Shark Tank THIEVES

Dr. Sol Adoni

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What a bunch of THIEVES on Shark Tank.

People with new companies that get raped and fucked over by absolute THIEVES.

These twits all lie, the SHARKS, when they tell a company they’re worth only 5 times their pretax net.

BULLSHIT, these are all growing start ups and even an OLD Business is worth at least 8 times it net or usually 2.5 times it’s gross.

Business 101.

Now when you see hot new companies do an IPO they usually have 25 to 1 PE’s or even 200 to 1 PE’s if the recent growth shows it is growing quickly and especially IF it’s a tech company.

So to hear these flash in the pan jerks tell small business owner after business owner their new companies which are growing quickly and may need some financing to ‘scale up’ are only worth at best 5 times earnings is ABSOLUTE FRAUD on the part of the investors which include Mark Cuban.

Cuban is probably the best businessman on the show, but these jerks are absolute THIEVES.

The best thing for new companies is to go on the show and make a 25 to 1 valuation and stick to the mantra we’re a high growth company that will be doing double or triple or quadruple sales in X months or years.

Now some of the stat up business owners are absolute jokes and the minor sales they have shouldn’t even be on the show unless the company has a very special hook and is pre-sales stage as to valuations.

But when you see a small business with often MILLIONS in sales and six figure nets and see the same BULLSHIT line by these THIEVES about being worth only 5 to 1 to investors that is absolute bullshit.

Go put your money in a bank and try to get 1% interest. So these thieves think a company that is NEW and growing should be worth only five times their net, no way.

Even at 8 to 1 values the investor is getting a nice 12.5% return on their investment yet these sharks expect 20% return on today’s income which is growing in the recent past exponentially.

Sure new companies have ‘risk’, the growth can stop or drop, but many of these companies are at the tip of the iceberg in future sales and the fact they got on this popular show is a huge boost so my advice is to be what Mark Cuban calls a Shark Tank gold digger, a company wanting EXPOSURE only that has no intention of giving up equity.

For these THIEVES to steal 25% and even 50% and sometimes over 50% of a new company based on bad valuations is a joke.

I can see a savvy lawyer eventually suing THE NETWORK and the Thieves over how they allowed this FRAUD to go on so long.

Huge potential risk to the network and sharks in my opinion by having this bullshit 5 to 1 valuation scam used over and over, it’s simply FRAUD.


Get on the show and do not give up anything in your young companies unless you get 25 to 1 and even 50 to 1 values.

50 years after their death none of these sharks will be known, their heirs will get and blow their relatively minor fortunes compared to the mega wealth billionaires around, and I don’t think some of the sharks are legit ‘billionaires’ anyway.

But any company getting on the show will have a massive bump in sales. So use the show and turn down the thieves or sharks.

I probably have a dozen projects that could get on this show, but I wouldn’t waste my time talking to ‘sharks’ or I mean THIEVES.

Maybe the reason the THIEVES on Shark Tank give so little value to real net income in growing companies none of them have ever done anything that had long term future growth if you check their own business records, most are like Cuban they got in a hot industry early and sold out at the peak for huge valuations and what they made their first huge score on doesn’t even operate today.


Hey Mark Cuban how is doing?

Wasn’t that your first big score that eventually grew into REAL and then Broadcast.

Last I checked is defunct and doesn’t even resolve.

Hey Mark what do you think your net worth will be when the first suitcase nuke goes off in a western city from terrorists?

Or if an ELE hits the earth soon.

Do you want to KNOW THE FUTURE MARK? What is that worth.

How about what is it worth when the public en masse learns someone recently put exact details of Flight 8501 on Youtube FIVE DAYS BEFORE IT OCCURRED and the same person nailed 911 BEFORE IT HAPPENED.

So some of US know the future and the future says Shark Tank has a huge lawsuit over the THIEVES that stole too much of a business using their Bullshit 5 to 1 ratios.

Here Mark go ask the REAL DEAL PSYCHIC your future


Hey Mark you want a piece of 1 eBooks they can have EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to Sollog’s Prophecies anytime I SAY SO.

That’s how you crush Amazon and BN and iTunes, when the right moment is at hand, the only place you will be able to buy SOLLOG‘s PROPHECIES will be 1 eBooks.

That’s how a mega new site gets born, CONTROL OF INFORMATION that humans want.

So while your early net venture AudioNet is dead there’s a real site from the 1990’s that still exiss where in the future it is one of the busiest in the world. Let’s see after 911 SOLLOG put 3 sites into the top 1K at Alexa since he was front page news on many major news sites around the world, it was only the bullshit USA that hid the fact he nailed 911 with a Prophecy. Three sites top 1K at Alexa and that fact is known to those IN THE KNOW.

So when his next psychic major hit gets some social media behind it that alone will have him once again one of the busiest sites in the world where his 100+ books will be best sellers.

Congrats on getting that lame book of your posts to top 12K or so at Amazon.

Sell it yourself you don’t need Amazon.





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