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If you can actually understand MEDIEVAL FRENCH which none of the modern translators of Nostradamus can such as Hogue or Lememsurier or Benazra or Chomarat can do.

You find the work of Nostradamus to be very funny.

It starts in the beginning of his work known as Les Propheties de M. Nostradamus.

He used the word LICTIERE which in medieval French means HORSE SHIT in the first real prophecy in his work right after he reveals the ancient occult ritual he used to do water divination, yet not one modern commentator of Nostradamus revealed that funny fact.

Yes, LICTIERE is medieval French for HORSESHIT and it is in Century I Quatrain 3 right in the start of the work of Nostradamus. The fact is Nostradamus used the term to describe Horseshit flying like a whirlwind in his Prophecies.


When the horseshit flies like a whirlwind,
And will cover their faces and coats,
The republic of new people upset,
At this time the reds and the whites swear upside down.

This is why I say modern translators of Nostradamus are full of LICTIERE or HORSESHIT.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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