King James Bible continues to change supernaturally

Dr. Sol Adoni

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King James Bible continues to change supernaturally

By Dr. Sol Adoni

On May 1st 2017, I revealed to the world how supernaturally Bibles all over the world had SUPERNATURALLY CHANGED.

The only Old Testament left with the word Messiah in it was the KJV or King James Version.

If you read the Bible before May 1st 2017, you remember HUNDREDS OF MESSIAH VERSES.

I noted on May 1st 2017 the word Messiah didn’t appear even once now in the KJV New Testament and how the Greek word Messias was only in the KJV NT ONCE.

Well today I noticed in the KJV NT the word Messias is now in it twice, both in John. The first use was in John 1:41 and magically it is now also in John 4:25.

Now there’s been a lot of other changes in all Bibles, modern words are now being used in books printed 400 years ago that simply didn’t exist in 1611 when the first King James Bibles were printed.

So while Bibles are changing before our eyes, our memories REMEMBER what we read. My memory members what I wrote in my book MESSIAH ERASED 3 MONTHS AGO that Messias was in KJV NT ONLY ONCE but all of the books are changing, Bibles are changing and what I remember writing has changed!

It’s not just Bibles being altered, it’s everything, from famous brand names and logos to even names of celebrities.

These changes are now in the thousands and are being called MANDELA EFFECTS.

It’s really happening people, just do some research and you will find things you vividly REMEMBER that are out of synch with our new reality that is changing daily now.

My book Holographic Universes deals with how easy such events can occur once you understand we exist inside a Hologram Universe.

I theorized this concept over 40 years and have devoted my life to it since I work with AI concepts in computers and my think tank HelixQ.

My writings as SOLLOG a modern PROPHET also warned of this historic time we now live in.

These changes greatly effect everyone especially, Jews, Christians and Muslims since all religious texts are being altered supernaturally.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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