Red Switches .com Hosting a SCAM

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Red Switches .com Hosting a SCAM

Review of Red Switches .com Hosting

So the IT boys in the company are trying to source out a windows server for a client for a big bitcoin casino project. Company is chartered out of the Cayman Islands, they have multiple international on-line gaming licenses in place and now they need a bullshit windows server to run one of the main scripts.

While Adoni has 20 years experience doing admin work for linux based servers and I personally hired Nick the founder of cPanel in the 1990’s to hand develop some linux admin scripts to automate our admin work since we had over 1,000 domains way back in the 1990’s. Nick was a smart kid back then, still in High School in Delaware and he used to journey up to my old buddies company VDI in North Jersey to do network admin scripts.

Anyway, Nick took the scripts he developed for VDI and me as well and created the top control panel for Linux servers that being cPanel. Hi Nick, you did a great job on cPanel. Congrats.

So now the IT boys are spinning their wheels trying to deal with various Switerland based hosting companies as well as the Nederlands to find a competent hosting company.

Basically there’s no real stand out control panel for windows servers, I guess companies realize window servers are shit for the web and way to open as to security.

cPanel had a windows panel but they dropped support for it.

Website Panel is an open sourced Github project so it seems to be the front runner right now, getting a NL or Suisse company to support it, though is IMPOSSIBLE.

When you order a cPanel Linux box today it’s pretty much set up with everything you need to run a domain name hosting company. Name servers are setup, basic scripts like mysql and php as well as smtp and of course apache are set up.

Yet when you order a windows server such as Server 2008, you get a badly outdate OS and you have to spend a ton of time updating the OS then installing SP and then trying to figure out ass backwards crap for setting up a dns server and their crappy IIS web server.

Good luck.

Now you see the sites selling this crap and they say LIES like ‘free setup’. Then you order and you find out ‘free setup’ means oh we only put a 6 year old OS on the box that doesn’t do shit.

Usually the hardest part of setting up a new Linux box with cPanel running is trying to figure out how to properly create a Global Name Server Host record with your registrar.

For quite a number of days the IT crew was trying to get the CEO of RED SWITCHES to explain exactly what the heck he was selling as to his windows server and free setup and 30 euro a month SUPPORT.

He’s selling NOTHING and the free setup is now 200 euro if you want a simple DNS server and basic web server like only IIS.

Then he tries to bait and swith you into a 300 a month euro deal for support on windows servers compared to the 30 euro a month HE SELLS when you order one.

SO CLASSIC BAIT AND SWITCH is what Red Switches .com is about.


Sure their 1G uplink looks nice and 100TB is about ten times what most hosting companies offer.

So you can say RED SWITCHES has RED FLAGS all over it.

Support should be 60 Euro range for a cpanel box and even a windows box, that is ‘standard’.

Setup should INCLUDE a dns server and a web server as well as updated OS with SP1 and basics stuff like .Net Framework and at least Mysql and smtp and maybe hmail.

Then they need to figure out what windows control panel they want to install and support.

Granted most windows servers are just data servers, IP based and they do file services and maybe run the usual windows programs like Office for a company. But if you are a HOSTING COMPANY and tyring to market windows servers for HOSTING you sure better deliver a working web server, IMO.

So that’s two scam hosting companies with windows servers.

See my article on CLOUD VPS .com

RED SWITCHES .com is not a windows web server host, the reason is they do not sell boxes SETUP with the basic config you need. So order one and then cancel it when they say they want 200 more just to set it up and then the 30 a month support is really 300 euro a month for windows.

That is called BAIT AND SWITCH in the good old USA.

The only NL based hosting company we’ve seen actually trying to ‘support’ windows servers is ALT US HOST .com

At least they admit their admins are not windows mavens.

But they have techs online to try to help you.

Due to how btc (Bitcoin) is growing in tech area and it is ideal for say btc casinos and such, there is a real need for either Iceland, Nederlands or Switzerland hosting companies now in bitcoin related projects since the future of btc in the USA is unclear. It may become heavily regulated soon.

The ideal location for a bitcoin hosting network is in my opinion Cayman Islands but I don’t think there’s a major hub in that part of the world.

If you run a speed test on Red Switches you see how slow their network is, it’s botton half on some speed test sites. Compare that to the root servers we run for the large Adoni Network on the Chicago loop, we are in the top 2% for speed usually.

In my expert opinion based upon almost 20 years of web server hosting now the only solution for a web server is a linux box running WHM and cPanel and if you are a hosting company their WHMCS package is what you want.

Adoni doesn’t do hosting to the public per se, but they do for many clients. Network speed is paramount and without real support by a good hosting company your server will often have issues it takes veteran linux admins to figure out.

As far as Windows VPS servers go, they’re a joke since a VPS is often knocked off line by the actions of another user on your ‘shared’ windows box. Then there’s full server windows servers where you have a real box, but trying to find real support and setup for a windows web server is a joke.

My article on Windows VPS Servers explains why VPS Servers SUCK.

I heard a user on Webhosting Talk got banned for linking to my Windows VPS article so Webhosting Talk is a JOKE.

Just like Bitcoin Talk bans users linking to my articles now as well.

The bottom line is the world of bitcoin is filled with morons and the hosting companies targeting bitcoin startups with VPS and so-called ‘off shore’ hosting are a joke.

BEWARE of Red Switches .com they’re a SCAM in my opinion.


Add World Stream .nl to the list of incompetent hosting companies.

The people they have in live chat are clueless.

World Stream .nl Review THEY SUCK


After 30 minuts on HOLD in chat a tech for World Stream answered and said they setup cpanel with the right stuff and then they closed the chat before I could respond with more quesitons. SO LOST SALE THERE JORGE.


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