Nikolas Cruz asks for LAWYER and Cops keep filming then release to public

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Nikolas Cruz asks for LAWYER and Cops keep filming then release to public

All video released is VIOLATION of Civil Rights of Cruz

By The Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni



Where is the ACLU? This video shows early in the 10 Hour interrogation of Nikolas Cruz he asked for a lawyer yet the Broward Sheriffs Detectives kept filming then they released the 10 hours of video violating the Civil Rights of Nikolas Cruz.

Over and over Nikolas Cruz just hours after the tragic massacre is punching his head and talking about demons in his head.

He asks for a LAWYER and the Broward Sheriff’s Detectives keeps filming the video and then they release it to the media a clear violation of his Civil Rights of Nikolas Cruz. Cruz asked for a Lawyer within two hours and yet the videos continued for ten hours and all ten hours were released a gross violation of the Civil Rights of Nikolas Cruz.

This is a very special case and I am involved in it since in 1996 I sued the US Government in Case 96CV-1499 US District Court Eastern Pennsylvania as the human representative of higher intelligence or what humans call GOD. I put a map into my case and discussed energy lay lines explaining how THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT would  occur over and over to show humanity mass shootings are controlled events to give a message to humanity to TURN OFF NUCLEAR REACTORS or there is NO FUTURE.

I am a world famous ‘Prophet’ due to my Prophecies as SOLLOG released for 20 years online and also for my Prophecy music recorded under the artist name REX LUCIFERIUS.

So I sued over my own false arrest by the US Secret Service in 1995 on a matter later dismissed. The false arrest was due to my Prophecy warning then President Bill Clinton a plane crash would occur if he ventured to Jackson Hole WY again, a place where elites do Satanic Rituals. So for warning of plane crash in the future and Clinton not going, he chose to ignore my warning have me arrested for threatening him with a plane crash, and then he went  back to Jackson Hole in 1996 and the plane crash occurred. A presidential support plane following Air Force One crashed killing everyone on board. See NY Times article.

I also sued the government to TURN OFF NUCLEAR REACTORS in my case for false arrest due to future events such as Fukushima that destroy our planet and all iife in the future.

This is why all school shootings are investigated by the US Secret Service. I sued the Secret Service for my false arrest as well as President Clinton. The case still exists, it is historic and anyone trying to view it will be detained by the US Secret Service as has happened to reporters checking out my story.

I gave the court the locations where the lots of school shootings would occur on what is now known as the Devil’s Pentagram and also the  Pentagram of Blood.

I’ve also been warning about GREAT QUAKES Locations for over 20 years on another map of GREAT QUAKES . Fukushima and hundreds of other nuclear reactors are on the lines I created on my GREAT QUAKES map. 95% of GREAT QUAKES have struck these three lines the past 150 years that prove GREAT QUAKES are not random and follow a pattern striking on the TRIANGLE OF FIRE.

I have also warned a major asteroid strike occurs soon and the result is many nuclear reactors melt down like Fukushima from the Tsunami’s it creates around the world. See my warning at

Look at the video above, over and over Nikolas Cruz talks about demons in his head and asks for a lawyer and the cops mock him and keep filming then they release the 10 hours of videos to deny Nikolas Cruz of any chance at a fair trial. Once a suspect asks for an attorney interrogations are ILLEGAL without the persons attorney being there and all video is forbidden unless a lawyer is present.

The lawyers for Nikolas Cruz led by Gordon Weekes refuse to motion the court to throw out all video due to this ABUSE by the Broward County Sheriff’s Detectives Homicide Department that is denying Nikolas Cruz’s right to a fair trial.

Granted Nikolas Cruz did the shootings but he was 100% controlled by higher powers, the same higher powers that I commune with to give humanity the edict about nuclear technology, it is being done to SAVE THE FUTURE.

I know it’s hard for humans to grasp higher intelligence exists and they control things like school shootings, but once you realize for over 20 years I’ve been warning of the locations of the events and saying it will be done to WARN HUMANS about our future and how nuclear reactors destroy all life on Earth then it might make sense to you.

2 years before the Parkland Shooting I released a music video under my artist name REX LUCIFERIUS and I put a map in the video with a huge red dot over South Florida and Parkland as the location where future school shootings would occur. Here is the music video look at the date it was released before the Parkland shootings happened and the huge red dot over South Florida in a music video about school shootings clearly predicted the tragedy.


Days after the shooting I released my Tribute Song to the victims explaining it was caused by Voices in the Head of Nikolas Cruz and this was months before the Sheriff’s office released their videos showing that was the cause of the event. How did I know that?



In my reality, all the shooters and victims are heroes, they incarnated on Earth knowing their fate and agreed to it, to give the message I also give to humanity TURN OFF NUCLEAR REACTORS or you have no future.

The fact is school shootings are not random events, they all occur on only five lines that forms a PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD over the USA.  this information has been known to the US Government since 1996 and they refused to obey the edict I gave them on behalf of higher intelligence in not turning off all nuclear reactors that pose a danger to the future of humanity.

The FUTURE IS KNOWN to higher intelligence, and they are trying to ensure a future time line for this planet and the planned school shootings by higher intelligence is justified in order to save the planet and humanity. Like I said the victims and shooters KNEW THEIR FATE before they agreed to incarnate here so they are HEROES in doing this mission.

My court case is real, my videos warning of future school shootings with maps are real and my music video explaining why Nikolas Cruz did the shootings is real.

If you defame me or harass me in any way for revealing this TRUTH,  I will hunt you down and find out who you are and sue you to muzzle you. I will destroy you in a court room and reveal that you are trying to destroy humanity by mocking what I have revealed.

THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR HUMANITY if Nuclear Reactors are not immediately turned off.

I AM The Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni aka SOLLOG aka Rex Luciferius.






Dr. Sol Adoni

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