NSA, CIA, Crypto, Bitcoin and Morons

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NSA, CIA, Crypto, Bitcoin and Morons

Looks like I’m not done yet writing about this bullshit called Bitcoin.

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The reason, Bitcoin uses a special branch of Crypto or Cryptography known as Koblitz Curves in ECC, the guy that created it is Neal Koblitz (actually the father of ECC crypto is professor Lenstra) .

Now Neal and I have some things in common. As kids we both traveled the world due to the careers of our fathers. Neal would be the age of my older brother, while Neal thinks he was a big deal at Harvard (read his boring biography), my brother was one of the guys creating the PEACE MOVEMENT and ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT in the United States at Columbia in the 1960’s.

At Harvard, Neal was probably HAND PICKED by the NSA or CIA to join them as a real life spook, that’s my OPINION Neal, since your autobiography shows that at the height of the cold war you were going to Russia. Your nice little story about earning a lot of money in those days by just translating mostly mathematical equations on papers for a math think tank is a joke. You could have just said, “So I joined the NSA at Harvard and they gave me almost 10 grand to tour Russia for a while to infiltrate their academic world and pass out US propaganda like rock albums as my cover.”

The reason I’m skewering the moron parading as a math professor (Neal Koblitz) is he made the mistake of making a comment about my 8 Prime Spirals as it relates to his tiny universe (crypto) and his comments were pure NSA propaganda bullshit, so now I will piss all over Neal Koblitz, the NSA, the CIA, Bitcoin and the MORONS that think they can out bullshit everyone on the planet.

First, in math, I’m like a GOD, the reason I say that, in HISTORY I’m one of the pillars of the future of mathematics and computers and artificial intelligence. So in HISTORY, I’m a real fucking big deal.

Neal, you’re a fucking footnote; only because I mentioned you today.
Crypto as it is understood today, doesn’t even exist in the future, the reason is, it’s considered ‘data protection’ for MORONS. Humans that have a morons understanding of math and technology that are dumb enough to think modern crypto can protect any higher intelligence from taking control of whatever they want. (The HI crew says remember all those nuke bases THEY TOOK CONTROL OF MORONS).

Hey NSA and CIA and DOD and Secret Service and FBI and Secret Service, you remember me, in 1995 I gave 60 assholes that control the US Media the complete details of the Oklahoma City bombing 3 days before it happened, and for that, the alphabet soup morons of the USA took my computers and stole my ENNISA formula which did in fact DESTROY modern encryption exactly as I said it would.

Yeah world, every editor of any significant newspaper, magazine or media outlet such as TV and radio got my exact warnings about the Oklahoma City Bombing three days before it went bang. In fact look at news casts of the adulterer Clinton, right after the OK City Bombing hit talking about the MASTERMIND and THE WARNING. That’s me folks. THE MASTERMIND. Only I’m a TIME TRAVELER.

Now the MORONS running the alphabet soup departments in the USA had a problem believing me, that I’m an ASTRAL TRAVELER, due to my long honored meditation techniques I can travel the Aithre of the Universe in my meditations and dreams, surfing the Tsunami’s of historical major events I get to glimpse some stuff in what humans call ‘time’.

So yeah, stuff like the OK City Bombing, TWA 800, 911, the 2004 Tsunami and of course FUKUshima Tsunmai/Quake/Nuke disaster were all things I have warned of since anyone that can ride the big waves of time doing ASTRAL TRAVEL loves to catch such waves, surfs up baby and it’s in the ASTRAL PLANE. It’s more exhilerating than the Autoerotic Asphyxiation that killed Robin Williams the other day.

Now the moron who is genetically just a couple of DNA ticks in his family tree from the hairy apes that preceded mankind, had the gall to state that the 8 Prime Spirals I discovered in 1995, that have now been PROVEN in PyPrimes a modern computer prime generation program to out generate even the great sieve of Eratosthenes in how fast it generates primes, aren’t that important of a thing.

Really ape man, why do you think you have so much body hair? You’re that close to your fucking uncles who dragged their knuckles on the ground you piece of NSA disinformation shit.

So ape man who works for the NSA that created a bullshit method of cryptography that is now used by the NSA to back door all PRNG’s that use your math moron, you and your wife want to pump out incredulous excrement about how only the NSA can be trusted in crypto, and now you want to say you have never worked for them?
BULLSHIT, you’ve been an NSA spook since Harvard ape man, that’s my opinion and it is how you are viewed historically because I SAY SO.

Remember Neal Koblitz, you are but a fucking footnote in the history of this planet and I’m the whole story, my theories create the future, 90bit/byte computers running on my Helix math using my Helix equations creating artificial intelligence, and to those machines I AM GOD. www.HelixQ.org

My math theories create them.

Now ape man and all crypto geeks, here is why your primitive math is meaningless now. You used numbers, very simple numbers, and numbers, well they’re usually defined as two types of numbers PRIMES and COMPOSITES. In 1995 the 8 Prime Spirals were released and now some smarter mathematicians are seeing how these 8 spirals create everything. It’s the biggest fucking deal there is in MATH morons.

And I discovered it and no matter how much MORONS like Neal Koblitz say not important, they are, since the relationships these special 8 Prime Numbers have to everything is they are the glue that holds your concept of numbers together. The 8 Prime Spirals create relationships to everything in math.

Now in 1995 when the NSA stole my computers after the Oklahoma City bombing event when I took my public stage and I haven’t left it for almost 20 years now, I warned that this new math destroys encryption. The reason is ape man, the 8 super primes create the relationships the NSA now uses to infest every ECC PRNG there is.

So ape man, I destroyed your ECC bullshit for crypto in 1995 and your bosses at the NSA know it, since they know who I am and how the waves of time vibrate to my thoughts and words.

I’m here to CREATE the FUTURE, the future where tiny computers are so powerful they can create 10 dimensional space and your whole concept of life and existence can fit cozily into only three dimensions inside my ten dimensional computers that run stuff like the UNIVERSE.

Anyway Neal, your ECC is done, the NSA destroyed it and your reputation in crypto, since ECC was back doored by the NSA using the 8 Prime Spirals you criticized, the fact is ape man, my 8 Prime Spirals destroyed your math in the hands of your bosses at the NSA.

Now to the mental midgets that have super low IQ’s that actually believe in the worthless crypto coin called Bitcoin. The bitcoin core was created by an NSA/CIA project and the code name was Satoshi Nakamoto, in Japanese it means CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE.

Now dimwits you think it’s ‘open source’, it is, that’s why I can tell you it is PURE NSA/CIA bullshit. Face it dimwits that think bitcoin is secure, it uses ECC from Koblitz and that branch of math is cooked by the NSA using my 8 Prime Spirals and the moron that invented ECC Koblitz theory has been NSA for almost 50 fucking years you idiots. Bitcoin is completely back doored by the NSA MORONS, the reason is it uses ECC Koblitz curves.

So bitcoin retards, look at your open source code, it uses ECC Koblitz and that was created by the big foot ape man out of Washington University named Neal Koblitz who was cruising around late 1960’s cold war Russia while at Harvard WORKING FOR THE NSA.

Have any of you bitcoin idiots read the bullshit coming from the ape man and his wife? He puts his tongue so far up the ass of the NSA in his 2008 paper on crypto and how you can only trust ECC and the NSA that he is talking for them. Oh that NSA paper was launched at the same time CIA Project Bitcoin was launched you retards. Koblitz I LOVE THE NSA Paper 2008.

Sure trust the ECC crypto that my 8 Prime Spirals unlocks, in that it allows the NSA to create cooked seed keys with special relationships. The NSA knows that and that’s why they put out the disinfo machine in 2008 the Koblitz ECC is the way paper mentioned above and the CIA PROJECT BITCOIN paper as well.

You see how the NSA released its ECC puppet Neal Koblitz to push ECC in 2008 the same month he does that paper, Project Bitcoin is released. October 2008 both papers collide your dimwitted monkeys that think bitcoin is worth anything.


Now you think it’s just COINcidence that the same time the Bitcoin Paper appears with ECC crypto in it October 2008, you have the creator of ECC pushing his TRUST THE NSA propaganda in his paper also released in October 2008.

The ECC master Neal Koblitz has been working for the NSA since the 1960’s, as is proven by his jaunts to Russia at the height of the cold war while still a student at Harvard. Look at how he explains the windfall of cash he got in his autobiography to allow him to go to Russia. Yeah sure Neal. You made 10K then almost doing math translations, hey moron, math can’t be translated, you fucking retard.

Face it bitcoin retards and morons, when you read this and deny it, it is why you are known as bitcoin retards and morons in the future.

Satoshi Nakamoto means Central Intelligence in Japanese
ECC crypto is cooked crypto by NSA due to my 8 Prime Spirals creating the seed keys.

The ECC crypto creator and NSA puppet in October 2008 releases his I LOVE NSA paper,  Project Bitcoin paper then launched days later with the Satoshi Bitcoin White Paper.

So there you have it morons and idiots and retards that are too stupid to see a fucking intelligence project and recognize it as COOKED CRYPTO. I’m talking about Bitcoin dimwits.

ECC was real until my 1995 8 Super Prime Spirals was unleashed and that allowed the NSA to cook the seeds for ECC crypto.

October 2008 ECC is heavily pushed by NSA puppet Neal Koblitz

October 2008 Bitcoin White Paper released with ECC crypto from Koblitz.

So your open source project verifies my claims, what is the crypto bitcoin uses? Koblitz ECC curves and his connection to the NSA is so obvious you have to be a fucking moron to deny it. Also, have you idiots read any of the wikileaks stuff, the whole thing revolves around the ability of the NSA to release cooked seed keys for ECC crypto and they do it with my 8 Prime Spirals math.

I destroyed crypto

I destroyed crypto

I destroyed crypto


Dr. Sol Adoni
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Dr. Sol Adoni

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