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Adoni Publishing Press Release

Adoni Publishing has launced the PanPaideia or Paideias Project.

Paideia is ancient Greek for Knowledge and is the root of the Latin word Paedia.

This non-profit international project is a scholarly universal database encyclopeida project that will be edited by many scholars around the world.

The Paideias site will feature many Branches of Knowledge with thousands of entries.

Unlike other Encyclopedia projects such as Wikipedia, the Paideias project will be edited by scholars with a minimum of a masters degree and most editors will be professors or have doctorates in the areas of knowledge they do editing in.

The project uses the phrase Better than Wikipedia to explain the elite academic material that will be contained in the Paideias database.

Initial seed funding for this non-profit project was donated by the Adoni Foundation.

Dr. Sol Adoni is part of the initial editorial board that will oversee the creation of the Paideias database.

Domain name acquisition and initial programming of the project have been done and now the database is being edited to contain articles for the large Branches of Knowledge that the Paideias Project will develop.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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