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I can’t believe anyone pays any attention to what the MORONS OF MOZ say.

Look at the bullshit Moz Score they give the biggest SCAM SITE In the world as to their PA, DA and MOZ Score.

They think they’re one of the most trusted sites in the world and it is nothing but a sewer for SCAMS.

Yo MOZ your guys are clueless twits.

Just look at the 1 Spam ranking the biggest SPAM SITE in the world gets, that is Warrior Forum.


The Moz Score for WF is higher than CNN.


The PA and DA for WF is through the roof.

Have any clowns at MOZ ever been on WF the site should be flagged as PURE SCAMS and PURE SPAM.

Look at the idiotic MOZ score Twitter has, don’t the clueless MORONS at MOZ understand Twitter is pure bullshit, it’s nothing but morons tweeting about bullshit yet the Moz score and page authority is through the roof.



So what if WF gets a ton of traffic from Asian scammers and Russian scammers and India scammers.

It’s a piece of shit site and any algrithm that ranks it above sites like CNN are pure BULLSHIT.




Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos - Consults

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