Major New Sollog Prophecies

Dr. Sol Adoni

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It is the largest output of Sollog Prophecies in history.

Sollog is known for not issuing many Prophecies over the years. He often doesn’t release even one Prophecy some years and most years he releases only one or two.

The last few weeks have seen a bevy of Sollog Prophecies released.

The latest Prophecy is titled TERRORISM PROPHECY and hours after it was released to the public the US State Department issued a GLOBAL TERROR ALERT.

These are the recent Sollog Prophecies:

Terrorism Prophecy

Stadium Massacres

Drones of Death Prophecy

Pentagram of Blood Solstice Lines Prophecy

Solstice Lines Prophecy

Portland Prophecy

Trump ET Blows


Dr. Sol Adoni

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