Salt Natures Pesticide to Kill Bugs

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Salt Kills Bugs Dead

Zika Virus Cure Salt Based Repellent

Since ancient times salt has been used to kill bugs, such as ants and bed bugs.

I met a person the other day who had an interest in an organic pesticide product and he was in South Florida talking to municipalities about his organic pesticide to wipe out mosquito’s that carry the Zika virus.

The most interesting thing he said was his pesticide had salt in it and all insects are prone to die from exposure to salt due to their cells have no salt in them. Humans and plants have salt in their cell structures.

I’ve tried to research this but I can’t find much about if salt is not in insect cells. If this is true it may explain that animals and plants originated from organisms in the salty oceans.

Insects originated from earth organisms. That would explain such a radical difference between plants and animals and insect cells.

So if it is true that most or all insect have cell structures prone to dying if exposed to salt, this could be a great organic pesticide to control mosquito’s and other bugs.

It appears the salt penetrates the exoskeleton insects have and since their cells do not contain salt it kills the insect.

Humans die if they can’t get salt in their diet. Plants contain salt as do animals. Insects it appears contain no salt.

It may be a simple oil or water spray rich in Salt could be a repellent for mosquito’s naturally if salt is a natural killer of bugs. Insects probably have a way to detect salt since it is deadly to them.

The key to the Zika virus may be using salt to kill mosquito’s and having salt in repellents.

Nature always has a cure and salt might be the ultimate way to control bugs.

The salt effect on insects also explains a huge biblical question, that there is no record of ancient cities being destroyed by salting the earth and killing crops. Well that story is Near East based and in the Near East the main crops are trees for staples such as Olive Oil and Fig Trees. Fruit trees need insects to pollinate so by sewing salt into such farms the insects that pollinated such trees would have stayed away or been killed. So while salt may not have destroyed the soil and killed crops, it could easily have been used to kill INSECTS and thereby kill off fruit production of the Near East staples. So I just solved an ancient biblical issue with this article as well as giving humanity the cure to control mosquito’s and eliminate viruses such as the Zika Virus, West Nile Virus and Malaria.

I will be funding research and new organic products and pesticides based on my interest in natural and organic solutions to many problems we have. I am also very interested in how insects could be controlled by natural means such as salt and not dangerous chemicals. The use of ‘natural’ toxins such as Pyrethrins and the danger it poses for Eco-systems is a concern of mine so not all natural solutions are safe.

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