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For almost 2 decades if you owned an EMD (Exact Match Domain Name) you could stick the Top of Google and other Search Engines with a blank page if you had a large network as I do with well aged important domains which I also have.

Since the mid 1990’s I’ve acquired one of the most valuable industry keyword domain name portfolios that is held in trust by a non-profit I set up in the 1980’s.

Recently the network I created got some new blood and the kids are still figuring out SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so I sat in on one of their sessions and then fired the head guy and taught the team myself how SEO really works.

The reason the guy got fired, he was one of these morons that believes the bullshit Matt Cutts spews and also what the morons at MOZ spew. It’s complete BULLSHIT, Matt Cutts is a Moron and he’s just the disinfo agent Google created to confuse business owners as to why they need to buy PPC (Pay Per Click advertising) since what Matt Cutts says doesn’t work. You can read GOOGLE SUCKS. Or you can see lots of negative Google info about the crooks that run the empire at GOOGLE SUCKS .info

MOZ SEO is pure bullshit and their information is worthless, see MOZ is MORONS.

Matt Cutts isn’t the programmer that controls the algorithm that Google uses to display their SERP’s (Search Engine Response Pages) he’s a PR face to the algorithm. All any SE (Search Engine) is, is in reality an algorithm to score stuff to display.

Every search algorithm from day one of it’s existence has had a piece of code in the algorithm favoring EMD’s and today Bing and Yahoo still favor EMD’s and if you do a few things to appease the real programmers at Google who control the Google algorithm, an EMD still pops Google.

If you own an EMD just go to adwords and you see it’s pretty hard to not get an instant QS 10 if you have an EMD and try to buy that phrase that matches your keyword.

So just in PPC value,  an EMD is priceless especially to a company in an industry or profession where such keywords in PPC ads now cost $25 to $250 USD a click.

The reason I shotgun hip blast fired the poor kid ‘in charge’ of my SEO hit team that I didn’t hire in the first place, was he had no clue that Matt Cutts is just a figurehead that misleads the public and that the clowns at MOZ are well CLOWNS.

When he started to say MOZ and CUTTS over and over again, I merely jumped in and said so you think Matt Cutts is in charge of the Alogrithm? Yes he said. I said do you think Google would trust a MORON with that power? He said, uhhhh, hmmmm, ohhh, hmmm.

I then Googled Matt Cutts Moron and Google Sucks.

Enough said, YOU’RE FIRED.

So my SEO team of kids and me tore apart the network, which is mostly major EMD’s with lots of content and it has award winning writers creating tons of stuff. It should own SERP’s for lots of major terms and it will again as it has in the past when I used to run the show.

So what was wrong with some sites that some major EMD’s were no longer showing.

The kiddies kept pointing to MOZ and SPAM index and crap.

I said MOZ is promoting SPAM and Google is the KING OF SPAM, they gave me blank stares. I then said, “Define SPAM as Google defines it.” They said “Paid Links”, I then said, “Do we have one paid link on our large network?” They said in unison, “NO.”.

I said, “Let’s Google a major business term that has lots of buyers.” So we did and then I said, “How many links are on the SERP? It’s 30, 10 PAID PPC LINKS, 10 or so map links to more Google spam pages and then 10 bottom well out of first view organic SEO links. So one third of the Google page is what SPAM or PAID LINKS from PPC, so you see boys GOOGLE IS THE KING OF SPAM by definition, their pages are 1/3 SPAM or PAID LINKS and I have not one paid link on my network.”

To destroy the credibility of MOS with my SEO team, I went to blank pages of some super valuable EMD’s on the network that still haven’t been developed yet and there you had BLANK PAGES with 4 and 5 SPAM flags and the kids said see MOZ says spam. I said really did you read the MOZ footnote it says this BLANK PAGE is a huge developed site, it’s never had more than a blank page.

The kiddies looked in stunned silence at each other, that was the first crack in the Wizard of MOZ is god mantra these kiddies came to understand was reality that MOZ knows nothing, it is BULLSHIT.

Then I showed the kiddies how MOZ often says a site might be a spam index of 2 and then you add the WWW or remove the WWW from the name and bang the spam might become a 10.

So is the site an okay spam of 2 or a spam problem of 10?

It’s the same exact site, one score has a 10 with or without the WWW sometimes and the other score is a 2. Which is it MOZ?

Google stopped giving out bullshit PR years ago and the way to instant PR was having a listing in DMOZ the old 1990’s era directory we used to have lots of listings in.

Then some listings got dropped and PR’s fell and guess what PR is dead it means NOTHING.

In SEO all that matters is does your work hit PAGE ONE or PAGE 1.

In local SEO organic SEO is bullshit since the volume of users actually looking for local professionals and services is tiny, a fraction of what Google misleads the public into believing, but that’s another topic see my ADWORDS IS A SCAM for Local Businesses article.

The fact is years ago I lost interest in SEO since the companies I created makes most of it’s money managing large PPC budgets for local professionals and companies that understand if they can’t control the top PPC ad on a smart phone today they will get almost no leads no matter where their local SEO work has them.

Just use any SE app on your smart phone and lookup lawyer or dentist or mechanic, what do you see 2 or 3 PPC ADS, in FIRST VIEW and that’s now 65% of local search traffic in USA that being smart phones so laptop organic SEO is worth less 65% of the time, it is where do you show in local SERP’s on a smart phone and first view is nothing but PPC ads, I wrote an article YEARS AGO how this fact made local SEO obsolete.  It’s now almost 5 years since I wrote how GOOGLE KILLED LOCAL SEO

Now SEO has value still today, but it’s mostly for national and global level search terms so big companies can still get some pop from having SEO spots on EMD’s but more and more SE’s are controlling SERP’s to make any organic position worthless, you need to be able to get top PPC spots, it’s done with EMD’s and then you need high response ratio CTA (Call To Action) pages that get 25% to 75% CTA response ratios and most of the IM (Internet Marketing) crowd is so clueless they accept the fact their crappy work gets less than a 5% CTA ratio.

The figures MOZ SEO browser add ons and extensions spew out is #BULLSHIT.

Their numbers mean nothing and you can hit a page 1 serp and have terrible MOZ numbers and no PR to speak of, so all the BULLSHIT SEO guys are spewing is BULLSHIT they have no clue how to hit PAGE ONE.

What do I know?

I founded PAGE ONE years ago, and for years I ruled the top of GOOGLE with a one page site PAGE ONE GOOGLE and now I’ll spend a little time and energy to show the world how much POWER I have that I can make that site hit the top of GOOGLE just because I say so.

Today for national and global companies SMM (Social Media Marketing) is becoming more important than SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since a Growth Hacking marketing campaign can easily create a viral event for companies and they are way less money to create than PPC campaigns and lot’s of SEO work.

GROWTH HACKING and GROWTH HACKERS are the new gurus IMO that can help a company and we have the top GROWTH HACKER around at Adoni.





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