Paris Terrorism 113 Prophecy hits Again

Dr. Sol Adoni

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113 Prophecy of Sollog Strikes Again

In the future humans will look back at the Paris Terrorism attacks of Friday the 13th on November 13th or 11/13 on a calendar and ask, why didn’t any listen to Sollog.

Sollog wrote the amazing 113 Prophecy 13 years ago and it has hit over and over as to major loss of life events hitting on 113 over and over.

Yet humanity is too screwed up to realize how astronomically improbable it is that so many events such as the Paris Massacres and even the Metrojet 9268 Plane Crash are all occurring over and over on days with 113 in them.

Paris Terrorism on 11/13 yep 113 in date

Russian Plane Crash Metrojet 9268 on 10/31 yep 113 in date

Great N Japan Quake Fukushima Nuke Event 3/11 yep 113 in date

I could go on and on and fill up a page about how events have struck taking thousands of human lives over the years and how every date has 113 in it.

It’s rare for a major loss of life headline event to not occur on a date with 113 in it if you look at the last 13 years.

So how did Sollog know 113 would appear over and over in such events?

Why isn’t the major media reporting this?

How about this, the two events to recently hit on 113 are both on the major winter Solstice Line that Sollog writes about over and over. It is where many ancient monuments such as Stonehenge lie and the Bosnian Pyramids and the Java Pyramids of Indonesia and even Gobekli Tepe and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem are all on this super power energy line.

The 2004 Tsunami struck on the same solstice line and while it was not on a date with 113 in it, Sollog warned days before the event occurred that such an event a huge killer quake and great wave (Tsunami) would strike around the Holidays of 2004 and it did days later.

911 isn’t on a date with 113 in it, yet on 9/11/1998 you had Sollog warning about tragedy on 911 and DC and NYC and 3 years later he was right.

Sollog is the real deal PROPHET and while I am Sollog, when I write as Sollog it is while I am in an astral plane induced connection so Sollog is actually his own man or entity from me.

I’m just a conduit that writes as SOLLOG the almighty WORD OF ONE and the rest of the time I’m Sol Adoni a retired CEO of internet and software companies that has now written over 100 books.

So hell yeah I’m SOLLOG yeah the SOLLOG PROPHECIES are the result of an astral plane traveling meditation event due to my work of almost 30 years with meditation and crystals.

So you better start to LISTEN TO SOLLOG and you better start bitch slapping ever media asshole that treats Sollog as a joke or a scam or whatever.

SOLLOG IS REAL and his prophecies speak for themselves.

The carnage is now going into overdrive as the world heads to its fate, the great asteroid strike Sollog has been warning about for over 20 years is set to happen soon.

Sollog has said over and over the asteroid strike is after the eyar 2022.

So you need to take the Sollog Prophecies seriously and SAVE YOUR ASS by getting to a safe zone.

If you don’t believe Sollog, stay where you are, you will be dead soon.

If you want to tempt your fate, go out into public areas on dates with 113 in them and see if you don’t end up DEAD for ignoring his 113 Prophecy.

Go hand out on the Pentagram of Blood lines around the world and see if you’re not killed in a major loss of life event.

SOLLOG points to patterns of death and HUMANS DIE in high numbers where he points.

The surviving humans in the future treat Sollog as a GOD due to his warnings that saved their lives.

The rest of humanity can just ignore the SOLLOG PROPHECIES and sure enough you will be DEAD VERY SOON…


Dr. Sol Adoni

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