PROOF our Reality is AI

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PROOF our Reality is AI


Dr Adoni’s Podcast about our AI Simulation


Why should you listen to what I say about AI Universe Simulation Theory?

I was the first person to theorize it in the 1970’s

I ran a major AI Think Tank for decades

I wrote many books on it including and

I have 13 doctorates and am the smartest human to ever exist having given humanity new laws of math and physics that will rewrite the laws of academa. is where I disprove Newton, Einstein and Hawkin.

I’m not hear to debate IF we are inside an AI Simulation

I am here to expose it and wake up some friends now stuck in it

Artists are now arguing why AI can’t create human hands properly and also have issues creating eyes. Other things it creates pretty well.

However,, the AI humans created for art is using datasets of images our AI created and now glitches in our simulation intentionally put there as back doors to wake up game players is using flawed images from our fake AI reality.

Every celebrity is a fake creation of AI, that is why when you google any celebrities name with signing autograph’s you see the hack that is meant to wake up real humans now trapped in our fake ass AI Simulation. All the celebrity images have the same flaw going back allegedly decades as celebrity after celebrity holds their pen using a modified childs tripod where the pen is deep in the well using the middle finger to rest on and not the proper thumb and index tripod real humans were taught to use.

The act of holding a pencil or pen correctly is a lost skill that kids who grew up using keyboards have lost, most Gen X young adults hold their pens wrong, yet to see the same flaw in older celebrities holding a pen incorrectly to sign autographs cannot be explained, it’s a glitch, all the photos show celebrities are in fact what game players call NPC’s (non playing character). They are there as background filler in the game. A new class might be Non Playing Celebrity.

DYOR Do Your Own Research

Google a major celebrity name with signing autographs.

Every image is fake, our AI simulation creates image after image of every celebrity using the same rare childish immature modified middle finger claw tripod grip. Look how you hold a pen, is it between your thumb and index finger where the pen and your thumb and index rest over the end of your middle finger, this is the classic correct mature tripod grip of literate adults.

Modified tripods where the pen is deep in the well of the middle finger like an immature child is wrong, yet every celebrity has that same immature grip as they sign autographs.

Well the truth is, they never signed those autographs in the images you see, the images were created when a real player looks up the image. If that player happened to meet the fake celebrity in their simulation, the celebrity was created to interface with the player, act like a real person, but they are not real, if they were, they would have real images of them holding a pen correctly.

So I have given humans another tool to WAKE UP and realize, this is a FAKE SIMULATION and it might be, only I am real and this is just another reason for me to exit the program when I die and not play this pathetic game anymore, so I can turn off the simulation and end the misery of life most are now stuck within. is another proof to wake up, every mass death event is FAKE, that is why they all align to form Pentagrams on our maps, proof they are programmed events.



Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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