NSA Hiding PROOF of Russian Plane Crash Flight 9268 WARNING

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Try to post a link on Reddit to articles on Sollog.com or 247News.net about my work that predicted a plane crash on the exact date and location where Flight 9268 crashed.

They get GHOSTED and never show up.

The NSA is in control of REDDIT and also Google.

Sheeple wake the fuck up.

See how this link goes to a GHOSTED post that is not to be found on Reddit.

I was sent the link by a fan of mine that makes this claim and we’ve known about it for years, you cannot mention my work on Reddit nor Wiki and Google hides my work as well.

Why? THE NSA is in control of you sheeple so WAKE THE FUCK UP


Info from Reddit Post the NSA Ghosted that you can only find by direct url and you will see how it now says REMOVED

PROOF the NSA is in control of Reddit and Wiki has hidden all info about me and Sollog for years and so is Google.



So what’s up with the NSA spooks running Reddit?

Do you really don’t like posts with links that PROVE the exact location and date of the Russian Plane Crash of Flight 9268 were all over youtube BEFORE it happened?

Post these links and see how the NSA spooks that control Reddit don’t let your posts show up, they will be ghosted.









The fact is for a year Sollog has been warning about a few Solstice Lines of Energy that connect ancient monuments such as Easter Island to Nazca and Giza and other sites.

He showed how there are two major solstice lines that just happen to connect at Sinai

He warned this year another plane would crash on the solstice line that took out Flight 447 and it happened

He warned of October 31st as one of the key dates for the tragedy.

He has been showing the past year how most plane crashes such as the 3 in Asian this year have hit solstice lines he describes and these same lines control major quakes

So over and over his videos give dates for these events that hit (his Blood Moon Prophecy hit date of Nepal quake and date of Flight 9268 and location of Flight 9268)

Just look at this video and you can check the date it was put on Youtube at Easter and then you check the dates he used and bingo Nepal and Flight 9268 direct hits.

The fact is NSA spooks control Reddit and that’s why you don’t see anything about these amazing HITS by Sollog

His videos PROVE he predicted both Nepal Quake and Flight 9268 in same video

Just watch video 13 days after orthodox Passover bingo Nepal Quake the event he warned of


Same video warns of dates with 113 in them and he says another plane crash on a solstice line and bingo Flight 9268 hits

He put a line on a map in his Xmas 2014 Prophecies video and warned 3 planes would crash on the line, and in Asia this year three major plane crashes hit his Asian Solstice Line




See the solstice line in this map in his youtube video titled Xmas Prophecies 2014 and he said THREE PLANE CRASHES and they hit



Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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