Matt Lauer Charlie Rose Bill O’Reilly The End of Hetero Males

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Matt Lauer Charlie Rose Bill O’Reilly The End of Hetero Males

By Dr. Sol Adoni

As a Predatory Alpha Male I understand better than most that all this BULLSHIT destroying the careers now of other alpha males is nothing but the LGBT community move to emasculate the American male into a docile faggot willing to take a strap on up his ass.

First, all of these males were power alpha males. All could buy any young whore they want everyday of the week if they wanted to satiate sexual appetites that most power alpha males have.

Every one of these men had power groupies throwing themselves at them.

Are these men rapists? Hell no.

Are these men sexual abusive, no.

Did these men let some chicks in their work place know they were interested in the pussy of a chick in a work place position way below them? Yep.

Now these guys probably fucked lots of chicks in the corporate structure of the companies they worked at.

Most of these men started their careers when MEN controlled the work place. Cute secretaries and receptionists got a pat on the ass and a wink and a can you get me my coffee dear.

Well, big public companies now have HRS departments and government mandatory hiring of fags and dykes and nearly illiterate minorities.

So, if you work in a public company and fuck around as most predatory alpha males do, there’s a dumb cunt in your closet of skeletons you wronged who can now destroy your career and life.

The fact is these guys are used to chicks throwing themselves at them. The reason they are all mega millionaires.

Pussy chase’s money.

Now I would bet most of the chicks alleging years ago these guys made advances on them are delusional as most chicks are in low paying corporate jobs and overall as a species in general.

A chick thinks any guy talking to them is trying to fuck them. Guess what bitches most guys talk to your dumb asses to fuck you.

Early in my career I had lots of employees in lots of different industries. Software companies, night clubs, restaurants, modeling agencies and even adult clubs.

When I was single I made it a point to not fuck employees, with one exception, the whores working my adult clubs were almost all on my fat dick. At least the young hot ones, but I was a young club owner, in my early to mid twenties.

Now, by my late twenties I was only running a large software company and when I was single it was common for the young pig or even pigs living with me to hang with me in my office and if I wanted to fuck them in my office I did it all the time.

Sure, people in my company knew I fucking the shit out of a pig in my office I often put on my payroll so they didn’t have to work the meaningless job they had so they could be my full time pig.

Yet, no real employees ever got fucked by me, I knew it could lead to the bullshit you see today.

I was a private company and I could do what I wanted. But I knew a bitch smart enough to work for me was a company asset and way harder to replace than the young pigs who amused my alpha male cock.

Now recently, some old nut bitch who works for a client chased me to fuck her and it was the first old chick I bothered to fuck in my life. It will be the last old slut I fuck too, my dick was bored as fuck with a hot 50 year old who looked 35.

Anyway, to show you how delusional chicks are, she actually remembered a near event 100% wrong.

For a year I’d see this hot old chick and a few times I commented too bad I didn’t date old chicks, she would probably be a good girl friend for me. Age appropriate experiences, our kids are same ages, etc.

So, couple of months ago I mention to all the guys in the warehouse she works in as THE ONLY FEMALE EMPLOYEE (she’s a bookkeeper) that it was Friday Happy Hour and the best free food in town was at a client’s strip club around the corner from that clients warehouse.

So inviting a bunch of GUYS in the warehouse out to free food and tons of hot young pigs I felt bad leaving the old chick out.

So as an after thought I told the chick in front of the guys she was welcome to come if seeing hot chicks the age of her kids nude working the pole didn’t bother her.

So in REALITY she got asked to tag along on a guys happy hour trip.

A month later she sees me out singing, jumps up on stage to impress her friends she knows me, gives me big hugs n kisses on stage.

I get off the stage and leave don’t even bother going to her table. I had a hookup with one of the young pigs I fuck.

So no reason to chase a hot old pig.

Anyway, week later chick texts me she’s at place she saw me sing, was I going.

I say not planning on it. Then I ask, you solo and she says yeah.

So to make a story that is way too long short, we end up hooking up.

It lasted a week maybe. During that time we rehashed how we ended up together.

I say you asked me out. No, she says I asked her out. I say bitch you want to read my texts, you texted me, you went chasing me where you saw me sing and went solo.

While not a date, you chased me.

Well in her typical dumb ass chick mind I asked her out to a free happy hour buffet, when I asked all guys she works with out.

So trying to include the only chick in that work place to what was a guys only invite, the chick put it in HER MIND, I had asked her on a date.

I laughed, you’re delusional bitch, I don’t date, I fuck. I’m famous and meet young chicks every day who when they find out I’m famous they jump on my phone and end up fucking like she did without me even taking them out once.

Now, if I like the way a young pig fucks (ability to put her ankles behind her head) we might end up going out to eat here and there. I just don’t date, I fuck a ton of young pigs that want to fuck famous guys with famous cocks as groupie fan sites validate, my fat dick is legendary.

I’ve written books teaching bitches the art of orgasm and how to do OMgasms.

Anyway, that story shows you how just months ago a chick viewed an event way different than reality.

Now, in the course of the past year I told the chick what a pig I am and why I like young pigs, the young ones are the only age range who are flexible enough to get into the BALLS DEEP position I like. Shit I even wrote a song about it, BALLS DEEP IN LOVE.

15% of 18-22 year old petite chicks can do that position, you put a few pounds and years on to spinners, most can’t do it after 25.

It’s why I fuck young pussy.

Older chicks unless they do yoga, can’t hit that position. So why fuck old pussy?

Now I don’t work for a public company and I admit publicly I’m an alpha male pig with a nice fat cock who loves to teach young pigs how to have G Spot Orgasms and Omgasms.

Anyway, I’m sure most of these chicks are jilted lovers, they threw their pussy at a rich guy in their work place and he either never called again or whatever.

They got used by an alpha male racking up numbers on his scrotum pole.

Bottom line, all these guys are guilty of is being an alpha male in my opinion and what these pigs they fucked or moved on remember is probably not reality.

These chicks really need to be abused and even raped, then they will know what the fuck sexual abuse is. A rich famous guy saying wow you’re hot let’s hookup is not sexual abuse. It’s life, hetero men hit on pussy get used to it bitch.





Dr. Sol Adoni

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