Red Cross thinks Texts will stop Ebola

Dr. Sol Adoni

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What a crock of shit, like texting illiterate people in Africa info about eBola will stop it.

What the fuck man, most of the people in that part of the world are ILLITERATE.

They can’t even read the texts.


Maybe they should send them pictures, with a big red circle on it and a line through it meaning DO NOT.

Send a picture of some African native fucking a monkey and say DO NOT DO, that’s where all this shit comes from.

AIDS and Ebola came out of humans in Africa fucking monkees.

Just like syphillis came from Arabs passing around the same goat to fuck in the hills of the Middle East.

Basic health care the West takes for granted is miracously curing almost everyone getting Ebola that is being treated in Western hospitals.

These monkee fucking natives live in thatched roofed huts with dirt floors so any major immune infection kills them.

Face it the crash treatment huts in Africa treating these monkey fucking natives have dirt floors and you just need to quarantine the whole middle African continent and let this plague burn itself out. No one allowed in any country that has a passport showing they’ve been to these African nations in the past 90 days or longer if needed.

If some western doctors want to go to these illiterate parts of the world where they still fuck monkees, let them, and then don’t allow them back in the country they came from until this shit burns out.

QUARANTINE is how you stop this plague that like AIDS came from some stone age primative native asshole putting his mandigo dick in some monkey.


New York and New Jersey governors ORDER HOME QUARANTINES for health workers coming back to USA.

5 Year Old Boy in NYC recently in Africa may have Ebola. (This is why you stop letting anyone from that part of Africa in your country NOW).


Dr. Sol Adoni

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