Proof I’m not a RACIST

Dr. Sol Adoni

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So today I get an email, some bitch I don’t know that gets copies to some of my emails that get sent to a friend.

So today the dumb bitch sends an email to me and my friend calling me a racist.

I respond back,

Look Bitch I’m the furthest thing from a racist. I fuck

White chicks

Black chicks

Latina chicks

India chicks

Native chicks






If a chick has long brunette hair to her ass, is petite and 18 to 22 I will do all I can to put her pussy on my dick no matter her race or religion.

Pussy is PINK

I love pussy, ALL PUSSY as long as it’s 18 to 22 and on a petite cute brunette with long hair.

Just like money, all money is green and any cute hot chick has a nice wet pussy for me to fuck.

Racist NO




Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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