The New Ice Age

Dr. Sol Adoni

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Around 15 years ago when all the hoopla was hitting about global warming I stated the fact was we would be entering a NEW ICE AGE SOON and not have a complete meltdown of the polar caps as some global warming alarmists were saying.

Sure enough we’ve been having some of the nastiest winter storms since 2000 in northern USA which should not be happening if we were entering polar meltdowns.

The latest freeze in southern USA is setting records that go back around 150 years.


Without man’s technology, the cyclical timing of ice ages have been known for a while, the polar caps keep growing and then shrinking over and over again and when the polar caps are very large it’s an ice age.

When the polar caps are smaller it’s a moderate climate. This is not new the advance and retreats of the ice age, it can be caused by many things such as sun cycles and atmospheric gases, etc. However, the main drive that fuels the cycles is the simple fact that when polar caps melt, all that new fresh water that is put into the salt water oceans changes how the deep water ocean jet streams move.

Too much fresh water in the oceans literally shuts down the Atlantic jet stream that warms northern Europe. That causes the polar caps to grow and a new ice age begins.

Eventually, enough fresh water is taken out of the oceans and bingo, the deep water Atlantic jet stream starts back up and warm tropical water heads to Europe and the polar caps melt.

The last ‘great ice age’ ended over 10,000 years ago an since then we’ve have several ‘mini ice ages’ which are periods of time usually 100 to 200 years long when brutal cold winters plague the norther hemisphere. The last such mini ice age ended around 200 years ago.

If you had a time machine that could put you back to 10,000 B.C. or so you would see how much our coastlines were altered when so much water was frozen in polar caps. The water level of the ocean was so low that you could literally walk from Miami to Havana due to low ocean waters.

This is why most of our ancient history is now lost, since humans always put cities near the ocean line so they can then travel by sea and we had amazing civilizations 12,000 years ago that traveled all around the globe. The ruins of these great ancient cities are now all buried under water and we are now starting to find some of them.

Then most likely an asteroid strike around 12,000 years ago wiped out most of humanity and then another such asteroid strike occurred again around 6,000 years ago. The last strike is why we have the global great flood myths around the world. Scientists believe they have located one of these asteroid impacts off the coast of Madagascar in South Africa.

The dust from such impacts is what creates the so-called nuclear winter in our atmosphere that doesn’t allow sunlight to get through to the degree you need to grow most vegetation, so the crops around the world fail after such strikes and you have many species go extinct such as saber tooth tigers and wooly¬† mammoths did 12,000 years ago.

Imagine if you have a civilization that is solar based energy and the sun goes dark for 5 to 10 years, all your technology stops and all your people who are used to living with that technology die.

So when the polar caps melt or grow the water levels of the ocean changes and at a certain point deep water jet streams stop due to there being too much fresh water in the ocean and that is where we were around the year 2,000 C.E.

The changes can take many years to see, but we are starting to see the signs that global warming is not occurring, rather it is global chilling.

Welcome to the New Ice Age.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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