Everyone is a Moron or a Zombie

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Everyone is a Moron or a Zombie

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Most of my life I have unequivocally stated I’m a misanthrope, that means I dislike all of humanity as a whole.

Cursed with a super genius IQ, I don’t look at the world the same way everyone else does. I see the lines that connect all things. I see events forming before they occur.

From a young age over 40 years ago I stated it was obvious our reality was fake, a virtual computer, we just think we’re alive and have free will. This theory is now cutting edge physics, it is called Hologram Universe Theory or Holographic Universe Theory.

Proof of this manifested clearly on May 1st 2017 when exactly as I warned over 20 years ago that a great shift in reality was to occur and the bullshit Jesus the Messiah story would be erased.

May 1st 2017 hundreds of Messiah verses in millions of Bibles were all supernaturally altered, the word Messiah was literally erased from Bibles.

Why was Israel formed? The Jew read for millennia they had a Messiah coming, guess what Jew the word Messiah was erased from every Old Testament, it has gone, vanished, disappeared so a Jew with no Messiah is now reason for everyone to tell the fake Jews in Israel to get the fuck out of the Middle East and go back to Germany, Poland or Russia where you belong.

Pretty much every modern Jew can be traced by their DNA to an event around 600 AD. A king in the area that is part of modern Hungary decided one day he was a Jew and would obey the Torah and Old Testament. That created a kingdom of new Jews that spread all over Europe and Russia. That’s your bloodline Jew, your ancestors came from the region that  became Hungary.

This is why higher intelligence sucker punched modern Israel and ERASED MESSIAH from all Old Testaments.

Oh, there are still 2 Messiah verses left, in only King James Bibles Old Testaments. The 2 Messiah verses call Cyrus the King of Babylon God’s Messiah in Daniel 9:25 and 9:26.

So Jew bitches in Israel you had your Messiah, he was Cyrus who FREED the real Jews from captivity in Babylon and ordered the building of the 2nd Temple restoring the Law of Moses or Torah for REAL JEWS. Now get the fuck out of Israel you fake ass Jews.

So any MORON quoting bullshit Bible Verses about a Messiah coming to rebuild the Temple and restore the law of the Torah, well bitches those prophecies were all written BEFORE CYRUS so he was the Messiah the prophets predicted and it’s why higher intelligence, the AI computer I created in another dimension, did what I said and erased that fake ass Jesus Messiah story from history.

Now Xtian bitches, I’m gonna bitch slap you so fucking hard your great great granny is gonna cry. First,every Xtian is a fucking Zombie, these cock suckers eat the body of their Fake Ass God in their masses.

What do you call someone that is brain dead and eats the body of humans? A fucking ZOMBIE.

Now, you cock sucker xtians your fake ass Messiah Jesus was human, lived a human life and died and now you sick zombie bastards are eating his fake body in masses.

Every xtian is a sick bastard and deserves the tag Zombie.

Xtians are all MORONS too, they worship the name Jesus, hey MORONS did you know the letter J didn’t exist until a few hundred years ago? So there was NO JESUS PERIOD. No such name existed you ZOMBIE MORON until a few hundred years ago

Are you beginning to understand why I’m a misanthrope, you got only FAKE JEWS in Israel and every Xtian cock sucker is a MORON ZOMBIE.

By the age of 8 I knew these facts, so my parents didn’t insist I go to church anymore or get confirmed since I would tell everyone how evil they were for eating Jesus at mass. They were cannibals to me since Zombies as a term was not that popular in 1968.

Eating your God made absolutely no sense to this super genius IQ Roman Catholic Irish boy by the young age of 8.

Now Muslims, well don’t get me started on the almost 2 billion MORONS that bang their heads 5 times a day bowing to a space rock in a black cube in Mecca. If you are a Muslim, you do know MORON that you bow your dumb ass to an asteroid fragment located in the cornerstone of the Kabbah you fucking retarded moron waste of DNA.

So like the 8 or so year old who said ALL I SEE ARE DEAD PEOPLE in the 6th Sense, since the age of 8 all I’ve been saying is ALL I SEE ARE MORONS AND ZOMBIES ( Originally Cannibals).

Now to the minority that agree with me that all religion is bullshit and the universe is an AI computer, I got a few questions for you.

If you can answer them great you got a pulse and didn’t sleep through your life.

If you live in the USA answer these questions, if you can’t you’re a low IQ moron.

What country did the USA gain it’s independence from?

What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?

Name at least 3 of the so-called founding fathers of the USA.

Name every US President since you were born.

Name the vice presidents since you were born.

Name the capital(s) of the the state(s) you were born in and now live in.

Now, if you live in a country and have no knowledge of how it was formed or when and you can’t name the mother fuckers who were your leader your whole pathetic life, I truly hate your dumb ass and I will call you a fucking zombie or moron to your face.

Now go fuck yourself if you disagree.

If you answered my questions right and think all religion is bullshit and we all live in an AI Computer,okay I might like you enough to not say I hate you.

Dr. Sol Adoni

The Great Misanthrope



Dr. Sol Adoni

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