Religion FUELS HATE in Church Shootings and Mosque Bombings

Dr. Sol Adoni

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So another MASS SHOOTING on the infamous 33rd Parallel Line. See my book 33rd Net the NWO and Illuminati strike again.

Silence of the lambs has a great diddy about how GOD LOVES to harm his faithful, when a Church Roof collapses or a Church explodes from say a gas leak.

There is GOD killing and laughing and say, “See I’m YOUR GOD and I can do whatever I want.”

Comedians point out this irony too, how those who are in god’s house are often killed and destroyed.

So now we have yet another CHURCH SHOOTING a bunch of ‘good souls’ are killed and it happened in a powerless HOUSE OF GOD.

The fact is around the world RELIGION FUELS HATE and that is why so many churches and mosques are selected for mass shootings and bombings and burnings.

Why does RELIGION FUEL HATE? Easy, just listen when any Imam or holier than thou preacher twist and distorts the words in their ‘holy books’ that were all written by MEN and see how these ‘religious leaders’ use GOD to condemn and cast into the eternal pit of fire of the most high anyone that doesn’t believe the nonsense written about in that particular ‘holy book’ that is being misused by that so-called ‘religious person’ in their verbal spewing of moronic babel talk.

Religion has been used TO SEPARATE the masses for millenniums. Sure there’s the usual love your neighbor bullshit in the books and turn the other cheek, but there’s a whole lot of JUDGING of any one that doesn’t believe in the ‘holy words’ you choose to follow. These books also usually instruct the ‘true believers’ to KILL AND DESTROY in gods name.

Think not that I have come to bring PEACE, rather I have come to BRING A SWORD…

That’s the real message of Jesus, pretty much his own words, and you have Muhammad also saying SPREAD ISLAM BY THE SWORD.

Then you have Jews saying for thousands of years, you are all evil and the only CHOSEN and elite are well Jews who cut off the heads of their penises in a sign of their worship to the great EL the mountain god or goat or the ancient Canaanites.

Over 20 years ago I tried to help the world’s religions by showing that 3 symbols that appear in the fairy tales of every major religion in their creation mythos was actually a simple scientific formula for the circumference of the earth. So the myths were all based on ancient science now lost to humanity that the earth was based by its CREATOR on three symbols that magically appear in all the great religions.

So I honestly gave the world a reason TO UNITE THE WORLDS RELIGIONS into one new path, but it may just be easier to DESTROY EVERY RELIGION due to the HATE RELIGION FUELS.

You can see my brilliant work on uniting all major religions at


My take on god and the goddesses is very simple, all there is, is energy and it is INTELLIGENT and it is programmed to do one thing CREATE. Now in a simple dualistic universe that creator energy is balanced by an energy to DESTROY, the proverbial ying/yang of Buddhism and the perfect duality of Zoroaster.

So when you have billions of dummies, oh, I mean humans, all looking at WORDS alleged to be from GOD and they see the message, spread this dumb shit by THE SWORD, destroy the non-believers, of course you will have some zombie fucking nutters who are DNA bots to do one thing, DESTROY IN GODS NAME as the holy books all tell the devout to do.

So if you want to stop church shootings and bombings and the same bullshit in mosques and temples, just OUTLAW RELIGION.

Humanity is ONE SPECIES and to have hundreds of nations and many religions just breeds HATE and SEPARATION. If you want unity and peace, you need ONE NATION and basically as far as god goes, just admit that the ‘creator force’ is in all life and respect all life and ban any god damned book about god since god never wrote one fucking word on this planet.

Here’s my GIFT to the dummies of this plane of reality that are too stupid to realize that it’s the god damned books they read about god that is causing all this mayhem and evil in the world.


Now DNA bots or human dummies here’s another gift to the morons of this world, CLEAN FREE ENERGY for everyone.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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