Kanye West Loves Jews and Nazis

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Kanye West Loves Jews and Nazis

By Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sol Adoni





I have a huge judgment on Twitter due to my account and over 100 Adoni Publishing Accounts of the Network I created decades were banned by satanist catholic Jack Dorse when he owned Twitter.

The accounts merely liked a Tweet about my religious art NFT game (GODS & DEMONS) and bang, Twitter banned all the accounts.

Many went back to 2009 when Adoni Publishing started to support Twitter as a social media platform.

Here’s accounts all banned by Twitter my company created

Sol Adoni

247 News

1 eBooks


Kanye West aka YE was banned also by Dorsey and then Musk bought his friend back. Now he’s banned again on Twitter.

Now that Ye is saying what he believes he must LOVE EVERYONE like his lord Jesus commanded, he is now a pariah targeted by MM (Mainstream Media). Even Beeple a Jewish artist ion Twitter is creating ‘art’ of a Kanye being beheaded with a sword sticking in his head.


What did Kanye do? He said like two dozen times HE LOVES JEWS in his Infowars interview. A few times he said he LOVES NAZIS AND HITLER as well as HE LOVES EVERYONE just like Jesus told his followers to do, LOVE YOUR ENEMIES.

Watch the 3 Hour Video, dozens of I LOVE JEWS and only a few I love Nazi’s

Oh, the video link is BANNED by Musk and Twitter, he’s a Net Nazi and doesn’t believe in Free Speech


That Christian Zeal of obedience to LOVE put forth by Jesus is what Jews hate. Liberals hate it, since they love to HATE anyone with religious morals. The bible is clear, any man having sex with another man is killed so are men who dress like women. The liberal media will cancel you IF you quote such biblical concepts.

In this world homosexuals and transvestites are to be loved and protected, in the OT Bible they are to be killed.


Kanye for saying he believes the Bible is now canceled. The homosexual and transgender crowd will demonize Kanye for doing what his lord commanded him to do, LOVE EVERYONE.

One of my first books I wrote almost 30 years ago, and I’ve written over 100, was titled LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

Kanye said HE LOVES EVERYONE over and over and the few times he said that includes Nazis and Hitler, he is now a demon.

Anyone who demonizes YE needs to look in the mirror, is that LOVE the message of Jesus you are using against YE or is that hatred of YE saying he loves everyone including Nazis too advanced of a concept for your little mind to handle?


Hate the sin, LOVE THE SINNER.

While I’m not a Christian I’m a Hebrew Rabbi, my message was always LOVE IS THE ANSWER and that means you must love everyone, they are all children of GOD ALMIGHTY and do their deeds in life so you get to judge them against GODS LAW the BIble. The Law to me is only the Torah, not one Jew is in the Torah, the Jew stole the Hebrew Torah and corrupted it.

I don’t hate Jews, but I do discuss the facts, Jews are not in GODS LAW which is only the Torah.

GOD gave his name in the Torah, HAYAH so I formed Temple of ‘Hayah, the name of the Temple of the last days given in Revelations.

I know the bible, inside and out, and Kanye is doing his best to obey his Lord.

Love Kanye, he is doing Lords work.

Making you aware, there is the TORAH, it is the LAW OF GOD and those that disobey it, are against GOD.


Hate the sin and LOVE THE SINNER.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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