Social Media is a WASTE of Money for most Business

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Social Media is a WASTE of Money for most Business

Social media is USELESS for most companies, absolute waste of time, money and resources.

It’s about as useless as a ‘blog’ for most companies, although blogs can be great for some types of companies, and a blog is the heart of social media. Just don’t call your blog, a blog.

Other than national or global companies the ‘average’ business is either a local professional such as a lawyer, doctor or realtor, or they’re a local tradesman such as a roofer or plumber or a local service/food industry.

I’m seeing more and more ‘smart guys/gals’, professionals who make $300 to even $1,000 an hour as experts in their professions wasting too much time pontificating over their blog to try to find ‘new clients’.

Shut it down, a local professional does not get leads or new clients from a blog, all you are doing is wasting TIME you could be charging real clients for your expertise.

Now some boring background on me, so you can realize how powerful my words are to some.

The companies I founded over the years are involved in a lot of ‘industries’, you name it, we are in it, media, legal, medical, publishing, automotive, etc.

I’ve sold ‘technology’ in one way or another to BUSINESSES now for almost 40 years, I’m retired for the most part, but I do check in on some projects for the companies I founded if I’m not playing golf or writing a new book.

Oh yeah, I’ve written books now for almost 40 years too.

So explaining my broad career in BUSINESS in technology you can understand why what I say is based on real economical facts, let’s just say I’m the Oracle of Technology to some.

You go back to the mid 1980’s I was telling everyone look PC’s are the future invest in Intel, Microsoft and a few other ‘startups’ back then.

I was already in tech for a decade by then, and I was for a short time in ‘normal’ local business, you know a physical location where people would come to my restaurant or club.

My first company sold 100K range tech solutions in the mid-1970’s to ‘mid-sized’ businesses.

That meant you were not a fortune 1000 company and you were starting to buy small refrigerator sized ‘mini-computers’ to try to bring automation of office related projects to your ‘business’.

So a company would invest 50K back then into an anchor, a huge box with old technology that was a main frame a short time earlier.

Now my father got involved in computers in the 1950’s and by the 1960’s he was a big deal in tech, a talent that big companies hired to bring on-line a big company for usually their accounting needs.

So I grew up seeing my dad at ‘work’, in a ice cold rooms main frames were in. His office was not in the ice box huge rooms the main frames were in, he usually had a nice small office close to the main frame that wasn’t kept at frigid tempatures. He was the guy over seeing everything, like hiring the programmers and hardware guys to build what he knew how to do back then.

Basically he was a glorified systems analyst.

So by the time I got my 2nd job (first one was newspapers around 11), I was 15 and for a summer I worked at 1 Chase Plaza in New York City doing odd jobs for a big law firm my father was computerizing back then, Milbank Tweed. IBM was copyrighting the SOP’s my father was creating for the first generation of legal processors.

So in the morning we’d take the train to the basement of the twin towers via the path since we lived in Bucks County Pennsylvania by then, and after 45 minutes on Amtrak, we took the tube under the river and arrived at WTC and then walked a couple of blocks over to 1 Chase.

I would see my older brother a few times that summer, he was already on Wall Street with a big bank creating overnight money markets, playing with numbers liquid cash banks had by investing it short term into Yen then Marks and back to dollars by the time the Street opened.

My main job that summer was really one run in the morning, I was hired to be the ‘messenger boy’ for Milbank in one case, it was the Onassis divorce case, I would take a brown folder of documents each morning to Jacklyn Kennedy-Onassis’s lawyers and bring back a brown folder from that firm to give to the central messenger department at Tweed so Milbank lawyers could then route the info to the main lawyers representing Onasis.

I got a couple of tokens each morning to pay for the subway ride uptown to Jackie O’s firm and then go back to 1 Chase.

Then it was lunch with my dad in the company cafeteria or a nice restaurant in downtown NYC or maybe see my brother or another relative working in ‘the city’.

Afternoons I would grab my sweater and hang out with the geeks actually running the mainframes for Tweed.

I was already coding by then, since my High School was one of the only High Schools then with an old mainframe for basic programming learning COBOL and BASIC. Plus I was learning on my own ABSOLUTE or ASEMBLY coding straight binary code nothing but 0’s and 1’s.

For fun I was developing a six-dimensional computer language, nothing but 1’s and empty spaces in place of the 0 on a cube bit or byte in a string of cubes. It was shown at that time to some think tanks and I was hailed as a ‘genius’ since some realized if a computer could ever understand a cube byte of logic, it would literally have 6 dimensional computer power, so no machines could run my 6 dimensional OS I was theorizing back then, but it was to discuss it with some geeks in think tanks.

Anyway, after my first real job, and only job I really had working for any company but own that summer, I founded my first few companies from the money I made that summer working for Tweed.

I learned a lot that summer in the mid-1970’s in New York City, the other guys who were the real ‘messenger boys’ for Tweed were all older than me and we would after work go to spots like Studio 54 (I looked way older than my years and had no problem getting into bars with my dad or older guys who were messenger boys, most were in college and way over 18 the drinking age in NYC then.

De Laurentiis was filming KING KONG that summer so we would stay late once in a while to watch the film crews doing setup for King Kong, since special effects were not then on computers, they had a big hand of King Kong as a ‘prop’ in the WTC center that summer.

My dad hated the rush hour of the path and Amtrak so he was usually in a bar waiting for stuff to calm down before we would go back to PA around 7 or 9 in the evening.

So I could be a sardine in rush hour commuter traffic with my sister who was doing the daily commute as well back to PA or I could chill with the guys in bars like Studio 54 uptown or with my dad downtown in Wall Street Bars.

Let’s just say it was an ‘education’ that summer.

Live Sex shows on the old grimey joints on 42nd street in it’s heyday before it was sanitized by big corporations in later years, etc.

Hot spots like the Studio and such.

Once in a while I would stay over-night with guys that lived in the Boros and go clubbing with them.

Anyway, I knew a lot of kids at different High Schools due to playing at a high level of sports earlier, I was on the traveling American Legion All Star baseball team, I was playing in top games in basketball leagues, etc.

So after that summer I created a network of kids selling stuff I would find in NYC at ‘closeout’ spots, so I was providing schools all over for a while with cool stuff to sell to students all over PA and NJ.

Then I invested in renting out real nite-clubs to hold ‘teen dances’ and I was the emcee or host and by the time I was 16 I was driving my own cars to real clubs and clubbing and running Teen Dances in real nite-clubs and such.

Plus I created my first software company to customize software for businesses, one of my first sales was to the largest broker in Philly who had over 30 offices, they were the first RE company to use a local network with dummy terminals to access their own listings between offices when every other RE company was relying on printed MLM books to get their listings.

So between running my own network of kids selling stuff to other students you could not find yet in local shops kids liked then to buy crap in, running and promoting Teen events in nite clubs and running my first software company, I was pretty busy in BUSINESS.

As time rolled on, I went to College and it was a joke listening to ‘professors’ that never ran a real business discuss ‘business’, it was kind of like Rodney Dangerfield in Back to School, me sitting in a class already running companies and listening to ‘business theory’ by guys that never ran a company or business in their life.

So the 70’s turned into the 80’s I had my own nite-clubs and restaurants and RE investment company and then PC’s came along and the programs I had created to do stuff for my own businesses became ‘programs’ I could sell to other companies to inventory their bar and food stock and such, or track leads and do mail-merge database applications, etc.

By the mid 1980’s I had some of the top selling vertical applications for business.

By the late 1980’s I had the largest market share in my markets for various types of applications for the automotive, medical, legal and real estate industries.

By the early 1990’s I was ‘retired’ and divorce a couple of times already and was basically looking at technology evolve into where it is today, since when the commercial internet finally came along I was retired from niche software applications for business and writing books by then on stuff I was interested in, mostly ancient religious stuff and paranormal stuff.

So 1995 begins with AOL and the commercial net and my first websites were created.

I understood the importance of KEYWORD domain names so early in the Net history I invested a lot into domain names which today are still being developed to help businesses do BUSINESS on the Net or the new era of technology.


Before Google existed the commercial Internet existed and it was a pretty cool thing, a company could post to ‘usenet’ the first ‘social media’ of the Net besides forums and posting boards which existed going back to the old era of CompuServe.

We could make a few posts in Usenet and early SE’s (search engines) like InfoSeek and later AV (Alta Vista) would scrape the top usenet sections and early SE’s would make usenet posts appear on top of SE’s before any ‘media’ sites were even indexed.

A breaking ‘news story’ like TWA 800 or Princess Diana’s Death was a huge event that drove a ton of traffic back in the era when most people were not wired to the Net and modern SM (Social Media).

100K to 1M+ were normal traffic days in the era of expensive bandwidth issues and dialup’s and no broadband.

So I was involved with some early traffic players who were mostly dishing out pipelines for the only thing making money back then on-line which was early PORN.


While companies like AOL and CNN and TIME were bullshitting the public with FAKE INCOME REPORTS showing huge sales of ‘banners’, the truth was no one was BUYING internet ads yet.


Luckily I had books and first generation eBooks to sell, and some of our content became membership sites when we realized in the 1990’s you couldn’t sell ads on busy sites, so you monetized content by locking it behind membership walls.

Guys I know made okay dough with memberships to early porn sites and such.

We made money developing early sites for eCommerce for stuff that could be sold nationwide and globally, so web design and graphic design and web mastering became minor income streams for our companies since we KNEW HOW TO DO IT.

We distributed millions of FREE EBOOKS in the 1990’s and sold a lot as well.

Our clients made a lot of sales too, selling cigars and whatever and we had early clients selling memberships to whatever.

Then broadband came along and video and sites like Yahoo and later Google came along and then sites like Youtube popped up and well I just explained the first 10 years of the net.

The height of our network traffic was when 911 happened; we had multiple sites hit top 1k in Alexa for a while due to our sties having details of 911 on the sites BEFORE 911 happened.

We had a ton of exposure in major media outside the USA and we were the buzz of social media in that era, that being USENET.

We sold a ton of books in that era, books on Nostradamus and other prophecy related books. We got a ton of harassment too by government agenciis harassing us.

ERA of Google and Youtube

Peoples desire to watch video and early porn videos on the Net fueled the infrastructure of the modern net, it helped capitalize broadband access to the Net.

If it wasn’t for PORN there would have been no modern net, at least not as fast as Fiber Optic hubs were developed, it was monetized by selling expensive connections in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s to the top porn purveyors.

Google then started to monetize traffic with PPC and modern IM (Internet Marketing) was born.

Early Net IPO’s like AOL and later Google acquired a ton of companies to fuel eyeball growth, how many eyeballs you control became the name of the game.

Google won when they acquired Youtube the first modern SM Company.

FB (Facebook) was started around that era and now sites like Twitter are the darlings of modern SM.

So where does SM such as YT (Youtube) FB and Twitter come into play for most businesses? They don’t.

Now here’s why.

Why Social Media is a WASTE OF MONEY for Most Business

Most companies are LOCAL BUSINESSES, and for a LOCAL professional or service oriented business FB, Twitter, YT and LI (Linked In) are a waste.

This is why, it is SATURATED.

Plus, these new companies are CLUELESS in how to deliver results to most business as to advertising and marketing.

Buy some ads on FB or LI, the ads have almost no CTR, the reason these companies do not yet know how to promote ads they’re a nuisance to them, they need to have ads to fake out investors, into thinking their traffic can be monetized, but in reality, if you are involved in IM and trying to help local companies see any ROI on the money they put into SM like FB and LI, the fact these companies refuse to actively promote ads means your ads are not seen.

The SCAM is to make you obtain likes and followers.

It’s all BULLSHIT numbers to fake out investors, just like the SCAM I warned people of in the 1990’s that NO ONE was buying ads on CNN and AOL and I was right when it was later revealed their numbers were cooked, mostly inside trades of banners between the big 3 companies in that FRAUD that took billions from investors.

AOL – CNN – TIME WARNER showed trades between their networks as ‘ad sales’.

Here’s 100 Million banners worth this many MILLIONS on the books, now give me back 100 Million banners on your network as ‘payment’, so the books were cooked.

That’s why the tech bubble CRASHED in the late 1990’s.

FAKE SALES of early net IPO’s like AOL done through FRAUD with media like CNN and Time.


Now some local companies may have seen EARLY results from modern SM like FB and even YT.

But now it’s SATURATED, just try to use a time line on FB or Twitter, if you follow active company posts, a minor amount of companies being followed is an over whelming amount of CRAP filling up time lines.

So followers rarely ‘engage’ with any companies ‘posts’ now.

ENGAGEMENT Is the buzz term now, and a typical SM user that even actively follows their spam filled ‘time lines’ has way too many posts now filling it up.

So for now uneducated ‘companies’ and businesses are WASTING a lot of money by BUYING followers and engagement scams these SM companies are ‘selling’ to try to show ‘income’ or ‘revenue’ to ‘investors’.

These sites do have traffic, but try to buy an ad on LI or FB that gets a decent CTR (click through ratio) in your small little market, it does not work.

Now a company selling crap nationwide or globally may be able to have ads shown TO MILLIONS, but a local lawyer or pizza joint, you have to target a small geographical area with your ‘ads’ and they are BURIED on FB and LI, so you see almost no CTR.

So some SM twit says you have no followers, so BUY FOLLOWERS, and you sure can BUY FOLLOWERS on all the SM sites, FB will sell your business likes and fans, YT will sell you subscribers and LI and the rest SELL FANS and LIKES, and they can target them to your ‘market’.

Sounds great right.

Well you get that follower or fan, and then what, that person has too much crap on their timelines to see your ‘updates’ or specials or new posts.



Sure a kid putting up wanna go viral videos may have lots of subscribers, and a recording artist my use YT effectively, but try to monetize it, Google which owns YT makes the real money, the artists are the draw but see almost nothing from it, they get ‘exposure’ right, and now look at record sales, they’re all ‘famous’ yet no one is BUYING MUSIC.

You gave away your art for nothing MORONS.

Let’s see how many people does Warren Buffet FOLLOW on Twitter, pretty much no one, he doesn’t even use it, a SMM team runs it for him.

Same with Bill Gates, he follows mostly the foundations he setup or has interaction with, he too probably hasn’t made one real tweet himself.

If you want real inside information about stuff Buffet or Gates is doing, subscribe to the official press release feeds their companies run.

They release info RARELY you have to read real SEC release stuff these corporate giants are FORCED to release in stuff like Edgar filings to really get any real info from Bershire or MicroSoft.

Corporate Twitter accounts are done by SMM managers and are flub to keep a popular brand name in the ‘media’.

Now for ‘celebs’, SM may work, but it hurts many of them.

A few drunken tweets by ‘celebs’ have made more ‘news’ than any tweets they really intended to help them.

Celebs are more caught up with NUMBERS, how many followers do you have?

Ok, it may be a sign they are ‘news worthy’ in the worthless ‘news culture’ the world has denigrated into. But even with millions of ‘followers’ how much engagement do they have? Almost nothing.

The more SM sites like Twitter are growing in areas OUTSIDE the USA which is where all their growth is, the more their power is saturated with broke users in countries that have income levels like Indonesia at ten bucks a WEEK.

You want followers in Indonesia?

Or other third world nations where a person is lucky to make 10 bucks a week?

What can they buy?


More and more original users of SM are not engaged anymore with their SM accounts and EVEN if they were, they are over whelmed with useless tweets from all the PR departments blowing up Twitter with useless PR spam posts.

So local businessmen and professionals do your selves a favor, turn off your SM accounts and get back to WORK. You make MONEY selling your services and skills LOCALLY and not by being a huge SM star with millions or thousands of followers on Twitter or subscribers on YT or fans on FB.

It will not convert into much in the way of SALES and real INCOME.

Now SM may be a metric to determine an artist’s ‘popularity’ with the type of user on Twitter. So musicians and even authors can be gauged somewhat by followers, but most of these are BOUGHT fans, you see some huge authors with almost no followers. Huge draws, people that really SELL LOTS OF BOOKS, yet their Twitter following is almost nothing.


Their PR department understood it was not worth the hype.

Now if you’re a business and you got suckered in to thinking SM was the way or the path, do yourself a favor, join

Have your blog posts go on autopilot, and then they show you real numbers as to the engagement.

You make a post and almost no one clicks, yet you have ‘followers’.

Then you realize those followers are following hundreds and even thousands of others and your posts are lost in the sewer streams these SM companies call ‘timelines’.


For years I explained to companies and local professionals the net is like a business card, put up a nice HD video about your and your product or services on your front door.

Put your number on it and an email form.

A person finds you via a SEARCH, 65% of searches are now controlled by GOOGLE and the rest by Bing and Yahoo with a tiny amount by AOL.

The truth is there are not MILLIONS of people looking for what you do in your little area of the world, unless you sell something that can be sold globally.

If there are 100 or 300 people in a mid-sized market looking for what you do, you are lucky.

Injury Lawyer

Tire Shop



That’s your potential future client/buyer.

That’s it.

If you are not FIRST VIEW on the top SE’s (search engines) and that means BUYING PPC ADS NOW, you will get almost no clicks.

First view is now pretty much PPC ADS.

So you need to be one of the top 3 ads on a SE or the top 2 ads on their mobile app, the reason is simple, if you are not, then whoever is in your tiny market is getting almost all the clicks and selling those people what you do.

So face the FACTS, you got to PAY the big SE’s now to get exposure in your local market, it will not come from SM.

It comes from PPC ADS.

Google / Bing / Yahoo

That’s it for most small local companies.

These companies KNOW the power they have so they change their algorithms often to knock off local companies trying to get a FREE RIDE via SEO free clicks.

SEO for local companies is a waste of time, you want to get real leads from what works for LOCAL COMPANIES start to buy PPC ads and if you don’t have HIGH RESPONSE CONTENT that converts at 20% to 50% response ratios you are wasting your time.

This is how you use the great technology that we call ‘The Net’ if you’re a small local business or professional.

Now a company with a product that can be sold all over the world, you can do SM and even SEO to some degree.

When people want something, THEY SEARCH for it.

So being on top of a big SEARCH ENGINE is the best bang for the buck for any company to DO BUSINESS.

A national or global product/service needs a PR page on social media and your brand strength will get you natural organic SMM followers and they are USELESS they won’t respond to your posts and updates and tweets, the reason is their timelines are saturated with SPAM from PR departments.

Sure an artist or author may want SM exposure too, but athletes? Why? All you can do is hurt your public image if you actually post crap.

Sure it’s an ego thing for ‘celebs’ which athletes are today to some degree by their ‘fame’, but what can these posts and tweets do for you?


I sure do miss the old days of the Net…

It was fun to see authors doing flame wars in areas of usenet related to the fields they were ‘authors’ in.

Who the heck cares to read shit like;

Note to Clothes Diary – I wore this slut outfit today (Follow Kim Kardashian to see this tripe).

Come on man, this chick got her 15 minutes of fame for being a pig in a sex video with a fat ass who was friends with other pigs like Paris Hilton.

Now what, Paris Hilton doesn’t even want to be seen with her nor does Leonardo DiCaprio.

Some are starting to get it, being famous for being famous is BULLSHIT it does not convert to sales.


Ok, so a few companies created huge traffic sites, but they need to MONETIZE them properly and with all the growth of these companies in third world areas with users that have NO MONEY they are worthless to investors.

If these companies just popped local ads in the face of users based on IP location in PROMINENT POSITION to SELL ADS that work and get a high CTR to local companies they might actually end up MONETIZING their traffic.

How does FB make money? ADS and they do sell worthless likes and fans.

Their ads SUCK

Same with Twitter, their concept is to get a business to buy into FOLLOWERS, so what, these people follow too many people and most are in worthless third world nations now.

You get followers on Twitter and you won’t see it convert into clicks on your business spam posts.

The reason is any real followers have SATURATED TIME LINES for they will not RESPOND to your posts and tweets or business SPAM.

Oh, another GREAT WAY to do BUSINESS LOCALLY is to get out in your area, join the local chamber of commerce MEET OTHER BUSINESS OWNERS and get ENGAGED in your local community.

Leave the SM BULLSHIT to faux celebs that got famous for sex tapes or dunking a ball in a hoop.

SM is for MORONS once you understand BUSINESS…


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