North Korea Exposes their Hand of ICBM’s and SLBM’s

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North Korea Exposes their Hand of ICBM’s and SLBM’s

North Korea Proves they are MAJOR NUCLEAR POWER

At the Big Event in North Korea, the world was slapped into reality with the fact North Korea is now a MAJOR NUCLEAR POWER.

As I warned people the Ex-Director of the CIA Woolsey publicly warned the world that North Korea has the military capacity NOW to destroy 90% of life in the USA.

The Big Event warned of by North Korea, was North Korea unveiling their nuclear powered missiles that are the powerful ICBM class and more importantly SLBM’s (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile). The SLBM’s are the most feared nuclear weapons to all nuclear powers, the reason is, submarines can go any where in the world and until they surface to launch you don’t even know they are off your shore. North Korea has 70 Submarines and now that we have seen their SLBM’s, and that makes them a MAJOR NUCLEAR POWER.

70 Submarines gives North Korea the capacity to hit any city they want in the USA and other cities as well in other countries with a coastline with a Nuke or Hydrogen Bomb as they have already tested and Hydrogen bombs make the Nukes of Hiroshima look like a toy. If a minor nuke goes off in New York City the blast zone of immediate death is a mile or two, a Hydrogen Nuke, well the death blast zone alone would go well into New Jersey and half way to Pennsylvania, these are the insane toys the morons running the world’s governments have created. Weapons so powerful that you don’t need many to take out millions and millions of people in a densely populated area.

This is why China didn’t join in the arms race that the morons that ran old Cold War Russia and the Cold War era USA where in. The morons running the USA and Russia that saw the need for over 50,000 Nukes , such over kill was their insane reality. China has a few hundred nukes and 60 or so are the huge Hydrogen Nukes which North Korea has successfully tested, and you don’t need that many of them to destroy most life in the USA.

So a Russian, Chinese or now North Korean submarine can be parked off either coast of the USA right now and not be detected by the US Navy and should shit hit the fan, it’s not ICBM’s that will hit the USA from Asia that will kill almost everyone, it is submarines with SLBM’s that pose the major threat to the USA.

Right after Woolsey stated that North Korea had the ability to destroy RIGHT NOW 90% of all life in the USA, you had that piece of shit McCain calling the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un a crazy fat kid. Trying to provoke North Korea to striking a US asset or the USA itself. For that alone, McCain needs to be impeached.

Then you had Donald Trump for a week warning the world he would do a preemptive strike on North Korea if he though they would be just testing any more nukes.

China warned both North Korea and the USA to stop the bullshit threats and reduce the tensions in the Korean Peninsula or the end result would be that WW 3 was about to kick off.

Trump almost started WW 3 when he sent 59 Missiles into Syria, since Putin was obligated to protect Syria and he backed down, allowing Trump to think he could now strike at will any where in the world and Russia will do nothing.

Since then, the war monger Trump has used the largest non-nuclear weapon in the US Military arsenal a MOAB bomb in Afghanistan proving he likes to set off big bombs and his tweets this week have been trying to provoke North Korea into a fight that Trump thought he could win.

Well Trump lost when North Korea showed their powerful nuclear hand, it has the most dangerous nukes there are SLBM’s and the world has now changed, North Korea is a major nuclear power that can inflict complete destruction on any nation they want with SLBM’s.

Trump did his best to start WW 3 in the past week and he failed. Russian and Iran have publicly issued a warning to Trump that another strike in Syria will start WW 3. China has warned Trump a strike on North Korea will start WW 3.


He is pure fucking evil.

Now if enough humans use their psychic energy to focus on Trump’s Evil Heart, the combined psychic energy of dozens, or hundreds and even thousands of humans can stop the evil heart of Trump. In fact, any evil leader should from now needs to become the psychic targets of combined psychic energy to stop the hearts of any war monger that threatens the world with World War 3. So focus on all the nutters trying to start WW3, be it Trump, Kim Jong Un or any asshole that is talking about using nukes.

The time has come to stop using toys to kill evil assholes that try to destroy humanity, USE YOUR MINDS and start focusing YOUR PSYCHIC ENERGY on stopping the hearts of every evil fucker there is that wants to do nothing but kill people and who has threatened to use Nukes.

World leaders need to learn WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER and to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

So when some asshole starts war rhetoric talking about Nukes, that is the sign that that asshole needs to become the focus of those that want PEACE and that evil fucker needs to have enough psychic energy sent their way to stop their cold evil hearts.

You don’t need swords or bullets or nukes to kill people, all you need is your mind.

If enough minds focus on destroying the evil fuckers on this planet who are nothing but war mongers using war rhetoric that mentions nukes, if humanity focuses psychic energy on those evil pricks, well reality will bend and change.

Anyway, anyone promoting nuclear war and first strikes needs to have their hearts stopped with psychic energy. It’s that simple, you speak about first strikes and using nukes, the people of the world need to focus their thoughts and just stop the hearts of such evil assholes.


It’s more powerful than all the weapons mankind has created.



US Officials are now saying Trump will not use Military Force on N. Korea just for testing a missile or nuke.

“Despite North Korea’s provocations, U.S. officials have said that the U.S. doesn’t intend to use military force against North Korea in response to either a nuclear test or a missile launch.”

Another quote

A military official said the US does not intend to use force against North Korea in response to either a nuclear test or a missile launch. “





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