The Rise of Atlantis

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Forward from ATLANTIAS

Chronicles of the Atlantians

Book I Exodus

By Dr. Sol Adoni

My new series of books on Atlantis is titled ATLANTIAS  and is now available at ATLANTIAS. I explain  how many words in our modern language POINT DIRECTLY TO ATLANTIS being a real lost ancient civilization.

My book on Atlantis is titled ATLANTIAS and it is the story of how a group of Atlantians come to a new world due to their world was dying over 15,000 years ago.

Much of the things about Atlantis from  Plato’s work and other ancient sources about the Atlantians are put into my story about ATLANTIAS. Examples are,  how long ago Atlantis was (it was around 15,000 years ago), where it was located and many things about the Atlantians from not only Plato’s account but from many other ancient sources as well are all in ATLANTIAS.

In my opinion Atlantis was very real and a race of beings that colonized the earth from a dying world their home planet or ATLANTIAS the name of my book. Over 15,000 years ago our planet was in an ice age when the Atlantians arrived and they built pyramids around the world to manipulate the earth’s geo magnetic core and create a geo magnetic grid.  Some of these pyramids may have actually been first started even 25,000 years ago when the first scout ships of the Atlantians reached earth then the mother ship reached Earth around 15,000 years ago. The end result was the Atlantians controlled the MAR (Mid Atlantic Ridge) by increasing deep earth thermodynamics and their ancient pyramid energy grid system did the manipulation.

The increased thermal activity heated the Atlantic Conveyer system and the warm water streaming toward the frigid north melted the polar caps and dramatically increased the level of the Oceans of the world.

During the Ice Age the MAR was a long series of Islands and now today only a few islands remain and on the land that had been exposed 15,000 years ago now lies Atlantis which is now underwater.

So when Plato said it disappeared under the sea, he was saying it disappeared due to the rising waters of the Ocean.  The use of the earth’s thermal energy or lava, eventually to warm the Atlantic Conveyer made the rise of the Ocean so great the cities all disappeared under the Ocean.

The MAR is the longest mountain range on earth, it is huge and if you realize how high many mountains of the MAR are, a drop of so many feet of ocean water locked up in polar ice caps would make large areas of land reappear all along the MAR and that was the Islands of ancient Atlantis.

Just like the rest of the world’s shorelines were all miles out from where they are today during the last Ice Age. The land mass of earth was vastly different at the end of the Ice Age. You could walk from Miami to Havana during the Ice Age. You could walk across the land bridge that connected Russia and Alaska.  Australia had land connections to Asia.

So the Atlantians settled island areas in the MAR and this was done as an advanced civilization would do to try to minimize contact with more primitive natives humans or earthlings that inhabited continental areas of Earth.

Yet some contact did occur and eventually the oceans rise went out of control and the original outposts or cities of the Atlantians all went under the ocean and the so-called sinking was due to what some ancient sources stated, a backlash of the main power system of the Atlantians that being control of the thermal energy of earth.

One of the main things ancient sources cited about the Atlantians were they lived to advanced years due to their conquering of disease.

The ancient Greek word for NO DISEASE or Freedom of Disease was Anosia or Anosous. How would an ancient person say a place of no disease or a land of no disease? OKE ANOSia. So over time OKE AONOSia became OKEANOS. This eventually became the word Ocean. Atlantis Oke Anosia is today ATLANTIC OCEAN.

Atlantis the place of no disease was what Atlantic Ocean really meant 15,000 years ago.

The Atlantians lost control of their geo thermal technology and as a result ocean waters rose so great the colonies got submerged, but the legend of their great technological race was recorded by the Greeks over ten thousand years after the fact they actually lived on earth. Plato cites his source for the story as ancient Egyptian temple pillars in Sais.

Some Atlantians did eventually move inland when their cities went under water however around ten thousand years ago what remained of the Atlantians were destroyed in nuclear wars. Today we are finding buried ancient cities that are in fact RADIOACTIVE so what ancient civilizations had atomic weapons around 10,000 years ago? The Atlantians were that lost ancient civilization.

Today you have the workers of the Atlantians still in earth orbit, and they also hide out in huge underground cave systems they created and some may be deep natural caves, as well as underwater bases.

Who were the workers of the Atlantians, the bio-chemical hybrids they created to build their cities and do their bidding, what today we call Grey Aliens. Their ancient plasma crafts can still be seen flying the skies around the world and they usually disappear into mountains and volcanoes as well as into underwater bases. They may also have bases on the dark side of the moon mining Helium 3 for their own technological needs today.

It may also be that the ancient Atlantians merged their own DNA with human DNA and they still walk the earth as humans now.

So my new book ATLANTIAS explains all this and while it’s technically ‘fiction’ it is entirely based upon ancient sources and also my own ability to Astral Travel into the past and see exactly what happened.

My book ATLANTIAS is actually an account of the true lost history of earth as I have viewed it in my own Astral Travel sessions and it is a history that has been suppressed for thousands of years by the powers that be.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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