#MarkCuban bought my #Art, NO he didn’t

Dr. Sol Adoni

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#MarkCuban bought my #Art,

NO he didn’t

Dr. Sol Adoni

Since I’m doing some new  gold art series for #CryptoGods #NFTart projects, I get feeds from NFT  groups.

One post in the feed from a newb NFT artist who looks as old as dirt bragged.

Best way to wake up: Sold notice from Open Sea. So fun to see the new owner is Mark Cuban! Wishing all artists these messages and thanks to Mark (#mcuban) & all #NFTcollectors. This is my second mint and 1st sale.
Nuevo Galaxy is available again on Mark’s #OpenSea account and in his new #NFTMuseum: #lazy.com
#NFT #nftcommunity #nftart #techspressionism

So my gut says no way is a billionaire buying crappy $1000 NFTart from an unknown artist. So I post.

Anyone can create an account saying they’re Mark Cuban

You can say you’re God

Congrats on sale

But Cuban really isn’t a refined art pallet if he did buy

There’s a bunch of Elon Musk’s buying stuff

Jeff Bezos too

Just trace the wallet used

If it’s Cuban it should be nice wallet

He does have a few billion

He was one of the pre bubble 90’s guys that sold crap to yahoo

Like guys sold crap to AOL

New tech companies bought lots of crap in 90’s for billions

Then the bubble burst

Yahoo and AOL became crap

But Cuban did cash out pre bubble burst

Only thing he did right

Then I scan wallet that bought it, see account it’s tied to, sure enough wallet in Opensea using Cubans Twitter handle Mcuban.

You look at his art for sale, it’s Mars Cuban an artist who can’t get $100 for his crappy NFTs.

But the wallet has $1.2 million transactions tied to it.

He buys unknown artist crap, relists it tenfold his buy price and due to his page is mcuban, bingo suckers think they’re buying Cuban flips.


So it’s one of the new countless scams being done in the new NFT world.

Here’s my follow up remarks informing the artist they are now involved in an #NFTartScam congrats SUCKER.

Yep Mcuban
Your work is now 5eth
He bought .4eth from you

Look at his art for sale
Mars Cuban
.04 Eth

So he’s an artist that jumped Mark Cuban’s twitter handle on site


He has 7eth in wallet

So he buys cheap unknown artists then resells as if he’s mark cuban

His wallet is connected to 1.2million dollars in transactions

So his Mars Cuban originals can’t sell for anything

But he has a niche reselling unknown artists he buys cheap then he 1000% increases them as Mcuban

So congrats

A fake mcuban is now ten folding your art


Mcuban bought your art
Now he’s hustling it for 5eth


I’m the lead artist at CryptoGods.app

Our 1/1 Mints are already at $10 million

The reason

My oils sell for $100 million now.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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