January KENP falls to .0041 Amazon Scam Jeff Bezos Scam

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Amazon Scams
Amazon Scams

January KENP falls to .0041

Amazon Scam Jeff Bezos Scam

So did you see how terrible the payout is per page last month from the SCAM COMPANY that is Amazon and Jeff Bezos. The January KENP was .0041. This is 33% lower than it started this summer.



Besides Amazon STEALING royalties from authors and publishers and stealing by faking lower KENP reads, they further insult authors by dropping the page read payouts every month.

AMAZON SCAMS my new book exposes all the way Jeff Bezos and Amazon is RIPPING OFF AUTHORS.

Amazon refuses to tell authors just how many subscribers are in KU or Kindle Unlimited. Is it 1 Million subscribers? If it is then Amazon is LOSING MONEY. I doubt that number is 1 Million.

Is it 10 Million subscribers? It might be, that means Amazon gets 100 Million USD a month and ONLY GIVES the authors a lousy 12 Million for their share.

Month after month the page reads in the pool go up and I can prove after I became critical of Amazon my KENP page reads on over 100 Titles fell 99% per day.

That means FUCK YOU AMAZON and FUCK YOU JEFF BEZOS you suck and Select is a scam and a ripoff.

So the KU pool stays at only 12 Million a month and if the subscribers stayed at 1.2 Million then Amazon makes nothing. We all know the subscriber base is exploding and the only question is how many mega-million subscribers KU has.

Do you see a problem with the monthly KENP pool staying around 12 Million a month? That means all new growth goes to Amazon.

Amazon press releases bragged not long ago how PRIME was getting millions of new subscribers EACH WEEK.

Now PRIME is part of the KENP pool so we’re talking MILLIONS of subscribers and the jerkoff scumbag that is Jeff Bezos keeps the pool at a lousy 12 Million. FUCK YOU JEFF BEZOS.

I can’t wait for the historic quake to level Seattle as I predicted a few years back. When that super quake hits I truly hope that fucker Jeff Bezos gets buried alive in the rubble of his Seattle office.


The Super Quake is about to BURY YOU ALIVE.

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