Proof Mars had ADVANCED Intelligent Life

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Proof Mars had ADVANCED Intelligent Life

By Dr. Sol Adoni


Recently, I was working on a project analyzing all the failed attempts Mars Missions have had, almost 70% of Mars missions have failed going way back to the early 1960’s by the Soviet Union.

On the 7th Anniversary of NASA’s moon landing July 20th 1976, NASA had the first soft landing on Mars and Viking 1 beamed back beautiful color photos of the Red Planet which I remember vividly seeing as a 16 year old boy working in Manhattan in the NOC at 1 Chase Plaza where my father was working computerizing one of the largest Law Firms in the world and creating what became the first legal word processor. The color images from Viking 1 were front page news on the various News Papers you could see on corner news stands in the summer of 1976.

At that time it was assumed humans would land on the Red Planet within no more than a decade and probably in only a few years.

It’s now over 40 years and no human has been to Mars.

Since I work with theoretical electromagnetic fields a lot in regards to my Theory E work proving Tesla was right about Newton and Einstein being wrong in regards to gravity, and that there is no such thing as the type of gravity Newton and Einstein imagined, what we call gravity is just the attraction of electromagnetic fields as theorized to a small degree by Tesla. Our understanding of such fields is still growing due to the Voyager Probes running into the edge of the Suns magnetic field and both probes started to find ‘magnetic bubbles’ after it exited the presumed end of the Sun’s magnetic filed or force. My own work in Theory E is greatly advancing the human understanding of electromagnetic fields being what gravity actually is as well as redefining what Black Holes are and what matter really is as well as the true shape of all orbits being spherical in nature and not heliocentric as everyone thinks ,

I came across this statement on Wiki about Mars and past explorations and one statement stuck out like a sore thumb, it is yelling LOOK ADVANCED INTELLIGENT LIFE once was on Mars. The statement is “Magnetometer readings showed that the planet’s magnetic field is not globally generated in the planet’s core, but is localized in particular areas of the crust.” From this page.

Hello, is anyone out there?

My EOE Theory which is an essential part of Theory E is all about magnetic cores and how they create volcanism and that action mixed with liquids such as water or methane, etc. is why life is abundant in this Universe. In my opinion the only NATURAL way a magnetic planetary field can form is IN A PLANET’S CORE, so I find the statement of a crust level magnetic field generator on Mars to be absolute PROOF there was once very ADVANCED LIFE on Mars.

Planetary magnetic fields simply do not naturally form in a planets crust, they are core level formations end of discussion.

Amazingly ESA is treating this anomaly as a natural remnant from the magnetic core that once drove a vibrant Mars with a heavy atmosphere and oceans of water just like Earth. It appears these crustal  pockets of magnetism is what holds the weak Martian Ionosphere in place.  My argument against colonization of Mars by the con man Elon Musk, is that the planets core is dead and there will never be an Ionosphere strong enough to hold a real atmosphere in place. Now ESA and Wiki is saying the weak Martian Ionosphere that still exists on Mars is from magnetic areas in the crust not the core.


That means a very advanced intelligence created artificial magnetic areas in the crust of Mars to keep enough of an Ionosphere going to resemble a very weak atmosphere. Such a magnetic field generator has to have ROTATING parts like magnetic cores rotate inside planets cores. There is nothing rotating in the crust of Mars UNLESS a very advanced intelligent life form created it. Such energy producing magnets would mean that intelligence was on the cusp of their own space age and within a century or so would have had the ability to travel to earth.

The red planet is red due to a large amount of iron oxide particles in the soil. These particles may even be a byproduct of the power plant still generating enough of a magnetic field on Mars to hold it’s weak Ionosphere in place.

A non rotating mass of magnetized rocks such as a large region of magnetized iron in the crust would not generate a magnetic field strong enough to form even a weak Ionosphere such as Mars has. I know of at least once such paper putting forth such an idiotic idea. Only a core level rotating magnetic formation can produce a vibrant Ionosphere and a smaller magnetic field from a crustal area just would not develop naturally, it would have been created like a power plant is designed and built. So in my opinion an unnatural source is powering the weak Martian Ionosphere. It was designed and created by ADVANCED INTELLIGENT LIFE FORMS.

Since the core of Mars failed billions of years ago, we’re talking about intelligent life forms on Mars when Earth was still in a primordial stage that built the power plants that are still operating on Mars. Life on Mars would have been building power plants a billion or two billion years before Earth even had plant life!

Perhaps there is still intelligent life on Mars which by now may have evolved into a shapeless energy form not needing a body or material form to contain it’s intelligence.

Or perhaps after using technology for millions of years, Martian life simply immigrated for earth once it was able to produce plant life.

Perhaps this ancient race of Martians is the genesis of our own myths about Atlantis.

Perhaps the reason the core on Mars stopped was due to technology, so when Martians were finally able to colonize Earth they decided technology only leads to a dead end and the destruction of a planet so they chose to forbid technology and wiped it out by mandating Martians just become simple farmers living on earth their new paradise.

Of course all of this is speculation as to what happened to ancient Intelligent Martians. All I do know is the magnetic field generators at crust level means TECHNOLOGY and ADVANCED INTELLIGENT LIFE was once on Mars and may indeed still be on Mars hiding below the surface.

Electromagnetic field generators capable of even creating a weak Ionosphere simply do not form naturally near the surface of planets, it’s a deep core natural formation that creates the motors that every planet needs to create volcanic activity which produces heat and when that heat meets liquids such as water or methane it brings forth life.

There’s even a possibility a long forgotten Earth civilization went to Mars and tried to create a new Ionosphere by creating these anomalies. Only one’s imagination limits the theories as to whom created these ancient crust level magnetic field generators.

So unless another great mind can put forth how an Ionosphere creating power source developed at crust level on Mars, I will say unequivocally THERE WAS and may still be ADVANCED INTELLIGENT LIFE ON MARS.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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