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I have written two previous PUBLIC OPINIONS On Bitcoin.

First Public Opion

Second Public Opinion

This is my THIRD PUBLIC OPINION and final opinion on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is soon worthless for one reason


The reason is, Bitcoin was created on a LIE and I hate LIES.

Nakamoto Satoshi (the alleged creator of Bitcoin) means in Japanese


Nakamoto = Central Point

Satoshi = Intelligence and Wise One

Bitcoin Project was a simple CIA PROJECT and as such now that I have exposed the TRUTH the value of Bitcoin is WORTHLESS.

If the public wants to own a currency created by the LIES OF THE CIA keep it, but such a person is a MORON.

The facts about Bitcoin are clear if you look.

Bitcoin appeared in a paper published anonymously by a Satoshi Nakamoto, and in Japanese surnames are used first, so it would be Nakamoto Satoshi or CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE or CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE (AGENCY) CIA.

At that time the so-called White Paper of Satoshi was released, most of encrypted digital transactions used an encryption method the world has recently learned via WIKI LEAKS that THE NSA/CIA had cracked years earlier and it is not secure.

Yet, Bitcoin used a variant of the popular encryption in its early software core releases. This is defacto proof that the team working for the CIA that created the Bitcoin core code KNEW THE POPULAR ENCRYPTION METHOD USED BY ALMOST EVERYONE WAS HACKED BY THE CIA.

Since that time people wanting to believe in the ideology of Bitcoin joined the Bitcoin movement. Eventually Bitcoin obtained a minor value as it relates to the overall world economy, 8 Billion dollars is really NOTHING in the 85 Trillion world economy.

Now, some wealthy tech dummies are going around pushing Bitcoin to the next level, yes Mr. Byrne CEO of Overstock and Mikey Dell, I’m talking about you both, you should resign from Overstock for foolishly promoting an intelligence project with your public company Mr. Byrne.

Oh, Michael Dell, remember when you were in your college dorm room running large ads in Computer Shopper we used to set our clock to your sales calls trying to sell us your clones in the 1980’s for our software programs that we bundled with clones. So Mikey you have a lot of dough now, but you need to dump BITCOIN now, oh you can contact my foundations and make a nice donation due to the BILLIONS I SAVE YOU.

Expedia dump your bitcoin NOW.

Google, you are now a conspirator in spreading a false currency created by an intelligence organization, so I suggest you dump your BTC live price quoting system since you could be prosecuted for knowingly promoting a FAKE CURRENCY.

Bitcoin is a fake currency since it was created upon DECEIT and that deceit emanated from CIA downtown as it runs through Austin Texas and the backyard of BOBBY RAY INMAN.

Hi Bobby it’s the MIGHTY SOLLOG, remember when you had Netsol lose our DNS info for a week at the height of the Heaven Gate event, when my news team found a DIRECT LINK TO YOU BOBBY RAY since you were paying to host HEAVENS GATES website.

Yes world Heaven’s Gate was a CIA Project just like Bitcoin is and both emanated from Bobby Ray Inman.

Hey Barack, the last administration wasted FIVE YEARS of my life and I have an UNPAID BILL that is due, the US Government OWES ME 100 TRILLIION DOLLARS and I DEMAND PAYMENT.

I don’t take bitcoin, but the US Gov can make yearly payments to my NON-PROFIT WORLD ORGANIZATION dedicated to helping the poor and helping poor areas get things like clean water and food.

So Barack the US Gov can start making YEARLY PAYMENTS to the Adoni Foundation for stealing FIVE YEARS OF MY LIFE and torturing me the whole time, I have filed dozens of Federal actions on it over the years and 6 have gone to the US Supreme Court, it seems your bitches in robes don’t want to pay me for my damages.

Oh, and I have an UNPAID INVOICE for 10 Hours of my time that your Secret Service, FBI, CIA and NSA servants have not paid me for yet, for my services rendered to the USA to help the country prevent terrorism due to my PROVEN ASTRAL ABILITIES to see future world events. So 10 Hours at 1 MILLION USD or 10 Million is immediately due to my non-profit foundation, I sent the bill to the idiot you replaced you known DUBBA U, George DUBBA U. But the coke head and drunk didn’t pay it.

So due IMMEDIATELY from the US Gov is 10 MILLION for 10 HOURS where the Secret Service and FBI bothered me for hours, and yes each department the first thing they asked me was, Mr. Sollog do you work for the CIA?

I do not work for any intelligence agency but I have talked to many and they don’t like paying my rates of 1 MILLION DOLLARS AN HOUR.

So cough it up Barack, your government OWES ME 10 MILLION FOR 10 HOURS in 2005. And I’ll take payments on the 100 TRILLION your government owes me for FIVE YEARS of my life. Your government can make the checks out to TOH (Temple Of ‘Hayah) my non-profit org.

Future generations of Americans can pay me through my non-profit organization that will do much to help the world’s problems.

The reason Barack, that your country OWES ME 100 TRILLION DOLLARS is simple, my normal hourly rate is 1 MILLION but for FIVE YEARS I was often TORTURED BY THE US GOVERNMENT held on DEATH ROW PODS and such literally being TORTURED, and YOUR SYSTEM FAILED.

I have 6 CASES IN THE UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT describing my FIVE YEARS OF HELL at the hands of the bastards running the US Government before you took office.

BARACK, I demand A FULL PRESIDENTIAL PARDON AS WELL since I have already been given one in the only SUPREME COURT THAT MATTERS, so your BOGUS COURTS have smeared my name and NOW I DEMAND RETRIBUTION, 10 Million for 10 Hours of service to your country at the hands of the Secret Service, FBI and CIA as well as NSA.

Then you will agree to pay my foundation 100 TRILLION DOLLARS over the future. That is PAYMENT for torturing me for FIVE YEARS in your gestapo prison holes where I was ROUTINELY TORTURED and have 4 documented trips to the ICU’s of hospitals as a guest at your various prisons that were used by the Bush Cartel to silence me.

I EXPECT THE PRESIDENTIAL PARDON IMMEDIATELY for my services in exposing Bitcoin as a CIA/NSA Project.


Which has already been restored by THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE TEMPLE OF ‘HAYAH. I was fully exonerated by that SUPREME COUNCIL.

I don’t know if you’ve been briefed yet about SOLLOG, Barack, but during the Bush Administration I was falsely accused of MADE UP CRIMES from the 1980’s by the Bush cartel and wasted FIVE YEARS IN THE USA PRISIONS usually on the pods where they housed MURDERERS and there were four documented trips to ICU’s for THE TORTURE YOUR PRISIONS DID. There were dozens of trips to the various prisons the US Gov used to silence me in as well.

The TORTURE I endured in US Prisons for something I am 100% innocent of, is documented by dozens of FEDERAL CASES where I detailed the PRISON ABUSE and even had 6 CASES go to your joke of a legal system called THE US SUPREME COURT, your US legal system is worthless and every moron in a robe on that court needs to be RETIRED they are useless Towlah (maggots).

As to you Barack, I could care less about you, yet I actually like you, we grew up in the same era, we both played basketball we both smoked a bone or two, we both golf. Heck, we would actually get along.

You lead the free world, I was victimized by YOUR GOVERNMENT for merely warning the world of events such as 911 and for that SERVICE TO THE WORLD your intelligence hit squads manufactured false cases on me from the 1980’s to silence me for FIVE YEARS and the dozens of FEDERAL ACTIONS I have against your prisons have reached the US Supreme Court and I have yet to be paid the 100 TRILLION DOLLARS your government OWES ME, plus the 10 Million it owes for time spent HELPING YOUR AGENICES prevent stuff like dirty nukes and such in New York City, I gave exact details of that stuff to your government agencies in 2005.

THE US GOVERNMENT has a DEMAND NOTICE for 100 TRILLION DOLLARS and that demand is from an action I WON against the US Government in the only court that matters on earth. THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE NATION AND TEMPLE OF ‘HAYAH.

If you want to golf on the most exclusive golf course in South Florida Barack Let me Know, I can get you on ADIOS.

Just bring the gov’s check book, YOU OWE ME.

Oh if you want to award me your countries highest medal of honor for EXPOSING BITCOIN before it grew too big and could do real damage to the world economy, I’ll be happy to take such honorary medals as long as I see the first check for 10 MILLION USD.




Oh, my book exposing the CIA Bitcoin SCAM is at






Dr. Sol Adoni

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