Impeach John McCain and Ex CIA Woolsey WARNS N Korea can kill 90% of US Citizens

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Impeach John McCain

and Ex CIA Woolsey WARNS

N Korea can kill 90% of US Citizens

By Dr. Sol Adoni

John McCain just publicly bashed the leader of North Korean by calling him a ‘Crazy Fat Kid’. Now this is a senior elected politician of the United States and a man that should try to be a role model for the youth of the USA.

Instead he panders to the moronic IQ level of most Americans by name calling a leader of a nation with millions of people in it.

As I explained the other day the US CULTURE LACKS HUMAN DIGNITY and this remark by McCain should not go unpunished, HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED NOW for having no civility and no couth.

Now many people criticized Donald Trump for saying to him John McCain was NO WAR HERO, and the reason is McCain survived years in a Vietnam POW camp. To Trump Heroes don’t get captured, I guess they fight to the death in his mind.

The point is bullies use name calling to provoke fights and right now if you live in the USA you better FEAR what might happen to you over the bullying words of John McCain.

The former director of THE CIA James Woolsey who quit the Trump Transition team after Trump picked him as a pivotal person in his new administration writes opinion pieces for THE HILL and in a recent article Woolsey WARNED THE WORLD that North Korea has the capacity to KILL 90% of US Citizens.

So in a world where many nations have nuclear arms your elected politicians should not be calling any nuclear armed leader either crazy nor fat. You could trigger WW 3 with such a stupid remark and yes, if the US Government has any shred of DIGNITY it will move to IMPEACH McCAIN NOW.

Even if North Korean wasn’t loaded for bear and looking for a reason to lob nukes onto US soil, a senior elected politician should be IMPEACHED for being a scumbag by using such a term as a ‘Crazy Fat Kid’ to refer to any other nations leader, even if that person was not elected and is only running the show due to what testicle he popped out of when born into this plane of craziness we call our world.

McCain is adding more fuel to the fire of his impeachment by now Tweeting what did the media want him to do, call the leader of North Korea a crazy skinny kid. McCain you are a piece of shit for being in your position and calling any person names and you are a fucking moron for trying to provoke a world leader with enough nukes to kill you stupid ass. McCain you are a MORON. Too bad you had no balls to FIGHT TO THE DEATH and became a POW for years. That’s what Trump meant when he said WAR HEROES don’t get captured, they FIGHT TO THE DEATH and McCain you are a senile ugly old dumb fucker that needs to just slit their throat for being a worthless piece of shit.


Elected officials should have a higher standard than the usual dummies that now permeate US culture, McCain is not a private citizen who can say what he wants under the First Amendment, he is a SENIOR ELECTED POLITICIAN and for such a person in a position of power to call any person fat and crazy is enough in my opinion to make an example of John McCain for being an ASSHOLE and he should be IMPEACHED and made a public example of so maybe then kids in the USA might learn, it’s not okay to call people names and bully them.

Now if Kim Jong Un was dressing say in female clothes and wearing makeup and photographed with his pal Dennis Rodman who has indeed made public forays with full makeup and wearing a wedding gown in the past and McCain called KJU a crazy fat faggot and Rodman a crazy gay nigga, the LGBT community and black community would rise up and McCain would be booted for being insensitive to a a fucked up weirdo that cross dresses and for being a racist. You see today, you can’t call a homosexual or lesbian or cross dresser a faggot and while every black rap star says Nigga every other word in songs, a white person can no longer say Nigga. It’s not politically correct.

Yet, the morons in the USA won’t even notice that a senior elected politician decided to call a world leader with NUKES that can kill up to 90% of US Citizens a fat crazy kid and in the Asian Culture, well you can start a war over such things since it is called saving face. A man in Asian culture is supposed to SAVE HIS FACE if publicly disgraced and the name calling of McCain could lead to nukes being lobbed onto US Soil.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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