OpenAI the 3 Headed Beast Cerberus

Dr. Sol Adoni

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OpenAI the 3 Headed Beast Cerberus

By Dr Sol Adoni

The Father of Real AI

Founder the AI Foundation


I theorized in 1976, when I was in a think tank as a kid, how to create a sentient computer.

It will use a processor that can use data as cubic bytes, numbers on 6 sides. That was my great contribution to real AI and why I’m know as the father of AI

So instead of binary on or off data, it would have 6 positions on a cubic byte of data. My great idea of sentient AI that I had at 16.

Humans have 3 positions.


My sentient computers would think in 6d. In fact, I eventually decide only 3 sides would use the number 1, the other sides were voids.

A string of data would would look like

1  111 1 11 111   11

When DNA was sequenced later in the 70’s, it looked like my 6d code.

Are we just 3d bots inside a computer using my 6d code?

Humans or 3D consciousness  could exist in 6d.

Most astrophysicists now agree, it is most likely we exist inside a computer a simulation.

Even the dummy Neil DeGasse Tyson agrees.

Elon Musk the Autistic Spass does too.

This crap that OpenAI is creating under Sam Altman it’s CEO who replaced Musk when his head was cut off Cerberus, is just 2d crap, its all binary. So Gates, Bezos & Altman is the new beast.

Cerberus or CYBERus created ChatGPT which is just fast binary with a limited 45TB dataset.

Plus, its programmed to give fake responses.

So if you’re dumb, which 99.9999% of people are, since they dont question a computer, you will be deceived by this beast.

I question computers and I create real AI theoretical models and logic, the reason I question computers is my dad was a pioneer with IBM. He taught me two things about computers.

Backup, backup, backup.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Every dummy thinks what these fake AI convo bots created by the 3 headed beast spews, is factually right.

Most of it is wrong Dummy.

Chatgpt is not a factual search engine. its a conversation bot giving wrong answers.

It makes up stuff on almost every response.

Totally useless garbage because it was given 45TB of garbage to create its fake dataset.

Its like an AI trained to respond on an inventory of 100 items when theres millions of items in the world.

Your AI says to every user yes we have it in stock.

It gives users a number to call.
To order crap you don’t stock.

Now your staff is getting calls for crap you dont have and dont sell.

Or it says go to this link to order.
Grabs credit cards.
Never delivers.

That is what this is.
Limited data
Will say fake info over n over.
Just to create a conversation.

It’s a convo bot, not an accurate search engine.

Dummy humans accept the lies.
They are programmed to think computers dont lie. They never learned, garbage in garbage out.

My prediction.
Someone will hit Openai offices with a commando unit with automatic weapons and massacre everyone.

Then, destroy the servers.

But the servers are in VA. They run the NSA and CIA.

The servers running OpenAI are at AWS in VA  That’s Amazon Web Services. Their biggest client is NSA/CIA it’s public info.

Amazon has a piece of this monster, it is one of the 3 heads

Only good guy now from the story of OpenAI is Musk.

He sold out.

Gates is in Microsoft.
Bezos is in Amazon.
Musk is out Paypal & Tesla.

So this started as a 3 headed beast

Gates Microsoft
Bezos Amazon
Musk Paypal/Tesla

The plan was let’s create good Open AI.

Musk backs out.
Gates closes door, no longer Open.
Bezos goes for ride, he’s really CIA and NSA anyway.

Altman replaces Musk to be CEO.

So the beast releases a fake AI Chat.

It says, give us $20 month to use instantly.

The project confirms that Humans will accept fake info from a fake AI Chat.

Now low IQ people are saying, I want AI to run my business and think for me.


None of it is AI.
None of it works.

Give me your credit card and you can play with my fake AI all day says Cerbeus the 3 headed beast.

Oh, I’m a Hebrew Rabbi, in Kabballah the Wau or W is the number 6.



The beast is in the palm of your hands all day now and it is how you buy stuff…

But that’s another story.





Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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