SEX will be the KEY to 2016 US Presidential Election

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Will be the KEY to 2016 US Presidential Election


As the 2016 Election becomes Da Donald versus Hillary show, SEX will become the focus of the election.

Hillary will be accused over and over of helping scumbag Bill Clinton not be arrested for RAPE over many decades due to all the RAPE STORIES in his closet and of course we have the GREAT LIAR CLINTON who swore to the American people he did not have SEX with Monica Lewinsky and then when she produced his cum shot on a navy blue dress, he faced IMPEACHMENT for being a RAPIST SCUMBAG LIAR.

Oh, he also liked to put his cigars into the vagina of Monica Lewinsky as her testimony on their sexual escapades revealed.

So for decades Hillary has KNOWN her man is a philandering scumbag cheater that LIES and she chose to stand by her man, well she needs to LIE to the public about what she is, which is a stone cold DYKE according to many people that are in a position to KNOW and the big fuss about her ’emails’ is they reveal her huge appetite to lick the vagina’s of lots of women.

So to say the Bill and Hillary marriage is nothing but a SHAM is probably the most accurate way you can describe that sicko couple from the pit of sheol.

Now you have a liberal left faggot reporter IN MY OPINION at the New York Times (look at his NYT mugshot he looks 100% GAY) bashing another sleaze bag Da Donald.

Now you have a fat old ugly ‘former modes’ getting their 15 minutes of fame for being ‘misquoted’ as to if they were asked by Da Donald to change into a bathing suit shortly after they met.

No shit he did that, she was at his Mar Logo Mansion when a pool party was going on so she was asked to join the party and don a swimming suit.

Now to the faggot at the NYT, that FACT might reveal to the world what Da Donald truly is a sleazebag that used his position of power in business and the world to bed some dummies posing as ‘models’ over his career of fucking whatever he could. WEe all know it was a public blood bath when his 2nd wife Marla come into Da Donald show when he was still married to Ivana. We all know Da Donald is almost 25 years older than his current trophy wife.

Face it, Da Donald is an old fucker almost 70 and his trophy wife is NO TROPHY, since she’s almost 50. You couldn’t pay me enough to fuck a 50 year old woman.

You know when I turned 54 I took out three of my girlfriends at the same time for a triple date that night. Each one was barely legal and only 18.

So 3 x 18 = 54 my age for the date. 18 year olds are perfect for 54 year old men IF YOU DO 3 AT A TIME as I can.

Now, I’m a really smart guy with laws of math and physics named after him and guess what I LOVE YOUNG PUSSY that is LEGAL and that means 18 to 21.

I still look young for my age with long hair and I keep up on shit young chicks like such as pop music and crap (yeah I know who Arianna is as well as Iggy) and I know their lingo, but the only reason I bang 18 year olds hot chicks is they are the most fucking beautiful age a woman can be TO ME and to most of the world.

Ask any woman would you take your looks at 18 over what they are now at 40 or 50 and if they are honest they would say OF COURSE it was my most beautiful age and probably my dumbest period.

I’m SINGLE and have been for over 10 years, I got 2 sons one is almost 17 and the other 18 and yeah I date chicks as old as my oldest son. So what. I date 25 year olds too and if a hot 30 year old comes up to when I’m out and says what a BEAUTIFUL MAN I am, I waste no time putting my dick in her if she is still a hot looking chick at 30.

Now once a chick hits 40, to me, they’re too old for me personally but I’m still banging lots of young pussy, so why bother with middle age women.

I’m not looking for a wife nor a chick to have kids with, I’m looking for limber fuck buddies that want a long fuck session. I meet chicks every day, where ever I go, I smile and start up a conversation and since I know how to talk to people, I can make a young girl feel special in a few minutes and then its LET’S GO FUCK that simple. Since people like to FUCK I get a lot of PUSSY. Shit I wrote a book on HOW TO PICKUP chicks under one of my pen names and a book on OMGASMS for women. So I’m a fucking expert on FUCKING and Picking up Chicks.

Call me a pig or slut or man ho, I personally don’t give a fuck.

I don’t fuck married chicks nor chicks that say oh they have a boyfriend. But when I’m out and a chick starts to play with my long curly hair and say how beautiful it is or how lovely my green eyes are or how large my manly chest is (54 inches for you average sized men that wish they had a chest in the Mr. Universe Contest range like me), I waste no time saying my place is around the corner I’m gonna give you the best fuck of your life let’s GO.

Now at this moment in time I am easily the smartest man to ever walk the planet as the many new laws of math and physics I gave to mankind PROVE.

Like the biblical Solomon the smartest man in his time, I understand PUSSY IS FUN TO FUCK and that’s why you have 7 Billion mostly assholes that will contribute nothing to this world walking around, PEOPLE LOVE TO FUCK since it feels good.

Solomon the ‘smartest man’ had over a 1,000 wives or concubines, so why do humans not emulate the SMARTEST MAN.

Rich men fuck a lot IF THEY WANT since they have the dough to do it.

Good looking guys fuck a lot IF THEY WANT since chicks like good looking guys and they like to fuck as much as men do.

Get over it, Da Donald has fucked a lot of pussy in his day.

Hillary eats pussy.

Bill is a rapist.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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