New Mandela Effects Flip Flops and Speed Humps

Dr. Sol Adoni

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New Mandela Effects Flip Flops and Speed Humps

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Author Mandela Effects

So the DISINFO CAMPAIGN has publicly started against Mandela Effects telling the public everyone has bad memories.


When everyone has the same memory that is out of synch with our fake ass computer created reality, it’s not everyone being a moron, it”s a reality hack and proof of the Holographic Universe Theory I theorized over 40 years ago.

When you start to research bow there are now many thousands of these out of synch wakeup pills being sent into the game of life to wake up the sleeping zombies or players, you realize it’s not false memories, it’s our fake reality being exposed as a computer game.

I can ask everyone in South Florida I know what are the things in the road near schools to slow down traffic? EVERYONE SAYS INSTANTLY SPEED BUMPS. EVERYONE.

I then laugh look at the signs, not in this game ass Universe, they are now all SPEED HUMPS.

Literally, overnight every sign in South Florida became HUMPS instead of BUMPS.

A few months ago I started writing about famous movie lines changing. I remember a big line was Tom Hanks now saying, “Houston we’ve had a problem.” I wrote about it in my book on Mandela Effects and featured it on my site.

Well yesterday, my words in my books and on my site about it were gone. So I remember writing about it, but now the info is gone, so I sure as fuck put it back and it now stated FLIP FLOP, so people who have been studying Mandela Effects for a while can see the truth, this shit changed and then changed back.

I noticed this FLIP FLOP phenomena a few days ago when I wrote how another Messias the Greek word for Messiah magically popped up in the King James New Testament.

So, you’re not going crazy, you saw months ago people discussing how Hanks used to say “Houston we HAVE a problem”, yet it was now HAD, well today it’s back to HAVE.

So our reality is changing like a ping pong ball. One day we wake up and reality has changed. The next day we wake up and reality is changed to what we remember.

It’s actually getting to be funny watching people scratch their heads and say,WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS JUST WRONG!

Now the big event was May 1st 2017, when hundreds of MESSIAH VERSES WERE ERASED. That is when I noticed there was one new word in King James Bible used once, it was MESSIAS the Greek word for Messiah. My Strong’s Concordance stated it was used one time. My various Bible search programs all showed one usage. Articles I wrote said one usage and the book I wrote said one usage. Well it is now two usages, and who knows what it will be tomorrow.

You really need to read my books on this topic, they will blow your mind.

Mandela Effects

Holographic Universes

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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