RIP Maya Angelou were you a RACIST?

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RIP Maya Angelou were you a RACIST?

My twitter account is blowing up with glowing Obits for the accomplished poet Maya Angelou, best known for writing SEVEN AUTOBIOGRAPHIES (wtf) and claiming in her writings many say were fictionalized to have been a waitress and even a prostitute..

Nice last tweet she made about finding GOD by listeing to the voice within you. Last Tweet

The Holy Spirit reference of Souther Baptist ministers echoed in that tweet and her lifes work.

So great last tweet Maya, a nice way to bow out. But,  I have a big PROBLEM wth her twitter account. First most twitter accounts of authors and such are bogus, maintained by PR people and the publishing houses so most of the followers you see are FAKE, now she may have 400K real followers but I doubt it, her books were big years ago and she was on TV years ago and who the heck outside of bibliophiles or big fans of poetry even knows who she was?

So 400K followers is probably BULLSHIT numbers, like Ellen having 30M followers, BULLSHIT, there’s not that many dykes in the whole world.

If there’s 3M English Speaking DYKES I’d be surprised and isn’t that her core audience, dykes?

I’ve been around some flamers and butches in my life, fags that are over the top you know FLAMERS and chicks that like to stand up when they piss, real buthes, I get along with them, like I get along with most people that don’t try to tell me what to do.

It’s been my observation, that most dykes and fags don’t seem to get along, the dyke with the short hair usually hate the feminitiy of the guy with the penis she envies who is more feminine than she could ever be, and he has the penis she wants on her own body, and the fag hates the chick who denounced her feminity, who is more masculine than he ever was.

It may not be the case all the time, but in my wordly experience dykes and fags don’t get along. I remember discussing this at seating planning for my first wedding when GIA the supermo a Bi Sexual chick related to my first wife was the topic of dicussion as to who we could sit her with due to her being a chick that liked to dine at the Y.

This was at the height of her popularity. Early 1980, those of you that don’t know who Gia is, she was the teen SUPER MODEL who did a bunch of Vogue and Cosmo covers in the late 1970’s and died of Aids due to being a junkie.

Angelina Jolie’s breakout role was in GIA the movie about the Philadelphia dyke/bi super model dumb enough to shoot heroin and die so young. Oh, the big thig about Gia that I remember was my first wife a hair model who had a major Hair dude as a guest at my first wedding was saying how the hair stylist was a flaming faggot and how Gia hate fags, or was it he hated lesbians. But the conversation was about how you don’t site dykes and flamers at the same table or it becomes a cat fight.

So 30M folowers for Ellen? BULLSHIT.

400K Followers for Maya Angelou? Maybe, but probably BULLSHIT.

Great last tweet though MAYA which is the ancient godess of Hermes Maya which is Mary in English. Plus she had ANGEL ou in last name.

I’m not sure it was her real name (since checked by an editor it was a pen name), since authors use pen names and I don’t really want to waste 5 minutes more of my life on her, after I saw the way her or her staff limited the people she was following to only 7 people ALL BLACK, I said to myself listening to the GOD within like her last post advises, THIS BITCH WAS A RACIST or her staff maintaining her twitter accountis.

Here’s why my inner voice which she referred to in her last tweet is saying RACIST BITCH. She was following 7 people ALL BLACKS and most connected to Oprah the Queen of black racists IMO.  So her PR department blew the chance to lead her fans to important causes and people and even companies on her page by following them. That’s a major thing for PUBLIC twitter pages which hers was as an AUTHOR. Look at her followers page it has 7 and I’m posting the pic showing it had 7 at her death so when Random House changes it, I can point to this photo as PROOF it had only 7 and all were black. See for yourself before it is changed. Maya Angelou 7 People she followed.

As a publisher and tech guy I follow mostly publishers, authors, tech companies and such. No real people (not famous for business or writing or whatever). Sol Adoni is a page where I basically tweet about stuff related to publishing and business. I have a personal page to tweet on, which I never really use.

I don’t really share my personal views and such with the world, but my views as the retired charirman of a publishing imprint is her staff or she blew it by having no important companies, fellow authors or causes on her twitter account. No NAACP, no Black Baptists or whatever church, no Islamic institutes if she was Islamic. No other black or even white authors. No real friends other than black public figures, Obama, Oprah and King (GMA).

Her site was a minor traffic site 700K alexa as I write this, so not many looking for her. Her main book was barely top 10K PAID at Amazon and she had 400K twitter followers? See what I say FAKE.

Then that account was set up so it looks 100% RACIST to me.

So Random House your PR Department sucks.

Whoever handled the Twitter account her should be FIRED.

I remember her at the Clinton Inauguration, I think I remember her too from TV shows as a kid, talk shows my mom watched.

So while the rest of the world praises her, I’ll say this, had some fame, wrote some verses, love her last tweet, but it was a SHAME she didn’t use her position in the world better on social media to influence the minds that did find her page to check out some real things besides Oprah BULLSHIT.

Love the name too Maya, it belonged to a Goddess, now let Thoth weigh your heart and see if it is burdened with racist hatred like your Twitter page shows to me.

Now watch her PR department clean up her twitter page, add a ton of people and causes she followed while shes DEAD.


Below are screen shots verifying why I’m saying what I said in this post. She wwas an esteemed person of color and had the chance to lead the mindless twits on twitter to something important besides Barack Obama’s PR page and Oprah’s bullshit.

Let Thoth weigh her heart and decide what to do with her.






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