Judge Brett Kavanaugh Sex Predator or Moron

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh Sex Predator or Moron

By Dr. Sol Adoni

When I saw Judge Kavanaugh in front of the nation when introduced by the President who I consider a bi-polar psycopath I thought great another moron set to join the US Supreme Court and his vote will destroy Roe V Wade.

Sure he looks great, prestigious judicial career and nice schools, a doting wife and some young teen kids in tow.

But, his remarks on his Jesuit background and Catholic up bringing we’re red flags to  he’sme that he’s a moron.

By the age of 8 I denounced the Catholic Church as bullshit since when I questioned my nuns in 3rd grade about how the New Testament was a complete contradiction of the Old Testament their answer was don’t read the Old Testament it’s evil.

Ask a priest the name of their Lord and they say Jesus. Forget it’s 100% impossible any Jewish Rabbi was named Jesus 2,000 years ago since the letter J was invented only 400 years ago making the name Jesus a modern invention.

Forget on May 1st 2016 every Bible in the world was supernaturally altered by the  ERASING of the word MESSIAH from every Old Testament in the world with one exception two verses in the King James Bible calling Cyrus the King of Babylon MESSIAH.

See www.MessiahErased.com

Now, I’m not a fan of the #MeToo movement for one reason, most of these allegations are decades old with no police or hospital reports PROVING any rapes ever occurred.

So if a female didn’t go to police or a hospital when a rape occirred in my legal opinion as the Emeritus Chief Judge of an international court such allegations have no legal merit.

That doesn’t mean some of the allegations didn’t occur, it just means by not reporting the event as should of been done makes every such allegation moot in the eyes of a Judge.

Now rape is a heinous crime and most courts toll such a crime to seven years as prosecutible.

Some states in the USA have changed laws to allow such crimes to be prosecuted within 10 years.

Rape while a terrible crime is not murder and a murder can be prosecuted indefinitely. I’m in favor or rape and child abuse being prosecuted like murder indefinitely provided there’s valid evidence to support it such as police or hospital records.

So if Judge Kavanaugh did as alleged and there are records from police or a hospital he should be prosecuted. But like most such high profile #MeToo cases there are no police or hospital records so it’s bullshit on a legal level.

Today with social media any rape can be documented in seconds via a simple post on Facebook or Twitter.

Post a picture showing marks of a struggle.

If you are drugged post what happened.

So while Judge Kavanaugh is being labeled a sexual predator from events alleged as a drunk kid in High School and in College at Yale, there’s no evidence such as police or hospital records and the public shouldn’t have to endure such a political dog and pony show.

Dr. Ford is a terrible witness, her dishelved hair and scatter brain composure shows she’s a mentally disturbed person under great duress at this moment in time and due to the glare of the public spot light on her, you can only feel sorry for her.

Dr. Ford is being used as a pawn in a pure political game.

The fact is, any Judge pushing their religious background such as Judge Kavanaugh has done is not suitable Judge.

While a person has religious freedom in the USA it should not be used as Kavanaugh did to cast himself as qualified to be a judge.

Judge Kavanaugh is just a moron, and if he did sexually assault anyone, I’m sure his karma will catch up with him in the end.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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