Shiba Inu how high can it go?

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Shiba Inu how high can it go?

By Dr. Sol Adoni

End of September Crypto Market Cap was under 2 Trillion Dollars I predicted it would go up 50% by the end of 2021, to $3 Trillion.

It hit $2.7 Trillion within a month and is tracking to easily hit $3 Trillion in two more months.

I predicted Bitcoin to get to around $100K a coin, it’s still a shit coin, but it leads the crypto market.

It hit an ATH after my prediction.

ETH is doing what I said, it too hit an ATH.

What I didn’t mention was Shiba Inu another JOKE COIN that just over took the MC (Market Cap) of the other Doggie coin Doge, another JOKE Coin.

When I first looked at Shiba Inu, I laughed and at $3 a MILLION SHIB I thought it was a waste, no utility and 550 Trillion of them.

Well it’s gone vertical this month, it’s around $75 a MILLION Shib, and that is it’s appeal to low IQ investors who have NO MONEY.

I can buy a Million for X, ok, give me a million.

That’s how it took over the rank of 9th largest market cap in crypto from DOGE, another crap coin, it’s so cheap that’s it’s appeal.

Hey, I’m involved in a FREE CRYPTO Project, I give anyone $5000 in and it has a store and you can buy real books, music, films, domain names, art and NFT Art Tokens. You can take the tokens to any NFT Market selling ETH or Tezos and list a token you can buy with FREE CRYPTO and turn it into cash. These are the times we live in. If it’s CRYPTO it’s got appeal.

Hey you want a MILLION CRYPTO COINS only $100 today maybe they are worth $1000 in a week or two or $1. Your risk is a lousy $100 to buy over 1 Million Shib.

What’s the utility? None

What can you buy with it? Nothing

Why do you want it? It’s cheap, I can buy 1 Million for under $100 bucks.

So the appeal is to LOW IQ Crypto Ignorant broke investors.

So buy it, it could easily ten fold this month or week, that meants it starts to sell on Echanges for $1000 per 1 Million Coins or 1/10th of a 1 cent. At that point, it will have a market cap of $550 Billion and make it equal in value to ETH (Ethereum), it took ETH 7 years to reach that number, it took Bitcoin 12 years to reach 1.7 Trillion MC.

It took SHIB a year to reach what took Doge years $50 Billion.

So can it run another ten fold? Sure it can, that makes it $550 Billion MC. There’s $350 Trillion in assets in the world, so yeah, therer’s plenty of room for a 3rd Crypto Coin worth $500 Billion, heck, ETH just had a sale of a crypto punk with a flash loan for $550 MILLION, it cost the joker almost $1000 to do the deal, it’s a real deal on the ETH block chain, but it was a fake transaction, a wash trade, just to do it.

So how high will SHIB god? Easily it can surpass ETH, heck at $2500 a MILLION SHIB it’s big as Bitcoin.

This is like the period before the crash that caused the great depression, people flush with stimulus money have made MILLIONS the past year in crypto and now lots of it is sinking into long shots like SHIB.

There’s real good crypto projects and there’s crap projects and SHIB is crap, but so is Bitcoin, and sometimes morons like to put good money into CRAP.

Will SHIB bo back to under $1 a Million? Maybe, but the ods are it will hit $1000 a million before it crashes that low.

Will it fall 50% or 90%, easily, Bitcoin hsa many times.

That’s the nature of speculative gambling coins Bitcoin, Eth and Doge and SHIB are all spec coins.

Finite numbers of coins, 20 Million Bitcoin a low, to 550 Trillion Shib and every number in between.  has INFINITE COINS but it has a stable store, with real products and it’s EARN as you use the network, so user energy generates the coin, and the user gets rewarded with digital assets to buy and NFT Art to sell or keep. is the only long term winner to me, it’s why I’m in it.

The rest is just gambling.

Eventually the dice get cold and the virgin shooter loses her cherry and the house wins again.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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