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You know I have underwear older than you Matt Wegrzyn.

So my lawyers tell me you’re the poor bastard that owns the cesspool that Libeled me yesterday.

You know NAMEPROS.

So you will be FIRING the CTO of Namepros, check his PM’s to me, I informed the cretin yesterday about LIBEL on your site, his response he won’t remove it which makes YOUR COMPANY now the DEFACTO PUBLISHER of LIBEL about me.

He then called me a TERRORIST.

So now ‘domain guru’, I will be suing your young ass for LIBEL.

Your company is the defacto PUBLISHER of everything on your forum and the LAW IS once you have been INFORMED of LIBEL on your forum or network, if you choose to keep it up, YOU ARE THE PUBLISHER OF IT.

Now I can say all day long


Matt Wegrzyn SUCKS


It’s protected FREEDOM OF SPEECH since those words are MY OPINIONS. Since you’re an immigrant from Poland, I’ll explain the LAW IN THE USA to you.

I was personally attacked on YOUR FORUM yesterday with LIBEL not just people saying I suck or I’m an asshole, they posted absolute LIES about me and linked to sites with LIBEL and your Mods refused to remove the harassment and lies and crap that is 100% LIBEL.

When I complained YOUR CTO a real asshole named Paul Buonopane Jr. replied NO he would not remove the thread and he locked it so I couldn’t defend myself.

So now you have a LOCKED THREAT with pure LIBEL in it and as long as it is up, YOU ARE DEFAMING my great name.

Now the way THE LAW in the USA is kiddo you can run a forum but once you have NOTICE you are DISTRIBUTING LIBEL then you are the defacto PUBLISHER.

So this is YOUR LEGAL NOTICE IMMIGRANT, you are DEFAMING ME and you will now REMOVE EVERY POST ON YOUR FORUM that has my name(s) in it.

Sol Adoni

Dr. Sol Adoni


John Ennis

John Patrick Ennis

You have 24 HOURS to remove the LIBEL or you will be bitch slapped by me with the biggest LIBEL SUIT you have ever seen.



Unless you remove every post with my name(s) within 24 HOURS.

You got it kiddo?

Now here is some advice, sell that shithole you own NAMEPROS it’s a joke.

Your mods are intentionally PROMOTING SPAM, look at the crap threads about END USERS and SPAM and see how your mods and your top users all tell people to BREAK THE LAW by sending out UNSOLICITED EMAILS to whois email addresses.


Now due to my mentioning THIS FACT on your sewer domain name site, I was viciously attacked and then called a TERRORIST in a PM by YOUR CTO Paul Buonopane Jr.

Now you and your mods may think it’s funny that some asshole mod or maybe even you edited my PAID SIG file to link to the FBI.

Now here you go kiddo SIX CITES in the US SUPREME COURT about how I was TORTURED for FIVE YEARS In US PRISONS by the order of scum bags that ran back in the day THE FBI, THE CIA, THE NSA and THE SECRET SERVICE.

Now if you think it’s funny to have LIBEL all over your shit hole site about me, great I WILL SUE THE FUCK out of you.

You have 24 HOURS to remove every post about me and my companies.

Then IF you do not FIRE Paul Buonopane Jr. from Namepros and issue a public apology to me on NAMEPROS then I will have a person KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR and bitch slap you with a LIBEL SUIT with so many ZEROES on it that you will have a hard time figuring out just how big the number is that I will be suing you for.

So I see you made a few bucks selling crap names .com.

Wow you’re a real great domain guru.


The scumbags running your site are clueless and they let low level morons defame me.

All I did was post some of the most valuable domains ever posted on your crap site.

A mega billion buck INDUSTRY KEYWORD


The main keyword every major bank targets to get NEW BUSINESS CLIENTS.

Now a kid like you that sees value in absolute crap such as peoples first names .com may not have a clue just how much a MEGA BILLION BUCK INDUSTRY KEYWORD is worth, but they are more valuable than anything you will ever own.


Remove every post that mentions my names.

Fire Paul Buonopane Jr.

Issue public apology to me on Namepros

If you fail to do that, then a person will come knocking on your door very soon and they will give you papers with the words


Here’s some articles about WHO I AM and how THE GROUND SHAKES when I say SHAKE.

Just read the articles and click the links to TIME STAMPED usenet posts and time stamped videos that prove I SPEAK AND HISTORIC QUAKES HAPPEN.

Sollog speaks and governments go on TERRORISM ALERT

The reason Sollog nailed 911 and was one of the top search terms in the world for months after 911 hit.

Sollog 911 Warning

Sollog speaks and the ground shakes

Nepal Quake

Two Large Quakes Hit Sollog Window

Fukushima struck as Sollog Warned

2004 Tsunami hits when Sollog warned

Sollog speaks and planes crash

3 Planes Crash on Sollog Solstice Line of Energy

Taiwan Plane Crash as Sollog warned

Another Missing Plane where Sollog warned

Sollog speaks and famous people die

Prince Diana Dies when Sollog Warned

JFK Jr Dies when Sollog Warned

2003 Sollog Prophecy hit Stephen King

In 2003 Sollog warned in his 1111 Prophecy that tragedy was headed for Stephen King

13 days later Stephen King was in an ICU having part of his lung removed a near death experience for Stephen King and a famous hit for Sollog we covered 12 years ago.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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