Mandela Effect is BULLSHIT But Hologram Universe is REAL

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Mandela Effect is BULLSHIT

But Hologram Universe is REAL

By Dr. Sol Adoni

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There’s a ton of non-sense online about the so-called Mandela Effect, named for a mass hallucination effect phenomena where many people THINK they REMEMBER Nelson Mandela died around 1991 while still in prison and not in 2013 as HISTORY in our present REALITY records it.

I’m sorry MORONS, but my member recalls how in the later 1980’s and early 1990’s Nelson Mandela was a very big story as he was being released from prison and Apartheid was ending and how he went on to become the President of South Africa in the 1990’s and years later it was a a big deal when he died not too long ago (2013).

Now if you REMEMBER differently, you are confused, perhaps you remember the Berlin Wall coming down and how Communism collapsed not far from when Apartheid ended and Nelson Mandela WAS RELEASED FROM PRISON around the same time and he then went on to be elected President of South Africa.

So the whole phenomena of the Mandela Effect is BULLSHIT, the principal event is correct in this time line, he got out of prison and died in 2013. Yet, I have news for you, the Hologram Universe IS REAL.

I theorized it decades ago, in the 1970’s and it simple, our Universe exists inside a super AI computer and I theorized it way back in the 1970’s when I explained in a think tank what is now called HelixQ a theoretical six dimensional computer language that when mankind creates the first processors to use it, will create six dimensional space inside an AI computer and you and I could theoretically exist quite easily inside it since we are 3rd dimensional beings.

Another major mass hallucination event clowns are using to justify the BULLSHIT that is called the Mandela Effect is the JFK Assassination, and i did a film about that event and the fact is I have a great HD quality version of the Zapruder Film and it shows 6 people in the Limousine. The car had a Secret Service Driver and another agent as a passenger in the front and JFK and Jacqueline in the full seats of the back of the Limo and located on the KICK SEATS behind the front seats were the Governor of Texas and his wife.

I REMEMBER THIS VIVIDLY since the governor was struck with the ‘magic bullet’ the first shot that went through soft tissue of JFK exiting his throat area and eventually breaking the wrist of Governor Connally after it made a few hits on his body.

JFK Connally Limo Photo
JFK Connally Limo Photo

So in MY REALITY as a student of history I vividly recall Mandela and how he was President of South Africa and I produced a movie on the JFK assassination so I vividly remember six people in car not the four that most remember.

Now the most interesting parts of what is now being called Mandela Effect are Star Wars and Snow White. and the MORONS swearing it is real and only recent, refuse to accept the reality that there’s a whole bunch of such lines in famous movies and way back in 2009 this article has both the Star Wars and Snow White misquotes as the top 2 misquoted movie lines.

So, the misquotes are what were called Chinese Whisper Effect way back in 2009.

Now they’re being recycled by CLOWNS saying it is proof of the Mandela Effect and that Nelson Mandela died in 1991.

Well, those MORONS are in an alternate universe, the Universe of MORONS and their heads are so far up their ass, they think anything is real when it’s all illusion.

Read my article THE ILLUSION IS OVER.

The fact is, we are inside a matrix or AI simulation and the PROOF is the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD which shows how controlled historical major loss of life events are.

So the CRACKS IN THE MATRIX are showing if you know where to look, but it’s not the Mandela Effect, it’s just how you ask people a question.

If you ask Europeans how many states are in the USA they swear it is 52, yet almost 100% of Americans will say 50. So when Europeans are taught about the States in the USA they learn about DC and Puerto Rico and associate them with States when they are not. So 52 is what they remember but in the USA we know it was and is 50 States.

As best I can tell, our Universe is a nice little simulation, but it has nothing to do with forks and alternate Universes, it’s just an AI Simulation as my work Hologram Universe theorized and how the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD proves it.


I almost came to blows with a racist piece of shit from the UK over Mandela, in his memory Mandela was a terrorist and got killed in jail. So if you are a piece of shit racist, that is your reality.

Now there’s a ton of crap about the Bible and changes, such as the Lord’s Prayer everyone remembers with Trespasses. Well that was from many being raised Catholic and that is how it was translated by Catholics. Yet in most bibles including the famous King James it is all about Debts. See Matthew 6:9. So I know how I got exposed to that Prayer since I was born into a Catholic family and rejected their nonsense at a young age (8 or so). Yet, that does not explain why all the non-Catholic Bible Thumpers use a Catholic Prayer when all their Bibles have a way different version of the Lord’s Prayer.

Now an interesting passage that many remember differently  in the Bible is about the Lion and Lamb laying down, it is a parable about the most ferocious beast in the Kingdom making friends with the most peaceful the lamb. Well in this reality it is a wolf with the lamb not a lion as most remember it. But a lion is mentioned later on in the verses associated with it.

Also, another INTERESTING anomaly is is how the KJV has bottles and the NKJV has wineskins in a few passages about not putting good wine into old wineskins or they could burst. That example of bursting wineskins only makes sense if you use wineskins that after being reused and are no longer elastic and break. So it was one of the many errors in the KJV and later fixed in the NKJV.

Other interesting anomalies are:

Most remember Jiffy Peanut Butter in this reality it is Jif.

Most remember Depends adult diapers they are now DEPEND singular.

Some remember Fruit Loops it is Froot Loops and what I remember.

Most remember Oscar Meyer Bologna it is now Oscar Mayer.


The constant low level frequency of earth the 7.83Mhz  Shumann Resonance or Om (Heart Beat of Earth) after thousands of years doubled last year to the 16 Mhz range. It has now doubled again to the 32 Mhz range. it is baffling scientists and being cited as a possible cause for a time shift or parallel reality/universe shift.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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