info on Google just look and its pure disinformation crap.

Here are Sollog Facts and why Donald Trump, Mark Cuban and Stephen King need to herd Sollog’s newest prophecy that names them.

Sollog writes his Prophecies and the future is in them, period, it’s that simple.

It may be a literal hit, it may be dates and names and locations in a Pi riddle, but in the future you can look back at a Sollog prophecy and say WOW he hit that event 100% or WOW this event happened and his prophecy pointed to it here and there .

So Sollog says the key dates are 13 days from the latest blue moon which was yesterday, that means August 13th is a key date and the number 813 is a key.

8/13 and 31/8 are in the prophecy.

The three key names are

Donald Trump

Mark Cuban

Stephen King

Read the prophecy it has information about the future in it as does every prophecy Sollog has ever written contained the future in them.

Stephen King 11/22/63 your book about the time traveler, Sollog explains he travels in time in the Astral Plane.

40  years and 1 day after 11/11/63 what happened to you Stephen? You were near dead in ICU getting parts of your lung removed. 13 days before that Sollog named you in a prophecy, now he is naming you again. That 11/11/03 prophecy is time stamped Stephen in Usenet archives, it’s where a real time traveler records his logs to prove he time travels.

How did Sollog know your future on 11/11/03 Stephen? Why did you almost die on 11/23/2003? Do you see Stephen how numbers align 11/22/63 11/11/03 11/23/03.

Who am I? I founded Adoni Publishing over 20 years ago I am Dr. Sol Adoni. I publish over 100 books all in eBook formats by many authors but the main author I publish is Sollog. We had mega millions of people download Sollog books the past 20 years, I started ebook distribution way before Amazon or BN or Apple ever sold an ebook.

I’m mostly retired now, but the companies I founded are about to take over publishing and ebooks and it will be done via social media. is why my companies take over the world of Publishing and eBooks.

Everyone wants to know the future and the only person with the future is Sollog.

Imagine Mark Cuban the biggest selling author in history is about to take over social media as he took over Usenet years ago.

His name is Sollog.

I publish his books. Sollog dwells in the Astral Plane the timeless place place where past/present/future is one.

I do business all day today using my name Dr. Sol Adoni. I’m just like you, I eat use the bathroom and I write books. I do my blog, I golf and spend time with my sons. I got lots of pretty young girlfriends, I met them all by saying what an interesting palm you have my dear, do you know what this line in your hand means.


At night I meditate and often I travel in my dreams into the ether of the Astral Plane.

I bring back theories in math and physics and science, I also bring back the Sollog prophecies.

Now I’m ready to take over social media and sell more ebooks than Amazon, BN and Apple do combined.

The reason is I own the copyrights to every Sollog Prophecy and he is about to become the biggest story in the history of Social Media.

The reason is Sollog knows the future.

A Youtube video has proof Sollog warned of the Nepal Quake 13 days before it hit. The  video has a time stamped tweet and usenet post to match, they are about to go viral.

Another Youtube video has the locations in Asia where 3 planes then crashed. The video has time stamped tweets and usent posts to match the video proving Sollog predicted the plane crashes.

Oh Sollog’s biggest selling book next to his prophecies is about to be released it’s ORIGIN OF GOD.

In the future there are no Jews, Christians or Muslims due to this book.

It destroys all religions since it proves the so called Books of Moses aren’t even Hebrew writings they were Sumerian stories from a Sumerian book of the dead and the single god concept in modern versions of that book are lies created witn forced Hebrew translations of Sumerian words. The jew book of Moses is fake that fact destroys every religion that used a lie as authority.

Sollog destroys the books of Moses that creates a chain reaction that destroys the New Testament and Qu’ran.

All the western theologies were based on five books the Torah or books of Moses and Sollog proved the Torah is not Hebrew it is Sumerian and all this single god crap is made up lies.

Sollog also proved the Universe is is a Hologram.

Hologram Universe

So read the news links below they have links to time stamped Youtube videos, Usenet Posts and even Tweets showing Sollog is a real time traveler. HE KNOWS THE FUTURE.

You see Trump, Cuban and King you are merely pawns in the Game and the one writing the Game Program is Sollog.

Sollog Prophecy Articles

911[1] 3,000 killed

Fukushima Disaster[2] 25K Killed

2004 Tsunami[3] 250K Killed

Great Nepal Quake[4] 5K Killed

Great Haiti Quake[5] 250K Killed

 Hurricanes Katrina[6] and Sandy[7] Thousands killed

Princess Diana [8]

JFK Jr[9]


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