Are modern computers already AI?

Dr. Sol Adoni

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So in the office today, I noticed someone on the new ElixQ project reading the Philosophical area of Reddit.

Since mathematicians have thus far reacted with ape mentality to the new Helix Equations, I took control of the ElixQ account to ask philosophically this.


Philosophically, a human mind is based upon these chain of events and interacting with stimilus.

a. Brain detects stimuli (present)

b. brain interprets understanding of stimuli by memory search (past)

c. brain signals human cannister to react (future)

That is the ‘human equation’

Ability to perceive (present)

Ability to relate (past)

Ability to react (future)

IMO computerrs have already reached the human equation

Computers receive stimuli via input (present)

Computers analyze stimuli via memory storage (past)

Computers react via output (future)

Now tell me, computers do not right now mimick the human equation as to present/past/future reactions to any input/stimuli?

On a philosophical level computers are now AI.


Have computers reached AI already philosophically? from philosophy


All life in 3rd dimensional space that is ‘sentient’ is thinking in 3rd dimensional thought, a pool of fish and a flock of birds all have tiny ‘brains’ that can react to

a. stimuli (present)

b. analysis (past)

c. reaction (future)

If fish and birds didn’t have this human like abilty to analyze data, they would all be swimming into the glass of their aquariums or smacking to building in flight.

Birds/Fish/Humans are all ‘intelligent’ and man has created artificial intelligence already.

Yet some foolish believe humans are the only ‘animal’ that contemplates death and soul.

Elephants have ancestory bone yards and can be seen for days trying to make a fallen commrade come back to life.

Likewise in the sea death beachings have been witnessed in various sea life. A member dies and the rest of the tribe follows its carcass to certain death on a beach.

The human equation isn’t really that unique.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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