John Doe a Homeless Man in the USA says AMERICA IS GREAT

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John Doe a Homeless Man in the USA


Why does a Homeless Man Battling the USA Government say America is Great?

Diary of John Doe

Soon to become a Book and Movie

The Diary of John Doe a Homeless Man in the USA is now a major serial article across my huge network of media sites in my 1 Media Empire. In my opinion, The Diary of John Doe could easily become a major part of American Literature and my publishing company is now considering the serial article as a book and even a possible film. I asked my agent to start shopping the potential book to the Big Media clowns he knows to try to get the writer his best deal. If the big media doesn’t grab it, I will for my Indy Publishing Company.

The Diary of John Doe is a very inspirational story written by a highly skilled tech worker who also is a writer and it chronicles as only a good writer can, the horrible system that is in place to try to help the truly homeless with food, healthcare and housing.

The story reveals how bad the US Government is at providing even FOOD for the truly homeless and you can forget about housing and healthcare for truly homeless people. So now, perhaps the people of the USA will see the POOR and HOMELESS do not get a free ride as many claim. It also reveals great reasons for why THERE IS NOW NO MIDDLE CLASS in America due to how the government used a fake minimum wage and poverty line for decades to create a nation of clueless consumers making less than the real poverty line.

The Diary of John Doe is running currently not only on 1 Underground but 1 Fort Lauderdale and is also on 1 News and even 247 News.

1 Media is the fastest growing Media Company in the world and it contains over 100 sites carrying the 1 Media Brand that being a keyword with the numeral 1 in front of it. I’m the person that founded 1 News, 1 Search1 eBooks, 1 Music and 1 Movies and the network has millions of users now every month. Already 1 Media controls dozens of Apps for all the major sites in the Network.

Speaking of Apps, hey Rupert Murdoch how did you like having your NY Post App Hacked?

The idea of a serial article written by a well educated homeless person detailing how poor the Homeless System is in the United States sprung out of one of 1 Media‘s alternative media sites 1 Underground which over the years has had many millions of viewers to their alternative news articles. The editorial team of 1 Underground was quick to see how powerful the story of John Doe was, since it involved a highly educated man in the USA becoming homeless from becoming sick and losing his ability to work.

The story of John Doe has one unusual issue, he worked for a long time for a Non Profit that didn’t even pay him, they gave him basically room and board paid for his expenses and he was their slave doing what he thought was good work to help humanity. So when he got sick, he lost his job, his home and car all the things provided to him by the Non Profit and since he was off the grid financially there was no unemployment safety net for him to use so for over a year the charity of his friends was his support system.

The serial article shows THERE IS NO HELP nor HOPE for the truly homeless who are often mentally ill and or addicts.

Well, John Doe is not mentally ill and he is not an addict. His only issue is HE IS TOO SMART and at this point in his life he refuses to work for a slave wage created he claims in a conspiracy between the US Government and the elite that run the huge global monopolies that control not only the USA but the World.

I agree with him, I’ve written articles such as how the true minimum wage should be $50,000 a year and the fake minimum wage is used by the US Government and big companies to deceive the majority of the US working class that their slave wages are good jobs when in reality, they are all working under what a minimum wage should be to be able to afford the most modest of housing on your own a lousy studio apartment where you live.

If you read the serial Diary of John Doe, you will see how the writer peels back layer upon layer what is the real US Homeless problem and it is there is no real food, housing or medical care for the homeless. All the crap you see on TV about the issue is PURE BULLSHIT just like the fake minimum wage.

The fact is Food Stamps cannot provide enough of food to feed a homeless man that has no ability to cook cheap carbs such as pasta and rice and beans. The US Government makes it ILLEGAL to buy hot prepared food for the truly homeless and now John Doe is going to federal court to SUE THE US GOVERNMENT for discriminating and keeping him HUNGRY and underfed by not giving him double what they currently give to people with low income home who can cook their cheap carb laced survival meals.

Try to live on $6.50 a day and NOT BE ABLE TO COOK THE FOOD, so that means you can’t buy a box of pasta and sauce since you are homeless. The poor with homes can almost survive on that horribly low amount of money, since they can buy a loaf of bread and peanut butter and jelly and cook pasta and rice and maybe put some sauce or veggies into it. The homeless have no home and no kitchen and no place to cook nor store food, they have to buy FOOD READY TO EAT and the US Government INTENTIONALLY prohibits such food from being bought with Food Stamps.

If you try to buy a hot cooked chicken such a rotisserie chicken, well your Food Stamps won’t pay for it, yet you can buy crap such as Coca Cola and Pepsi real JUNK FOOD since those huge global companies bought off congress and made sure their products could be consumed by the poor of the USA.

You can buy sodium laced frozen food that will kill you and that crap isn’t even food. Now if you are poor with a microwave you can cook 1.00 to 3.00 fake frozen TV dinners, but a homeless person has no such ability since they are HOMELESS. They need to eat HOT FOOD from say the Hot Food Bars you see in many food stores but Food Stamps will not buy HOT FOOD. So do you see, the HOMELESS are in fact DISCRIMINATED AGAINST since their situation prevents them from buying enough food to eat since they cannot cook cheap food and the government will not allow them to buy HOT COOKED FOOD.

Anyway, I think The Diary of John Doe is so inspirational it could become the must read literary work of this century, since it could teach many a lesson about how evil the government is and yet it also gives a lesson on why America is still GREAT according to John Doe.

The Diary of John Doe is not fiction, it is the real story of an evil empire or big brother which is THE US GOVERNMENT and it also about evil global corporations that have deceived the world to make HUGE PROFITS and created a sea of POOR PEOPLE that need to use Food Stamps even though they have full time jobs for the huge companies that are robbing them of a fair wage.

it is also the story of John Doe and how he is fighting back by taking on the US Government to court over discrimination against the homeless in Food Stamps and revealing there is no health care for the Homeless and no housing. John Doe is exposing the truth, that HUMAN DIGNITY is not part of the US Constitution and that the citizens of the USA are now so poor there is no empathy nor charity left for them to give the poor.

So why does John Doe still say AMERICA IS GREAT even though the US Government is clearly abusing the homeless and the US Government and Big Companies have destroyed the middle class? Well, read it now, Diary of John Doe. Then you will see why John Doe still says AMERICA IS GREAT, and he gives a great explanation for his view that will truly inspire many to see the Government and Big Companies for what they are, blood sucking scum. You will be inspired by the story of John Doe. So, spread the story in social media and let’s get John Doe a book deal with a major publishing company.

In the meantime PLEASE DONATE to the John Doe Homeless Fund.



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