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He doesn’t over power a golf course like Rory, Tiger or Jack have, but he dominates the field at a major with perhaps the highest golf IQ of a golfer under 25 in history.

Jordan Spieth got the world of golfs attention at 16 when he finished in the top 25 at a PGA event.

At 20 Spieth finished 2nd at the Masters. Now at 21 Spieth is one of the youngest major winners in history.

Spieth appears to have what many today lack a nice well grounded family who have a special needs child. Spieth shows good old fashioned respect for his elders in a way that reminds you of a young Elvis.

He handles the media in a charming fashion that shows he now has five years of being in the media spotlight.

Spieths mid-range putting in the 15-25 foot range is statistacally the best in the world right now, and that is how he gives up substantial distance to longer hitters with the top putter on tour.

Hopefully, golf will now enjoy a new era when top young stars battle for majors.

Rory has 4 majors, Rickey finishes in top 5 st majors often and now Spieth has a major.

In my opinion we are now seeing the Tiger effect on how young golfers come to the tour expecting to win majors and win them handily.

Before Tiger pros expected to have a learning curve playing against the best golfers on tour on the toughest courses you can play.

Today young golfers have top notch junior tournaments that give young players a tour like experience.  Plus they had a golfing role model named Tiger showing how young players can dominate a tournament.

Rory was the first young player since Tiger to dominate a major. Now we have seen the second young player who grew up watching a young Tiger dominate majors do the same type of Tigeresque win.

Jack was a dominate player but he wasn’t destroying veteran fields at majors at 21.

Tiger did it.

Rory did it.

Now Jordan did it.

Tiger and Rory did it with youth and power while Jordan did it with youth and a veterans playing strategy.

It’s nice to watch a new wave of young golfers take over the game.

If you don’t thing a young wave is in control of golf, outside of the Tiger slam year this is the first time in the modern era of golf that 3 majors in a row were won by golfers 25 or younger. Rory won 2 in a row now Spieth has the third.

The era of Rory and Jordan has begun.




Dr. Sol Adoni

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