IT Salaries and Job Descriptions

Dr. Sol Adoni

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IT Salaries and Job Descriptions

By Dr. Sol Adoni

The reason that little companies stay little and big companies get bigger is one thing, their IT Department.

If you are involved in IT and don’t work for a big company doing very specialized aspects of IT work such as being a Network Admin, or one of the people designing content and marketing it, then you are probably the unlucky person working for some small company that should be put out of business.

The reason is, in every industry today, even small local companies that dominate their market have large IT departments with many specialized persons.

Yet over and over you see clowns that own or run a small company with the usual bullshit tech IT job ad describing what big companies have large IT departments to do, as something they expect from one person.

Wake the fuck up clowns that own a small company, if you are still small in your industry, you need to just go out of business.

Let’s say you’re a plumbing company, you have 1 truck and you really expect to compete in today’s world with the winner in your market that has 12 to 36 trucks on the road?

The reason that company has kicked your ass, is you’re a clown and need to get the fuck out of business.

Even the small local companies with fleets of trucks for the trades they do can actually hire a small IT department, they can only afford the rejects in the IT industry that are willing to work at cheap rates since the best tech people all work for larger companies.

I don’t care what you know in regards to tech, if you are good, you work for a bigger company or own your own tech company like I have for over 40 years now.

Over 4 decades I have founded many tech companies and most have dealt with small companies, where we qualified the owners so only the elite small companies in their market became our clients and we helped them stay elite companies in their industry. Even though they were small companies as defined in the business world today, they were actually all larger small local companies.

The losers that are 90% of small local industries, well they couldn’t afford my companies services and products the past 30 to 40 years and today they sure as fuck can’t afford our services.

I have literally 8 companies that do all the shit you need to do today to be online and if you are a small company, you can’t afford my rates and you can’t hire one guy or girl to do what 8 different companies do today to help a small business that often cannot hire a whole IT department to do what my companies do.

The reason is simple, web designers are a dime a dozen, 99% are clowns that think adding pages to WordPress is web design, they know nothing about SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO and doing high response content that actually gets people to respond and BUY SHIT.

They sure as fuck don’t know anything about WPO and today WPO is the main thing a company needs to stay on top of their industry and most big companies are lost when it comes to WPO (Website Performance Optimization).

First, local companies think they have a website and when you do a simple analysis of their sites, they suck, the site is all fucked up technically and so slow from being on a cheap shared hosting company like Godaddy that their 4 seconds to 12 second page open times means NO ONE IS WAITING TO SEE THEIR CONTENT.

SPEED is the heart of WPO (Website Performance Optimization) so I created a company that does one thing, it gives SPEED to small companies to OPEN under 1 second usually.

That means almost 100% of potential users can see their stuff and then the issue of what they see becomes important and that’s when high response content and squeeze pages and landing pages come into play.

So right there, 99% of small companies are dead, they host on cheap shared hosting plans and are too cheap to buy a server.

You buy a server, okay, now you have to hire a cheap network admin to keep it running, a clown Network Admin makes 75K a year and a good one can make over 150K a year.

Now for $250 bucks a month I give speed on a shared environment, no other hosting company does that, they all suck once you get the word SHARED in hosting. You want a server, well it’s $300 to $500 a month with real daily backups and fast hardware support but good luck with a real admin being supplied by the server hosting companies that sell cheap servers, they don’t do shit when you have server problems and if you don’t know the basics of running a server your site is dead. So for $1,000 a month we do fully managed server hosting and we have real network admins ready to fix shit when it breaks and to balance loads when hackers go nuts on a site.

So if you think $10 or $20 bucks a month is hosting like at GoDaddy, get the fuck out of business it’s not and that’s why you should go out of business today.

So the #1 IT Job for any business is a legit Network Admin and they make $75K to $150K a year.

That person does not design websites, he works 8 hours a day and you usually need 3 of them to keep your server running. So $250K to $500K to just keep a real server running and not be down all the time.

That’s the IT cost without content, without WordPress and without Social Media or SEO or PPC or all the other shit you need today.

Now I formed a couple of companies to just handle the NEED of small companies having a reliable super fast server and rates are $250 for shared server with a dedicated IP which is what most small companies need and $1,000 for a dedicated server.



1 Hosting Cloud

Adoni Cloud

Now you need a website once you are on my fast cloud network and I recommend the #1 CMS (Content Management System) which is WordPress.

My WordPress design site is

1 WordPress

I also run

1 Web Designers

Now you see small companies all the time advertising for WordPress gurus on crap sites like Craigslist, and they put shit in their job ads like must answer the phones and stock the warehouse and get the coffee and oh you better know SEO and Social Media too.

You’re a fucking clown if you have put up an ad like that since a Junior WordPress jerkoff that knows nothing about plugins and coding and anything but putting what they can copy and paste into a new page on WordPress starts at $50K to 75K a year and they are absolute clowns, they’re not programmers nor SEO gurus or know jack shit about IM Internet Marketing and Social Media.

Now a strong coder that knows lots of languages such as HTML, PHP and CGI Scripting as well as Java can do almost anything in WordPress, but guess what he’s technically a CODER and not a WordPress asshole, they start in the 100K to 150K range for a well versed expert on WordPress that can install any plugin and knows all the languages to fix shit.

Now coders are not SEO Gurus, a clown SEO Guru that knows nothing but bullshit starts at 100K and a good one is one of the top IT jobs today at around $250K and yet you see clown small companies with ads saying WP guru and SEO God.

FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, they do not work for 15 Bucks an hour as most jerkoff small companies put in their help wanted ads for IT jobs today.

Then you see clowns wanting SMM Gurus or Social Media Marketing people, they start in the 100K to 150K range if they really have a huge social media footprint.

Sure you can get some pretty face that has dogs following her pussy pics on Twitter or Facebook and think you have a social media queen, haha, you don’t, you have a bimbo that morons follow and when she tweets about anything it gets no where near the top of any major category search page since she’s a pretty bimbo that needs to learn how to give great head to make a living.

Oh, then you see on occasion an ad with WP Guru and must be expert in video editing. Wake up assholes, video editing is not WP and a junior clown video editor makes 75K a year.

Another area that clown owners expect a WordPress guru to be expert in is SEM or Adwords PPC knowledge, guess what clown, they are now the top earners in big IT departments, PPC Gurus know how to save companies MILLIONS so why would a real PPC Guru fuck with your crappy 3K a month little local budget when if he is good he can get 33% of large local budgets of say 20K a month and run his own PPC management company.

PPC Gurus often are in charge of mega millions in PPC Budgets so they are highly skilled jobs and make a lot of money and a real PPC pro doesn’t do SEO or WordPress bullshit.

And they sure don’t answer phones and get coffee you jerkoffs that put that in ads mentioning PPC Guru.

Then you have CONTENT and the broke ass cheap local companies have no clue that a legit copywriter makes around $1.00 PER WORD, they are clueless and that’s why they are a shit hole small business that can’t afford a legit IT department.

So if you are in the IT Industry work for bigger companies, that is my suggestion and these are the areas you can make money in.

IT Jobs

WordPress Trainee 50K year

WordPress Coder 100K to 150K year

Copywriter 75K to 125K year

Network Admin 75K to 150K year

Video Editor 75K to 125K year

SEO Guru 125K to 250k year

PPC Guru 150K to 250K year

Social Media Guru 75K to 150K year

So a large company has a large IT department and those are the rates of pay you can expect or tell them to fuck off and find a better paying company.

The CTO of such a legit IT Department makes 250K to 5M year.

Now go to a shit hole like Craigslist and search for jobs with Web Designer or WordPress and SEO or PPC in them and when you see clowns offering $8.00 an hour to maybe $20 an hour email them a FUCK YOU email.

I do all the time for fun.

I have companies that do all this stuff and it is 8 different divisions.

I have a couple of companies that bundle all the services into a turnkey package where they sell the packages but all the work is jobbed out through 8 divisions.

This is why local wanna be Web Designers SUCK so badly and why shitty small companies have no change at getting big, since they can’t afford what the top companies in their industry can a legit tech department with lots of workers.

My companies that help companies are

Page One

Page 1

It’s divisions are


1 Hosting Cloud

Adoni Cloud



1 Pay Per Click

1 Web Designers

1 WordPress

1 App Developers


This is why I have the fastest cloud network

This is why I have one of the largest footprints in social media

This is why my 1 Media network has millions of users every month

Since I understand it takes a TEAM OF IT EXPERTS to compete in the world today.





Dr. Sol Adoni

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