Major Media Finally Reports US Military ADMITS UFOS are REAL

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Major Media Finally Reports


By Dr. Sol Adoni

Producer – Real UFOSRoswell The Proof

Author – UFOS The ProofMy Encounter with a Grey Alien



Memorial Day 2019 most of the Major Media has reported that the US Military has ADMITTED that UFOS are REAL!


I’ve written over 100 Books in my career and produced over two dozen films.

Many of the Books were on UFOS that I wrote or published

I’ve done a couple of films on UFOS and how the government is COVERING UP these events.

So while lard ass Trump was watching other fat guys Sumo Wrestling in Japan and playing golf, the major media gave the world DISCLOSURE or what will be as close as disclosure will be.

It started with a bombshell article by the NY Times

Then most major media followed up rehashing the story.

So Memorial Day 2019 or June 27th 2019 will be THE DAY the US Military admitted, UFOS are real, they’re not our crafts and if they are ETS or from some unknown race on earth we just don’t known.

Now in my book on the Grey Aliens titled My Encounter with a Grey Alien released YEARS AGO, I explained the Grey’s are not ET’s, they are a form of life created by the ancient Atlantians. Their job was basically to keep an eye on the primitives on Earth or HUMANS.

Their watch is at least 25,000 years old if not millions of years.

So I had an encounter with the Greys who are hybrid biological synthetic life forms.

Part machine and part living DNA created by the Atlantians.

So for the non-fiction version of the story read my book My Encounter with a Grey Alien.

Or for the story of the Atlanteans and how they migrated to Earth millions of years ago read my book series ATLANTIAS.

My work on UFOS was released decades ago as UFOS THE PROOF.

My first film I produced on UFOS decades ago was REAL UFOS.

I also produced the film ROSWELL THE PROOF.

I published the books by D.E. Alexander on UFOS titled:

Roswell the Proof

The FBI UFO File

The Media Company I founded 1 MEDIA produces the famous UFO Site 1 UFOS.

If you come across some moron that insists UFOS are not REAL, well just kick the shit out of them.

So why did the US Government pick May 27th for DISCLOSURE well they worship Lucifer aka SATAN.

May 27th is 527 and Kabbalah value is equal to MORNING STAR the aka of Lucifer and also SKULL BONES the secret satanic society that both Bush Presidents belonged to.

SATAN Rules the US Government as well as the Vatican.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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