Life as a Nomad or in Commune Future for Millennials

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Life as a Nomad or in Commune

Future for Millennials

As the millennials start to awaken to the fact that their parents led a complete bullshit existence and they learn how higher intelligence is altering everything in our illusion from famous brand names and trademarks to famous song lyrics and movie lines, the youth will realize every thing their parents held dear was bullshit.

The Messiah Erased event on May 1st 2017 sealed the fate of every religion and government when hundreds of Messiah verses were erased from Bibles all over the world.

Just try to find even one Messiah Verse in the famous bibles, many have no such verses now.

That proves our reality is well let’s say BULLSHIT.

The sad fact is, the youth of the world have no bright future for good paying jobs and many will now just drop out of the modern world.

When young workers come out of universities and face the reality their education is worth $10 to $20 bucks an hour to international corporations run by the elites, well why should they work when they need $30 bucks an hour to afford a cheap studio apartment today.

These kids would be better off buying a 20 year old van or SUV and living in it in remote rural areas like national parks or rural areas where no one lives.

They can learn to fish and hunt, camp near fresh water streams and maybe grow some weed in remote areas.

We are about to witness an exodus by our youth where they choose to live as nomads or in communes instead of working for slave master corporations that refuse to pay young workers a wage they can live on.

This millennial generation will have more in common with their grandparents who spent some time as hippies than they will ever have in common with parents that lived through the great technological revolution of the past 40 years.

There are no good jobs in our big corporations run everything world.

The cost to live today is three times what a millennial can expect to make in menial jobs for international corporations.

The suicide rates for the young will be the highest ever seen. Yet, some will still wish to live in the illusion as homeless nomads in cars and vans or in communes.

Real estate values would have to crash around 70% so kids today could just live above the real poverty line that $10 and $15 dollar an hour wages can afford.

When studio apartments plummet from over $1,000 a month to around $400, only then will kids forced to work in low paying jobs for greedy corporations see enough of a reason to stay in urban jungles and do the menial jobs that are available to them.

Just Google Mandela Effects or Messiah Erased and you see my words are truth in a world of lies.

The truth is this material world exists in a Holographic Universe and the youth are not blind or too stupid to stay in the dead end jobs global corporations offer them.

It’s time to just DROP OUT and enjoy the illusion as a homeless nomad or in a commune.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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