Melania Trump Settles Libel Suit on The Daily Mail

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Melania Trump Settles Libel Suit

on The Daily Mail

By Dr. Sol Adoni

The NY Times is reporting that The Daily Mail a London Tabloid has agreed to apologize to Trump’s Trophy Wife for saying the modeling agency she worked for was nothing but an escort service.

The Daily Mail has also settled her action for $150 Million for an undisclosed sum, since Trump’s Trophy Wife claims that saying she was an escort in The Daily Mail article hurt her ‘brand’.

Well, I ran a modeling agency way back when, wrote a book about it and in the 1970’s my first wife was ‘cousins’ with GIA who later became the first TEEN MODEL SUPER STAR. They were both Italians and even though they were not blood cousins, in the Dago community many call other Italians cousin and my first wife and GIA did to each other, Oh, this is my COUSIN, blah blah blah.

So, GIA was in our crowd 40 years ago when I was a young kid, and she was actually the awkward ugly duckling of the hot girls in our crowd. She was tall compared to my first wife and all her pretty friends that hung in our crowd were all HAIR MODELS from Philly that used to trek to the runways of New York City and get paid thousands to have their locks played with by the hot hair designers like Sassoon and John Kenneth back in the day. They were all too short to be runway models and most broke camera’s when they were photographed, but in person, their hot bodies and tons of hair and makeup, well they were all hot as Hades, except for GIA.

GIA was the only non-model in the crowd at that time. It was not until a kid took her first professional photos and while showing his portfolio for a gig with Strawbridges & Clothier that GIA was ‘discovered’. So she did some local modeling and then the next thing you know she’s on the cover of Cosmo and within a year is the first SUPERSTAR TEEN MODEL She was the hottest thing in modeling in the later 1970’s period. When Cindy Crawford got discovered she was THE NEW GIA.

The camera loved GIA and in real person she was pretty, but next to the hot young Philly chicks like my first wife that had a mane of hair and hot bodies that caused traffic accidents, GIA was really not that much to look at back then, she was tall, weird hair usually and not much of a body, but in front of a camera she popped like no other.

Over the years I opened a modeling agency and even had an office for a while in Beverly Hills for it and the young pretty girls did local gigs mostly, since unless you were gay or bi and open to drug parties, an agent and their models couldn’t really dent the big time. Case in point, GIA died of Aids from shooting a shit load of DRUGS and she loved women more than she loved men.

Now, not every model is a drugged out bi-sexual or homosexual, but sex, drugs and rock and roll are often associated with models. How many ‘rock stars’ had model wives, so sex, drugs and rock and roll is the life in the rarefied air of super models which Melania Trump sure as fuck was never in.

Some of her work was PORN, so a PORN model is a fucking escort or whore to some. Now, the PORN that Melania did was mostly her and other chicks posing nude and faking sexual positions. So it was not HARD CORE PORN, we haven’t seen those photos if they exist yet of Trump’s Trophy Wife, they were SOFT CORE PORN, which are pictures created to titillate young guys and girls to buy mags with such crap in them, like the old Maxim and shit. That’s the type of modeling jobs Trump’s Trophy Wife had and as an insider years ago in the modeling industry, I will agree that most consider the ‘models’ willing to do SOFT CORE PORN to be whores from whore agencies and some of the top models in the world have even been said to be nothing but a glorified whore that looked good in photos.

Now technically a WHORE gets paid for sex, so what do you call a chick that will take money to pose nude for the world and fake sex with other chicks on camera to sell magazines? Well, Trump’s Trophy Wife sued over the claim her agency was an escort agency inferring she was an escort.

Well, IN MY OPINION any chick that poses nude for money is a SLUT and even a WHORE as the word is defined even if they don’t sell the sex act itself they are selling exposure of their sexual parts for profit, so a nude model is a whore, and oh, over the years I used to have investments in such SEX TRADE shops, you know, NUDE MODELS that do anything in front of a camera for a customer. Sure no sexual acts so you don’t get closed down, but it is SEX FOR SALE, only the sex is the nude photos guys got to take of pretty young sluts and as a guy that used to own the places that hired these sluts, I’d call all of them WHORES to their face, and I know most of them would sure fuck a client for MONEY and the hard part of that industry was making sure the whores would fuck outside your premises since if it was an under cover cop, your business could get closed down. I owned a ton of businesses over the years, restaurants, nite clubs, sex modeling and peep shows, an alarm company, real estate company, legit modeling agency, and my main companies were always software companies and later internet companies and publishing companies and now film companies, book publishing companies and music labels. So over the years, I’ve invested into so many different types of industries I know something about almost any industry.

Anyway, I’m very familiar with nude models and whores and sluts and even famous models and legitimate models. The type of ‘modeling’ Trump’s Trophy Wife did was mostly NUDE MODELING and that whole industry is considered by those in the trade to be nothing but whores and sluts. But then again, the whole modeling industry is looked upon that way by some. The mantra of the model industry is, ‘Let’s get another naive pretty young chick from bum fucked Egypt in the game and let’s see who can fill her with booze and pills and have her doing a gang bang first’.

In my opinion, any woman that agrees to have nude photographs of her taken to be published is a slut and technically a WHORE since she is selling her body to be used for SEXUAL PHOTOGRAPHY to appeal to the prurient interests of people looking at the photos.

Pretty young girls who are ‘models’ that are outside the blatant NUDE PHOTO MODEL game are also selling their sexual appeal and they often do it NUDE but the photos are cropped so you can’t see shit like a nipple or any sexual part of the chick. So even super models are often photographed NUDE but the understanding is, that no nude photos will be used, but they exist in every major photographers files.

I doubt you can name a super model the past 40 years that didn’t pose bare ass naked for some photographer at some point in their career. So what do you call a model that agrees to get naked for the camera but only have photos not showing everything released? The same thing you call the SEX PHOTO MODELS a slut and a whore, IN MY OPINION.

Art is Art and NUDE IS NUDE and if you get paid to BE NUDE and pose in sexual enticing ways to send a sexual message out to sell shit like a product or just magazines, well IN MY OPINION you are a SLUT and  a WHORE and your agency is nothing but your PIMP.

I wouldn’t even use the term ‘escort’ since a real pro ‘escort’ doesn’t have to get NUDE and have photos taken, an ESCORT is too good of a term for the modeling that Trump’s Trophy wife did, since an educated ESCORT provides often a sophisticated company for usually wealthy people that seek to have a young beautiful educated person act interested in the dull shit the richest assholes in the world want to talk about.

Now you do have straight up WHORES that say they are escorts, but they just come to a location and peel off their clothes and perform a sex act. They’re just WHORES on the Go. Real elite escorts, well they often don’t even fuck for money for some clients, they are PAID COMPANY and they are way younger than they people PAYING for their pretty face and body to act interested in whatever that asshole wants to talk about.

Melania Trump was not an elite escort back in her youth, who knows how well she even spoke English back then, but she sure does know quite a few languages as do many Europeans.

Melania Trump was just an average slut or whore for hire for NUDE PHOTOS, that’s my OPINION on the whole NUDE MODEL INDUSTRY, they are all sluts and whores since they take money to get naked and get photographed and in the case of Melania Trump she did softcore photos with other women faking sexual positions like making act and shit.

The Daily Mail did no justice to the world of Journalism by settling this case, the actions of Melania Trump years ago branded her as nothing but a WHORE in my opinion, since a WHORE gets paid to get nude and have sexual photos taken of her with or without a sex act. To many WHORE and ESCORT mean the same thing, I’m one of the few that might actually differentiate between levels of Escorts, while most are WHORES an elite Escort may not perform sexual acts, so they are really ESCORTS. Now, if you want to call posing nude ‘modeling’ go ahead, I was in the industry and I call such females what they are are and were, WHORES. Now if the Daily Mail just called Melania Trump what she was a WHORE who took money for posing nude and explained to them NUDE MODELS posing in sexual acts is equal to being a WHORE, they would have had a defensible position. So being polite and saying ESCORT was a mistake. They should have branded her what she was a WHORE who sold her time for posing nude. Maybe not for a sexual act, but POSING NUDE for photos is selling your body for a sexual purpose although not a sexual act. It’s still being a WHORE in my opinion.



As soon as you agree to get naked for a camera, you are then a WHORE in my opinion.

Here are some photos proving Melania Trump got PAID to pose NUDE, that is NUDE MODELING and in my opinion makes her a WHORE with or without a real sex act.

Trump Wife Nude Photos
Trump Wife Nude Photos

You should read my article on the horrible body language of Melania Trump when she is forced to kiss that ugly, old, fat fucker who is her husband, you know the guy now in the Whore House, or I mean White House.



In my opinion NUDE MODELS ARE WHORES and most don’t qualify to be called a legitimate escort.

The Daily Mail should have just called Melania Trump was she was in her youth a young chick that would take money to get nude and get photographed and if it included sexual positions with say another chick, no problem. That made her back then a WHORE and not an escort.

Go ahead and sue me.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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