Why Small Business Websites are Obsolete

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Why Small Business Websites are Obsolete

It’s 2016 and if you are a small local business your website is obsolete unless it has a few things.

First, most local businesses are service companies they provide a service, most businesses make nothing today

Lawyers and doctors create nothing they’re a service. Restaurants prepare and SERVE FOOD they are in the food service industry.

Now lots of companies got websites over a decade ago, I know we built lots of sites by hand in HTML the first computer language used by desktop browsers to view information on the net.

Today most traffic is mobile your business website must be mobile ready and able to detect mobile devices to properly view a website today. This is why most local companies websites are obsolete they were created in HTML for desktops. Not in a platform such as WordPress that if used correctly turns any site into a mobile site instantly. The problem with WP is most website designers don’t create content pages to show properly on mobile devices.

Old HTML sites stay static on a mobile device and are not usable since the site isn’t responsive in switching how the page is viewed.

If you use WordPress today the core of WP and new themes supported by WP and released by WP are all responsive in that the data on any page is instantly reformatted to a users device.

7 years ago when mobile took off we created mobile versions of old sites in our network to display in mobile format when mobile devices hit a page. It was a lot of work maintaining two sites, one for mobile devices and one for desktops or laptops.

Today most of our network is on WordPress. We stick to the main themes released by WP since themes created by developers are not properly supported by theme developers and some aren’t even responsive meaning they have no ability to show correctly on mobile devices.

So if your site isn’t running on a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress and using a theme that is responsive or does mobile correctly, you are obsolete.

Google now has two types of results for searches, you see mobile friendly sites in search results now if you search on a mobile device and different results on a desktop or laptop.

Mobile devices are now over 70% of search traffic.

Video works great on mobile devices so 30 to 60 second web ads now get the highest response ratios from users from any web site.

HD Business Videos cost a lot to properly produce so a user can get the idea quickly about what you do. Most small businesses make an unedited video of them talking and many mobile users don’t even listen to videos they watch them. So creating content for a user LOOKING for what you do who doesn’t have their ear buds on won’t hear your pitch, that is why videos need to work with no sound since so many use smartphones without hearing videos.

You need to have HD images of what you do in your video and a good HD video production company has lots of stock images and video to use in your video. If you expect a local video team or photographer to show up and do a real shoot expect to pay many thousands to hire local video production teams just to shoot raw footage and then a high priced video editor to produce the final video. 99% of local business videos look like crap.

The bottom line in internet marketing is conversion ratios. My work converts at an average of 25% in most industries, the industry average for everyone else is under 5% so I’m that good and the websites businesses use today are that bad they deserve less than 5% response ratios.

In the legal industry I get over50% response ratios.

In other industries I’ve gotten over 75% response ratios.

My average is around 25% of users to my work will RESPOND and that means a call to action. They call a company or email them or even order online.

95% of users today backup when they go to a local business site, the reason is it is obsolete and it converts under 5% response ratios. They are that bad.

Now the truth is most work I do for local companies is now a one page landing page with a HD video. my video company produced for that industry. The reason is this works. A company gives the user a 30 to 60 second ad about what they do and the user responds at 25% to 75% response ratios not a lousy less than 5% response ratio.

Now we even couple our high response landing pages with coupons. I created the Coupon Ads network to give local companies a landing page that will get them a maximum response ratio using coupons.

Most of my network is built using industry  keyword portals or city search engine portals with local businesses just having a single high response pages on one of my portals. The simple fact is a local company gets more response with less. The typical user today is too busy in life to read 5 to 10 pages or more about a local service company. They want to see an easy to use web page with HD video and call with a tap of the screen that company they found.

Lot’s of local companies don’t even have click to call phone numbers on their websites.

Users are so tired of bad local websites many now just use Google maps to call companies and don’t even visit websites since most are obsolete and don’t view properly on mobile phones and tablets.

Even Google Adwords uses click to call on mobile devices now bypassing local websites all together.

Local companies can’t afford to hire the designers that can create compelling content in up to date  CMS platforms such as WordPress, since most designers that will work for a tiny local web designer wage are still clueless about how to create high conversion content and have it work on mobile and desktops properly. Those that understand IM (Internet Marketing) and can create compelling high response content make a lot of money working in major markets for big companies.

Then there’s the huge issue of targeted local traffic. Getting users in a local market on a companies web page that doesn’t lose 95% of users to bad design, etc.

If you need say a professional, a lawyer or dentist. Google the term on your phone. All you see first view now is PPC ads. Most users don’t scroll on phones.The companies paying Google get the clicks now, organic SEO is irrelevant today. It’s all about control of those 3 PPC ads today on smart phones.

I control those 3 spots in the industries I develop in with large portals for industry EMD’s ( exact match domains or industry keywords).

Any keyword owner of an Industry EMD is the preferred buyer for PPC since EMD’s get a higher CTR in PPC ads.

So I can manage a local companies PPC marketing and buy clicks cheaper than they can since I own highly developed industry keyword domain names.

Hundreds of law firms lineup today in big markets all begging Google to show their PPC ad for say car accidents. Well there’s only 3 spots in PPC today that matter the first 3. Hundreds of injury lawyers in big markets fighting over 3 PPC spots. It’s why car accident lawyer now costs over $100 bucks a click in most markets today.

I can take the top PPC spots easily in any market, the reason is I own Car Accident Lawyer .com. The local firm has no chance in competing with me for top PPC spots since Google knows an EMD gets the highest CTR (click through ratio) in PPC ads.

I also control the top markets through city portals for major markets. I own all the names of major cities with highly developed city search portals.

So if I put a local company on a city page using their industry keyword, I become instantly a preferred buyer in that market. Here are some cities I develop in.

New York City

Los Angeles


Then with Coupon Ads I can dominate PPC in  any local market for any business term with high response content bundled with a high response coupon.

Now you know why your Internet Marketing is OBSOLETE.

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