Will #NFT #FinTech end #Poverty

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Will #NFT #FinTech eliminate #Poverty ?

By Dr. Sol Adoni


The world is very poor.

Less than 5% fit into the western concept of life, own a home, have a job, a career, have an education, electricity, running water and above all else a bank account with a CREDIT CARD or a car.

They grow food while living  in hovels usually made of mud, they fetch water from streams or community wells. Their protein is eggs from chickens. They barter for what they need.

They live outside the world of banks, credit cards and a tax ID number from the government.

Yet the youth in this 21st Century destitute world of 18th Century living conditions have access to FB and Twitter. They don’t have Bitcoin.

#Crypto is here to stay. So is #FinTech or Financial Technology.

People with no credit cards have smart phones now thanks to air drops by tech titans over the past decade of old phones in order to say they mega billions of users. Reality is only 5% of their users matter who live mostly in the west or now in emerging countries like China where only 50 years ago the population were peasants living as most of the world still does.

The poor with phones  have solar chargers to charge their phones off the grid.

Local villages have satellite internet where a local hub allows people living in the 18th Century access to sites like social media etc.

The tech titans have billions of users in a world with less than 500 million Visa transactions a day.

The big data needs of Visa created an outdated 17k TPS (Transactions Per Second) Network to do 350M Visa transactions a day, while big data AI level mainframes handle the billions of transactions that tech giants do daily on Google, FB, Twitter etc.

Bitcoin is a toy on a 7TPS network, it chokes after 350k transactions a day now at $25 trx levels. Solutions like lightning are crap off chain mirages, it’s not bitcoin.

Once Eth 2.0 rolls out this year, ETH will be running at 100k TPS or 500% faster than Visa.

You heard of NFTs and a digital art file selling at Christie’s for $69 million.

NFTs were created for the ETH block chain, Bitcoin is not part of the new wealth driving crypto today, the force driving crypto and new wealth is ETH and NFTs.

A new digital currency has emerged to bring the tech giants to their knees. The coin is generated by users activity. You login, you make $10 in #fracti the name of the coin that will bring FB and YouTube to their knees.


Everything you do on the Network results in your fracti wallet increasing $10 every action.

Open an article $10

Click a link $10

Watch a video $10

Plus the creators of the content get the same amount as the user, it’s eco system is perfectly balanced.

It’s not hard to generate thousands in fracti coins in say a month of use, in half an hour a day.

What can you buy with fracti? Wealth.

Firsts there’s knowledge in books sold in the fracti store, music and movies downloads as well.

But most importantly are NFTs.

You buy NFT Art Tokens by an artist that shattered all records in the art World by selling a physical painting in a museum with all IP rights to the work along with the right to mint NFTs of the work for D1 Billion fracti which is worth $1 Billion USD.

The artist is now featured in their store, his NFTs are now sold 1/1 for $100 million a token.

Limited editions are 1/10,000 and are priced at $10,000 fracti or USD.

So, anyone that puts in a little time each day to watch videos or read articles can accumulate a $10,000 NFT Art Token.

Who is the artist that is giving people with no financial investment NFT files of his art worth $10,000 each?

In 1995 he appeared in US Federal Court and his followers said HE is GOD, so the judge called him GOD.

He says everyone is GOD since his belief which is the fastest growing religion in history now, is that all life contains the spark of life or energy that is GOD. All things are GOD if it has life force. Life cannot exist without the energy or life force he calls CREATOR or God.

If you have wealth and own crypto you can buy at fracti store rare 1/1 NFT of his art for $100 million.

Or if you’re poor, in a month you can buy a 1/10,000 NFT Art Token with fracti you earned by using the fracti Network to earn $10,000 in fracti.

Once the NFT Art Token is in your free NFT Eth Wallet you can sell it on NFT sites. Earn thousands in fracti and exit it through crypto exchanges into the fiat of your choice.

It’s 2021 people. Crypto is now over $2 Trillion in Market Cap Nd NFT Art Tokens is now driving it.

It’s being driven by a man who said he came to end poverty and end wars and unite the world thru his religion that says every religion is from God, it’s all good.

Oh, in 1995 he released a scientific proof of God called THE CREATOR FORMULA.

He immortalized his formula in a work of art that is now unquestionably the most valuable work of Art in history.

His NAME OF GOD Oil Painting recently sold for $1 BILLION USD with all IP Rights, making him the MOST VALUABLE ARTIST in History.

Move over BTC the NFT Industry is built on ETH and NFT Art Tokens rule it.

The future is NO GAS FEES for NFT’s and over 10K TPS (Transactions Per Second), Bitcoin is only 7 TPS, Visa is 20K. There’s new blockchains with 100K TPS already, so a global currency is possible with 100K speed.

My artwork is now being minted into NFT ART TOKENS and you can buy them at my famous Artist Site SOLLOG

All my NFT Art is going into the Museum NFT Art, after all I AM LEGEND


Dr. Sol Adoni

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