Impeach Trump Violation of US Constitution over Syria Missile Strike

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Impeach Trump

Violation of US Constitution over Syria Missile Strike

By Dr. Sol Adoni

Dr. Adoni has 6 case cites in the US Supreme Court over Constitutional Law


The US Constitution is clear, a President cannot declare war and do a first strike on any nation.

CONGRESS is the only governmental body that can legally declare war and issue an order for military intervention.

What Trump has done by using a FIRST STRIKE on Syria is equal to what a dictator with a military does, he uses his army to do what he wants.

While the Missile Strike will make Trump fans happy and even some who didn’t vote for Trump happy, the fact is Trump killed or MURDERED Civilians in his FIRST STRIKE ON SYRIA and now Congress must stand up and IMPEACH HIM or we are witnessing the beginning of a US Dictatorship before our eyes.

There’s only been a handful of ‘declared wars’ in US History with World War 2 being the last declared war.

The Korean War and Vietnam were not ‘declared wars’ and yet Congress voted to approve some military action in both cases.

After 911 Congress voted to give the US President the power to strike Al-Qaeda anywhere in the world with military force over terrorism.

The 911 Provision is what Obama and recently Trump used to strike ISIS forces in Syria since they are viewed as offshoots of Al-Qaeda.

What was ILLEGAL in the recent strike by Trump, is that it was a strike against a recognized leader of a nation and the strike is legally considered an ACT OF WAR by other nations.

Trump has shown no regard FOR THE LAW and now he is flexing his military to show he is a DICTATOR and now Congress must call him out for what he did.

Lawyers need to SUE Donald Trump personally for the deaths of Civilians and take away his BILLIONS.

His actions were 100% ILLEGAL and those of a dictator.

The USA is a land of law and THE LAW IS THE US CONSTITUTION and no one person can decide to strike first any nation.

No US Citizens died in the terrible Chemical Attacks in Syria and the world is still debating if it was collateral damage from ISIS Chemicals or actually from Assad.

The US Government has decided to AID the Rebels against Assad, and Russia has decided to AID Assad. ISIS is just in the area fighting everyone.

While both Obama and Trump have authorized strikes on ISIS targets in Syria and a liberal reading of the 911 Act allowed them, there is no law authorizing Trump to tell the US Military to strike another Nation no matter what they have done.

Now if Syria floated a boat across the Atlantic and launched missiles on a US City, the US Military would sure be able to DEFEND Sovereign US Soil but Syria is not the USA and while the chemical attack was terrible, the actions of Trump were more HORRIFIC to US Citizens in that he struck the core of the US Constitution and all Americans by ignoring Congress and getting approval to strike Syria as he did.



If the citizens of the USA don’t stop Trump now, Trump will become a full dictator before long and involve the USA in conflicts all over the world.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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