Ice Age Coming not Global Warming

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Scientists Confirm my Ice Age Warning

I rarely copy my work from my Sollog site onto this site.

But as my spiritual alter ego predicted many years ago, we are about to enter a new ICE AGE not Global Warming.



I’ve been saying for many years that GLOBAL WARMING IS BULLSHIT.

The earth has gone through heating and cooling cycles for billions of years.

Now scientists are warning a mini-ice-age is set to begin around 2030 and last for over a decade.

My previous article saying Global Warming was BULLSHIT

And I said it around 2000 as well that the future of humanity would endure an ice age. I also put how Global Warming was a joke in a Quatrain in Sollog Quatrains Book I.

If you are a fan of my Prophecies you also need to have Sollog Quatrains Book II. My book Sollog Quatrains Book III has not yet been released.

The reasons that an Ice Age is inevitable are three fold.

First, melting polar caps puts too much fresh water into the ocean and that changes the so-called Atlantic tropical water conveyor current that keeps Northern Europe moderate compared to an Ice Age.

Second, an asteroid impact after 2020 will create nuclear winter conditions in which the sun is blocked out for years killing most crops and humans will starve worldwide.

Third, the sun has cycles such as the one predicted by scientists.

There’s actually two more reasons ice ages are inevitable, a volcano can erupt that creates enough volcanic ash in the atmosphere that it induces a nuclear winter effect as it has done over and over in the past.

Then you have this idiot called mankind that could have a global nuclear war and the ash would likewise cause nuclear winter around the world.

I believe my first mention of a coming Ice Age was in an interview around the year 2001 or 2003 where I said Globing Warming was a joke or BULLSHIT.

Then in 2005 I released Book I of my famous Quatrains.

Sollog Quatrains
Sollog Quatrains

I said in Century 1 Q 79

The World seeks a miracle
The planet is as cold as an icicle
Global warming was a joke
The Great Freeze is your yoke

Now scientists are predicting a dramatic sun cycle that creates a mini-ice-age.

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