Russian Troops and Chinese Troops and USA Troops surround North Korea

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Russian Troops and Chinese Troops and USA Troops surround North Korea

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Putin has amassed Russian Troops on the norther border of North Korea recently and with the past week over 150,000 Chinese Troops have amassed on the western border of North Korea and there is always almost 50,000 US Troops on the southern border of North Korea in the joint US military forces the USA maintains with the army of South Korea.

Now you have an armada of US Naval ships off the east coast of North Korea.

So North Korea is now totally surrounded by the three great military powers of the modern era that being the USA, Russia and China.

Recently China has stated it would be global war should Trump strike North Korea and days ago Russia warned Trump they would strike the USA if Trump dared again to hit Syria government targets.

Christian MORONS are misleading the world that this is now Armageddon with their LIES that the Bible predicted this shit, it sure as fuck didn’t.

Armageddon today is a little patch of desert in the Middle East that was a major strategic location when the bullshit Book of Revelations was written.

The Eagle of the war was not the USA, it didn’t exist at that time, and the Eagle was the Imperial Symbol of ROME and Roman Legion soldiers had a GOLDEN EAGLE ICON they would carry into battle.

The Bear of Revelations was not Russia, it sure as fuck didn’t exist and bears were a common animal in the ancient Alpine region and barbarian tribes from the north that would be modern France often had bear heads as tokens to lead their battle groups. The Red Dragon was not China since the authors of the Book of Revelations had no contact what so ever with China at that time.  Many Kings in even recent medieval times used the symbol of a dragon in their codes of arms as did many other ancient civilizations that had contact with the Middle East area 2,000 years ago. So while China did exist at the time the Book of Revelations was written, the fact is Dragons have been icons of many cultures throughout history and the Middle East having lots of trade with INDIA where the Dragon was a common icon, so if any country represented the Dragon 2,000 years ago to a Middle Eastern writer it would have been India. So the Eagle was Rome, the Bear was Northern Barbarians from modern Europe and the Dragon was from the East and India. All of these ancient powers were known to the author of the Book of Revelations and a natural place for them to all collide would have been in the strategic area of the Middle East known at that time as H’armageddon in Hebrew.

Now the fact that we have totally surrounded North Korea with the Eagle, Bear and Dragon of modern times, is actually a great time for PEACE. Since this is actually a great opportunity for China, Russia and the USA to create a peaceful solution to the nuclear problem that North Korea has become. It could be the complete blockade of North Korea by the three great military powers. Nothing comes in or out of North Korea now that every border has a shitload of troops on it.

The only problem is North Korea is pretty much self contained since it feeds itself, even if it is poorly, the citizens have no cars for the most part so they use metro trains running on coal fueled power plants and North Korea has its own coal to fuel their crappy electrical grid that fuels their electric trains in the deepest metro system in the world that just happens to double as a real fall out shelter should North Korea ever go to war.

So if this is a blockade which no one has said yet it is, such a strangle hold on North Korea would not do much with a country that has ignored the technological revolution and their citizens do not have modern technology nor access to the internet, they walk, ride a bike or take the metro to a state job, they get fed by the state, they get medical care from the state, they have 1 TV channel in North Korea that pumps out state propaganda all day. North Korea actually manufactures a lot of clothes, so even clothing is taken care of by the state.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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